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How to use layer select

How to Use Layer Select in Procreate

Learning how to use layer select in Procreate will save you time especially if you made a mistake.

Find in which layer it is by watching our video now!

Hello, my Procreate friends!

Here’s a quick tip for finding rogue layers.

Use Layer Select in Procreate ( a Step-By-Step Guide)

You can see here I’ve made a mistake, but I cannot for the life of me find which bloody layer it is.

So what do I do?

Step 1: Go to Actions Panel & Tap on Preferences

I come up into the actions panel.

Then, come along to preferences, go down to gesture controls, and here we come to layer select.

How to use layer select

And all we have to do is turn layer select on.

So, we have to select an action that will invoke the layer select.

Step 2: Tap on ▢+Apple Pencil

How to use layer select

Here, I’m going to select tapping the little rounded square and selecting with the apple pencil, so I turn this on and press done.

How to use layer select

Come back into the artwork.

And now, once I hold the little rounded rectangle over here, and with my pencil, I can simply find all of the layers that I need.


Layer 49!

How to use layer select

Of all the things I’ve seen in my life!

Step 3: To Delete Mistake, Scrub with Three Fingers

How to use layer select

And now if you want to remove everything on that layer, you can use three fingers to just scrub away.

Final Thoughts

Now, by following these easy steps, you’ll get to correct your mistake no matter what the layer is.

We hope this tutorial added a piece of new knowledge.

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