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how to name layers in procreate

How to Name Layers in Procreate

Here’s how to name layers in Procreate for easy identification.

Watch our tutorial now!

Name Layers in Procreate ( a 2-Step Tutorial!)

Step 1: Tap on Layer Your Want to Rename

What we’re going to do is select the layer, and then tap on it.

Step 2: Go to Rename

how to name layers in procreate

Go to rename.

Here you can delete it and type in what do you want to call your layer.

how to name layers in procreate

I’m going to call this one Mr. Layer.

There we are.

That’s how we label layers in Procreate!

Thanks for watching have a delightful day!

Final Thoughts

If you want to identify your layers easily, naming them is very important for you.

We hope this tutorial helped you.

Here’s a video on “How to Select Multiple Layers In Procreate” to edit them all at once.

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