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how to create Procreate gradients

How to Make Gradients in Procreate

In this tutorial, we’ll explain How to Make Gradients in Procreate.

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Make Gradients in Procreate

1. Choose a Soft Brush

how to create procreate gradients

Well, the first thing you do is get a nice big juicy brush like the soft brush under Airbrushing and select a nice color.

I’ve gone with a delicious lilac right here, and then start putting in a band of color.

2. Add Another Color

Switch your color to something a little bit different.

Change it up, add another band of color, make sure you’re covering all of the whitespaces, and I’m gonna keep going, adding a little bit of pink here.

That’s it!

And finally, a little bit of blue underneath.

Isn’t that sensational?

3. Go to the Magic Wand Tool

Now here’s the trick, you come up here to the little magic wand and you go to gaussian blur and you click on the layer.

And then you simply drag from left to right, and you’ve got yourself a rather delicious fruity-looking gradient

Final Thoughts

And that is how you make gradients in Procreate in just 3 taps!

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