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How to Name Pinterest Boards and Gather Organic Traffic


Hello, and welcome to this tutorial. We’ll be explaining how to name your board on Pinterest to garner organic traffic. The idea is that you name your board with an exact Pinterest keyword search term that has a high monthly volume of searches and then when people type in that exact search term it will show up in the autocomplete search on Pinterest.

So, if you select a really good keyword search term that nobody else has named their boards with, it will automatically be one of the first ranking profiles on the autocomplete, which will help you gather organic traffic through Pinterest. So, we’re going to be looking at how to name your boards. For example, a print on demand service that sells t-shirts to predominantly men or people who like dogs.

So, what we do is go into Pinterest and we will go into the ads section. So, what you have to do is you start off going to Pinterest, going to ads at the top. Then you go to overview, click on that. Wait for it to load. Go to Traffic Campaigns, view all. The next step is to go to create campaign and then finally we go to continue.

Once you’re on this page where it says add more details you scroll down to this wonderful tool here which gives you monthly searches for specific keywords. So, we’re going to start off with t-shirts. T-shirts for dogs. Dog t-shirts, even. Dog t-shirt we’ll go with. And we can see that if we scroll down, we will find dog t-shirt has 5 million which is a pretty good number of searches per month.

That’s the maximum that it will show on here. So, what we’re going to do is we will then go back to the main page of Pinterest and we will type into the search bar “dog t-shirt”. And what we’re looking here for is the number of people that show up in the people section and the number of boards that show up that have these key terms in their name.

As you can see here, there are three and three for both. So, that means it would be harder to outrank these if we were to create a board named with this. So, what we will do is take this information and put it into a spreadsheet. So, what we had here was dog t-shirt. It had three people in autocomplete and it had three boards in the autocomplete. It had a search following with 5 million plus.

But it had a fully saturated number of people in the autocomplete so we’re only going to give that a one-star rating because it’ll be very hard to rank for. But if we were to go back and change this term to dog t-shirts, what we can see is that there are only two boards named dog t-shirts, which means if we named our board dog t-shirts, we would automatically appear in this autocomplete as the third search term.

So, we will take that information and go back to the spreadsheet and for dog t-shirts we can see there was three people in the autocomplete but only two for the boards. And there is still a five million plus search volume, so we’ll give that a four-star rating. We’ll go and try this with a different term. So, go back to the keyword searching tool and we will start with dog shirt.

And you can look through here for some relevant keywords that we could target for our brand so let’s try dog shirts for dogs, which has 5 million views a month. If we type this in back into the search bar, we can see that there are three people with these keyword terms, but there are no boards. Which makes it a very good search topic to put in dog shirts for dogs.

And we see that in autocomplete it has for the people it has three, but for the boards it has zero, and it has a 5 million search term topic. And then, for the star rating would give that possibly a three, because it is not directly relevant to our products. Now, the idea is that you go through and do this for about 30 different terms and you then find the best of those. And that is the method for finding relevant Pinterest board names.


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