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how to monetize digital art

How To Monetize Digital Art

Are you a digital artist wondering how to monetize digital art? 

Or are you a young painter looking for perspectives and don’t know where to start?

In this article, you’ll learn a lot about digital art: what it is if you can try it by yourself, and many ways to monetize it.

Nowadays, digital art becomes more and more popular.

New types come up and develop, so earning money in this field appears to be more comfortable. 

Ready to discover some ways on how to use your talent and skills and how to monetize digital art? 

Let’s go!

What Is Digital Art? 

Since the second part of the 20th century, this type of art has been developing progressively due to new technologies coming in every day. 

Digital art includes any artistic composition that uses digital or computer technology in its creation process. 

It comes in different forms.

It can be 2D and 3D computer graphics, digital photography, pixel art, digital painting, virtual reality, or even computer-generated painting. 

As you see, there’re plenty of artistic products that refer to digital art. 

Computer technologies have changed the general understanding and standards of painting, illustrations, music, and sculptures. 

We can even say they have changed the meaning of beauty. 

Also, new technologies give artists new opportunities and make the creative process much more convenient and editable. 

Are you familiar with good old oil painting?

You are sketching on your canvas, mixing paints to finally reach the needed color, waiting eternity until it dries, buying many brushes, racking your brain trying to fix or edit something, etc. 

Yes, we all do love how oil paintings look.

However, it’s not suitable for everyone to use this way of drawing. 

With digital devices and software, you can forget about all the troubles mentioned above and quickly edit, change colors, try new brushes and effects just in one click, so you have more time for improving your work. 

Who Can Create Digital Art? 

Now, if you’re a creative person who has experience and skills in traditional types of art, you read the first part of this article and wish to try yourself in digital art. 

Do you think you can make it? 

Of course, you can.

All you need is a computer or tablet, special software depending on what type of digital art you want to create, and a great mood to sit and make your first masterpiece. 

These necessary products vary in price and characteristics, so you’ll find something that perfectly fit you.

Thus, just decide which type of digital art seems to be more attractive and exciting for you, add practice and patience, and start creating masterpieces.

How To Start Making Money? 

Once you’ve increased your digital art skills, you may wonder how to use it not only to make fun but to make money as well.

The best job is a high-paid hobby, isn’t it? 

If you wish to transform your creative hobby into a real job, we’ve got positive news. 

These days there’re a lot of approaches to monetize digital art, all varying in resources needed, and the outcome you get. 

To give you a vision of what’s coming up, we’ll talk about a few ways of monetizing your art with a full description and external links to valuable resources. 

Once you’re done reading this article, you’re ready to start making your first money.

Let’s begin with the most prominent and affordable ideas for everyone. 

Create An Instagram Account And Find Your Audience

Since we all live in the time of Instagram and YouTube, people spend hours watching photos and videos that they like and find entertaining. 

Success on those platforms isn’t about being unique and creating something unseen before but rather about being yourself, showing what you do, and attracting people who’ll cherish and enjoy it. 

If you create any piece of art, you’ll unquestionably gain your audience that will value and love your works.

However, remember the basics of Instagram rules: 

  1. Come up with a catching nickname 
  2. Write an impressive bio (a short description of who you are and what you do) 
  3. Post content regularly 
  4. Make Instagram stories 
  5. Order advertising in Instagram or become an affiliate partner with well-know bloggers who’re related to your field 

Complete every step and keep developing; it might take time but it will be better. 

If you’re lost and don’t know which content to make, focus on posting your artwork and creating them. 

“But what about money?” you ask. 

Once you’ve attracted enough followers, you can start making money in different methods. 

First of all, you can start selling advertising in your account to other bloggers or companies and firms whose tools you use and earn ad revenue.  

You can write posts about them, show their products in your videos, leave links to their websites and accounts in the description, etc. 

Once you get in front of the correct audience, set up a Patreon page, so your passionate audience can support you.

Patreon is a platform where you’re able to let your fans engage in your development by making donations and offering a monthly membership.

They get exclusive content (unreleased pictures, videos, etc.) and the community of their favorite artists.

At the same time, you receive financial stability to continue doing what you love and improving your skills. .  

Art is fascinating to watch, so be productive and show it to others. 

Sell Your Artworks 

Getting the audience and their support is fantastic.

Nevertheless, your artworks are products that you could sell as anything else. 

In the case of selling, you even have a massive advantage since your сreations are unique. 

You can’t go to a local fair or marketplace when we’re talking about digital art. 

However, there’re a vast amount of platforms where you can sell your works.

Below are some of the most popular platforms you can take into consideration.

Sell on Etsy 

One of the best platforms to sell your artworks is Etsy. 

Etsy is an online shop specializing in assisting creators in selling their one-of-a-kind artworks such as custom goods, vintage, handmade clothes, paintings, illustrations, and many more, including digital art products.

Customers who come to the website are seeking exactly for some unique artwork to buy, so that’s one of the best places where you can find new fans of what you do.  

If you visit the website, you will observe many beautiful items that you can even use them as inspiration for your creativity. 

A huge plus is that the website is secure and ready to provide support in case of any issues to sellers and buyers so that you can feel safe. 

