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How to Market AI Digital Products (Video Podcast #1)

In this video, we explore how to market digital AI products with an online entrepreneur and marketing expert, Eran.

He shares valuable insights on building an audience and using email as a primary communication method.

Building an Audience

Eran emphasizes the importance of building an audience and an email list, regardless of the type of business.

Whether it’s selling an ebook or setting up a course, having an email list is crucial for reaching the target audience.

how to market digital ai products

Email vs. Social Media

Eran explains why email is the most important communication method with an audience.

While social media platforms are valuable for building a community, having an email list offers more control and stability.

Social media platforms may experience issues, but an email list allows for direct communication with subscribers, increasing the chance of driving traffic to other platforms like YouTube.

Marketing Specific AI Products

The discussion moves on to marketing a specific AI product, such as prompts for an AI art generator.

Eran suggests pre-selling the digital product to gauge interest and gather testimonials.

Pre-selling not only boosts confidence but also provides social proof and valuable feedback for refining the product.

Maximizing Testimonials 

Gathering Testimonials

An important part of knowing how to market digital AI products is gathering testimonials.

Eran’s process of gathering testimonials is primarily designed for service-based businesses.

Using a simple text automation tool, he requests feedback and reviews from satisfied customers, allowing him to build a substantial collection of testimonials.

Testimonials are incredibly valuable for any starting entrepreneur, often worth more than the revenue earned at the beginning of the journey, especially for freelancers.

Importance of Testimonials

Testimonials and case studies are highly valuable assets for building credibility and trust with potential customers.

Even if you start with lower-priced projects, a solid testimonial can be worth thousands in the long run, making them a crucial element of your business.

how to market digital ai products

Improving Testimonial Quality

To enhance the quality of testimonials, consider using a video survey to gather feedback from customers.

Give them the option to provide video testimonials if they feel comfortable. Genuine and natural feedback carries more weight than scripted or paid testimonials.

Creating a Comprehensive Sales Page

After receiving testimonials, the next step is to build a sales page.

To make it effective, engage with potential customers on Zoom calls to understand their pain points and needs.

Use this real-life feedback to create a sales page that addresses specific concerns and highlights the product’s benefits.

Always Be Testing (ABT)

Another important aspect of learning how to market digital AI products is continuously testing your sales pages with a small group of potential customers.

This is to ensure clarity and effectiveness.

ABT allows you to iterate and refine your approach until you find what resonates best with your audience.

Improving Product Launch and Decision to Pivot

If a product launch isn’t gaining traction despite various attempts, assess if competitors are successful with similar offerings.

If competitors exist, it may indicate a market demand.

Additionally, seeking feedback through Zoom calls can help determine if there are fundamental issues with the product or sales approach.

Testimonials, feedback, and continuous testing are crucial elements for successful product launches.

Engaging with customers directly and refining your approach based on real-life insights can significantly improve your chances of success in the market.

Overcoming Challenges and Focusing on Success in Online Business

Identifying the Learning Curve

Entrepreneurs can significantly reduce the learning curve in their online business by engaging in conversations with potential customers through Zoom calls.

By actively listening and addressing customer needs and pain points, they can gain valuable insights into their target audience’s preferences and preferences.

This process allows entrepreneurs to understand what their customers truly need and want, enabling them to create products or services that cater precisely to those demands.

These factors are of great importance in knowing how to market digital AI products.

Leveraging Competitor Analysis

Contrary to common misconceptions, having competitors in a market can be a positive sign.

It demonstrates that there is an existing demand for the product or service being offered.

Instead of merely replicating their competitors’ strategies, entrepreneurs should aim to find their unique angle or approach to target the same market.

They can also explore ways to serve a different segment within the same niche.

By understanding competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, entrepreneurs can identify gaps in the market and carve out their own space to provide unique value to their customers.

Narrowing Down Pain Points

Observation, curiosity, and attentiveness are key traits that successful entrepreneurs possess.

By being observant and curious, entrepreneurs can pick up on customer pain points and areas of improvement.

They should actively engage with their audience, whether through social media, forums, or direct communication, to gather feedback and identify recurring challenges.

By pinpointing these pain points, entrepreneurs can tailor their offerings to address specific customer needs more effectively, enhancing the value proposition of their products or services.

The Four-Step Framework

Eliminate Distractions

Entrepreneurial success requires laser focus and eliminating distractions is crucial.

Entrepreneurs should avoid cluttering their inboxes with marketing emails and unsubscribing from irrelevant subscriptions.

Additionally, they should turn off unnecessary notifications on their phones to maintain uninterrupted focus on essential tasks.

