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how to pick colors with eyedropper

How To Pick Colors With the Eyedropper Tool in Procreate

Hello and welcome in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to pick colors with eyedropper in Procreate.

1. Simple Press Anywhere on the Screen

Now, the fastest and easiest way is a simple press.

You can hold down your finger or the Apple Pencil and immediately the eyedropper will appear.

And using this you can drag it around and find the color that you want like a nice, beautiful blue here.

how to pick colors with eyedropper

2. Another Option: Touch the Modify Button

The next option we have is to touch this little rounded square(modify button), we have on the side panel.

how to pick colors with eyedropper

Tap this, and the eyedropper tool will appear again.

And we can pick whatever color suits your needs, a nice lovely peach over here.

These are two main ways to use the eyedropper.

3. Press the Actions Icon in the Gallery Menu

But we have the option to go up here, press the little spanner (Actions button) and come into preferences.

how to pick colors with eyedropper

4. Press Gesture Controls

The next thing you can do is to come down to gesture controls.

5. Select the Eyedropper

And if you select eyedropper, which is the fourth one down here, you have firstly the option to extend or decrease the delay of how long it takes for the eyedropper to appear when you touch and hold.

So, we can actually bring this down because 9.4 seconds is quite long.

6. Another Option: Select Apple Pencil Double Tap

You also have the option to invoke the Apple Pencil double tap, which will allow you to double tap and bring up the eyedropper.

So let’s give this a little run.

Now we should be able to bring it up, much quicker.

Quick. Pop.

And there it is.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, they are the main ways on how to pick colors with eyedropper tool in Procreate.

If you’d like to get some FREE Procreate color palettes, I’ve got over 100 in the link in the description (or click here).

Thank you for watching.

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I’m Samson Vowles and this has been Procreate color picking.

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