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How to see time spent on an artwork

How to See Time Spent on an Artwork

Here is a video on How to See Time Spent in Procreate on an Artwork!

Knowing how is important for an artist and a freelancer just like you.

Track Your Time in Procreate

Tap on the Little Spanner & Select Canvas Information

How to see time spent on an artwork

Keep track of how long you’ve been working on an artwork in Procreate by going into the little spanner.

Next, tap on the canvas information.

Go to Statistics Tab

How to see time spent on an artwork

Come down to the bottom tab of statistics.

You can see exactly how long you’ve been working on this artwork.

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Advantages of Tracking the Time Spent in Completing an Artwork

Tracking the time spent completing an artwork can provide artists with numerous advantages.

They range from improved productivity and workflow to better time management skills and increased creativity.

Understand Better the Creative Process

One of the key benefits of tracking time in artwork is that it helps artists to understand their creative process better.

By recording the time spent on each piece, artists can gain insights into how they work.

This includes how much time they spend on each stage of the process and how they approach different parts of the artwork.

This information can be used to improve their workflow and make adjustments that help them complete their artwork more efficiently.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Another advantage of tracking time is that it can help artists to identify areas where they need to improve their skills.

For example, what does it mean if an artist consistently spends more time on one aspect of the artwork than others?

It could indicate that they need to practice and develop their skills in that area to become more efficient.

Time tracking can also help artists to identify common mistakes or obstacles that they encounter during the creative process.

This will allow them to find solutions and overcome them more quickly.

Manage Deadlines 

Time tracking can also be useful for managing projects and deadlines.

If artists know how much time they need to complete a particular piece of artwork, they can plan their schedules more effectively.

Moreover, they can ensure that they meet their deadlines.

This is particularly important for artists who work on commission or have clients with specific timelines in mind.

Develop Better Time Management Skills

Additionally, tracking time can help artists to develop better time management skills.

By recording the time spent on each artwork session, artists can identify patterns in their work habits and find ways to maximize their productivity.

They can also set realistic goals and benchmarks for completing their work, which can help to keep them on track and motivated.

Create More Accurate Invoicing and Billing

Tracking time can also be useful for invoicing and billing purposes.

For artists who work on commission or freelance projects, time tracking provides an accurate record of the time spent on each project.

This can be used to generate invoices and bill clients.

This ensures that artists are compensated fairly for their time and effort and helps to avoid misunderstandings or disputes about payment.

Additionally, time tracking can be used to estimate the cost of future projects and to set pricing that reflects the amount of time and skill required to complete them.

Artists can track their time to inform their pricing and invoicing strategies.

In this way, they can ensure that they are running a profitable business while still delivering high-quality work to their clients.

Increase Creativity

Finally, tracking time can help to increase creativity.

They can be more focused and intentional in their approach, leading to more creative and innovative solutions.

This is because artists are aware of how much time they have to complete their work,

Time tracking can also help artists to avoid getting bogged down in details and to stay focused on the big picture of their artwork.

Tracking the time spent completing an artwork offers numerous advantages for artists.

Whether using Procreate’s built-in timer or other time-tracking tools, artists who track their time can gain valuable insights into their work.

Ultimately, they can make the most of their creative abilities.

Final Thoughts

Being conscious of your time spent in Procreate would benefit you especially if you get paid hourly for your artwork.

We hope this article on “How to See Time Spent on An Artwork”, helped with your time management.

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