Sell on Stock Platforms 

Another common way to sell your artwork is to use stock platforms.

Stock platforms are great resources for both creators and individuals or firms looking for images, designs, pictures, photos, paintings, etc. 

Buyers will probably use them on a website, in a magazine, or for another publishing purpose. 

If they choose your image, they can download it, and you’ll get a royalty, a payment as an author.

As a creator, you may register on stock platforms, upload your works, title them, and just wait for those interested to buy them. 

That’s an easy option for a digital artist as it takes the minimum amount of time and effort but will continuously give you some money.

It can also be your passive income since you have time to do something else while waiting for the buyers. 

However, be prepared that it won’t make you rich in the very beginning, so just be patient.

Different platforms have different policies and rules; some give you benefits if your works are thriving on the platform. 

It could be a higher price for your work or a privileged position on the website, so more people see your pictures.

As mentioned before, the rules you have to follow vary depending on the specific stock platform.

Search them and find out which one works out the best for you. 

Create Your Online Store 

Once your creativity becomes more known and popular, fans and buyers want to purchase precisely your works. 

That’s a situation when a stock platform may not be the best option for you.

Don’t worry, with contemporary technologies and the Internet; it’s not a trouble.

Just make your online store to trade the artworks.

Are you wondering how to create a website or an online store on your own? 

Again, that’s not a problem even in case you have no experience in IT.

If you don’t want to hire a freelancer to do this job for you, there are many website constructors who can. 

Website constructors are made precisely for those who want a website but can’t create one by themselves.

You can choose one of the hundred templates for different purposes with modern and attractive designs. 

After choosing a template, you’re able to change and customize every detail from the color palette you need to the domain names. 

One of the best and easy-to-use site constructors is Wix

On Wix, it takes a few clicks to create your online store as well. 

You’re free to connect one of many payment systems such as PayPal, card, or offline payments.

They don’t even take commissions from your selling. 

If you already have a website or a blog but are now wondering how to transform it into an online store, you can do it as well. 

For example, such service as Ecwid helps set an online store on many platforms, including websites. 

Furthermore, they do it for free, no charge. 


Become a Teacher 

Are you an experienced digital artist who has already gone through a stony path from a beginner to an expert? 

If you are, then you can start teaching others.

Believe us; it sounds harder than you think.

If you have been learning by yourself and spending some time in digital art, you have enough knowledge, skills, and life hacks, which others would be glad to know.

These days you can truly monetize nearly every experience as there are many people all over the world interested in the same thing as you do.

You can talk about hardware, programs, tools, and techniques you use.

Or you can also sell tutorials on how to make something, improve what you do, etc. 

There are plenty of things you already know in your niche. 

So why not start sharing it? 

Start a YouTube Channel 

You can film the process of making your digital art and upload videos on YouTube. 

Develop and promote your channel so that you will earn from YouTube. 

Once you have enough followers, monetize your channel and become a member of the Partner Program on YouTube. 

Long story short, you can earn money from the number of followers, views, and thumbs up on your videos. 

Again, you can start selling advertising for other companies or firms on your channel and recommend their products to your audience. 

Although the system is quite clear and easy to use, YouTube has its own rules you have to follow and unique algorithms. 

The most necessary are: 

  1. Channel must have at least 1000 subscribers
  2. Channel must have at least 4000 hours of public watch for the last 12 months 

If you’re interested, we recommend reading the YouTube policy for gaining more current and relevant information. 

Sell Your Products on Online Learning Platforms 

Another kind of platform where it’s possible to sell videos and tutorials is online course platforms. 

Recently online learning has been getting more popular and accessible, especially during these times of COVID-19. 

More students and other people would like to discover something new and prefer online course platforms rather than offline ones. 

That’s the reason why you should start uploading your videos in such. 

The principle of working is pretty simple. 

You should create video tutorials or video courses on any topic, such as how to use some techniques in artworks or how to create some kind of works. 

After that, upload your course on an online learning platform. 

Then just wait until people start buying your course; you’ll earn revenue from each sale.

On most platforms, it’s possible to receive payment either after each sale, or once a month like a usual wage through PayPal, Payoneer, or other pay systems. 

The most suitable online platforms for courses on digital art topics are Gumroad and Udemy. 


Gumroad specializes in selling films, courses, music, and books, so it’s one of the most popular platforms for studying creative professions. 

There are different tariffs for creators; you can start with a free one and then improve your tariff by paying some money and getting more benefits instead. 

It’s easy to custom the landing page on their website and make it look like you would want it to. 

Also, compared to Udemy, Gumroad is more user-friendly as you can upload nearly any format of your videos and approve it. 


Udemy, on the other hand, is more about general education, but you can find courses on any topic, from advanced mathematics to photo editing. 

This platform has a little more rules and standards of video formats than Gumroad. 

Check out both platforms an decide which suits you better. 

Final Thoughts 

Digital art is fantastic and in demand, so monetizing it is real as never before.

However, some people may be lost and don’t know where to start.

Luckily, you’ve just discovered a bunch of ways how to monetize digital art and continue improving your creativity at the same time. 

Now, all is needed is to pick up what’s best for you and try it!

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