Prioritize Fulfillment

Happy customers are the backbone of any successful business.

Entrepreneurs should prioritize serving existing customers and clients diligently.

By delivering exceptional value and excellent customer service, entrepreneurs can build strong relationships, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal advocates for the brand.

Find More Customers

While serving existing customers is vital, entrepreneurs should also actively seek new opportunities to attract and acquire new customers.

Whether through targeted marketing efforts, strategic partnerships, or collaborations, expanding the customer base is essential for sustainable growth.

Establish Efficient Systems

Efficiency is critical in managing an online business.

Entrepreneurs should automate and streamline workflows wherever possible to optimize productivity.

Utilizing technology and tools that facilitate processes can save time and resources.

Therefore, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on more critical aspects of their business, such as customer engagement and product development.

Market Saturation and Business Success

Entrepreneurs should not be discouraged by the apparent saturation of certain markets.

While it is true that some industries may appear crowded, finding a niche within those markets can lead to success.

Identifying a specific pain point that hasn’t been adequately addressed by competitors and offering a tailored solution can make a significant difference.

With proper positioning and effective marketing, entrepreneurs can attract a loyal customer base even in seemingly saturated markets.

Shifting Perspective and Being Open to Change

Being open-minded and receptive to feedback is crucial for entrepreneurial growth.

Entrepreneurs should view feedback as an opportunity for improvement and innovation, rather than as criticism.

A willingness to pivot and adapt based on customer feedback and market trends can lead to breakthroughs and unique value propositions.

Flexibility and a proactive approach to change are key to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Subscribers Count vs. Customer Value

Entrepreneurs should not fall into the trap of focusing solely on subscriber counts or follower numbers.

While these metrics may provide a sense of validation, true business success lies in the value delivered to customers.

Building a loyal customer base that consistently finds value in the products or services offered is far more valuable than a large but disengaged following.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering tangible results, entrepreneurs can create a sustainable and thriving business.

Overcoming challenges in online business requires a proactive and adaptable mindset.

By leveraging competitor insights, understanding customer pain points, and focusing on value-driven solutions, entrepreneurs can build thriving businesses even in competitive markets.

Prioritizing fulfillment, seeking new customers, and implementing efficient systems further contribute to long-term success and growth.

With a receptive and flexible approach, entrepreneurs can navigate the evolving landscape of online business, ensuring continued success and prosperity.

Building a Strong and Sustainable Online Business

The Pitfall of Vanity Metrics

Eran highlights the common obsession with vanity metrics, such as the number of followers or subscribers, and how it can lead entrepreneurs astray.

Building a strong business is not about the number of followers but attracting paying customers who genuinely find value in the products or services offered.

Pleasing a thousand engaged customers is far more significant than having a large but disengaged following.

Eliminating Distractions in the Digital Age

In the fast-paced digital age, distractions are everywhere, from excessive app usage to constant notifications.

Eran stresses the need for entrepreneurs to discipline themselves and differentiate between being consumers and being business owners.

By eliminating distractions and staying focused on producing meaningful content and serving customers, entrepreneurs can set the foundation for success.

Mindset Shift: Business vs. Ego-Centric Content Creation

Eran emphasizes the mindset shift required to create a sustainable business.

Entrepreneurs should prioritize building a business that adds value to the world and addresses specific customer needs rather than focusing solely on creating content for vanity or ego-driven purposes.

Successful businesses are customer-centric, fostering loyalty and engagement.

The Illusion of Comparison and Social Media Influence

Eran shares a personal anecdote where the illusion of comparison negatively impacted his self-worth and well-being.

He highlights the importance of not getting lost in comparing follower counts and emphasizes that the association between the number of followers and true business success is not as strong as it may appear.

Instead, entrepreneurs should focus on their own fulfillment, passion, and building a loyal customer base.

Finding Joy in Business and Financial Freedom

Eran believes that entrepreneurs should focus on building profitable businesses early on.

Financial stability allows them to pursue their passions and interests, leading to a fulfilling work-life balance.

Eran’s philosophy is to enjoy the journey, and financial freedom enables entrepreneurs to do what they love without being bound by external pressures.

By eliminating distractions, shifting the mindset from vanity to value, and prioritizing customer satisfaction, entrepreneurs can build strong and sustainable online businesses.

Eran’s insights highlight the importance of focusing on serving customers, delivering value, and finding joy in the entrepreneurial journey.

Building a successful online business is a combination of passion, discipline, and customer-centricity, all aimed at creating a positive impact in the world.

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