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how to use opus clip ai

Opus 2 Is Genius: Here’s Why (Viral Shorts With AI)

Learn how to use Opus Clip AI tutorial will help you discover how to create stunning clips in no time.

Opus Pro, a revolutionary generative AI tool, has redefined video editing by seamlessly transforming long talking head videos into short, engaging segments ready for sharing.


This innovative software automates the process, performing a series of remarkable tasks.

It not only identifies the most compelling and shareable portions of your videos but also meticulously crops them.

Thus, ensuring the focal points are centered in a vertical video format.

In addition, Opus Pro provides transcription services and adds captions, enhancing the overall accessibility and engagement of your content.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of utilizing Opus Pro.

This will streamline your editing process, save valuable time, and craft captivating viral clips from your videos effortlessly.

How to Use Opus Clip AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Sign Up and Access Your Dashboard

Go to the Opus Pro website and sign up for an account.

how to use opus clip ai

Access your Opus Pro dashboard upon successful registration.

Step 2: Import Your Video

On your dashboard, find the option to input a link to your video.

Paste the link of the talking head video you want to edit in Opus Pro.

how to use opus clip ai

Step 3: Define Your Editing Preferences

Use sliders to specify the segment of the video you want to transform into short clips.

Adjust the clip length according to your preference, or choose the “Auto” option for Opus Pro to suggest suitable lengths based on your content.

how to use opus clip ai

Optionally, add a topic filter keyword to focus on specific themes within the video.

Step 4: Initiate Editing

Click on “Get Clips” to let Opus Pro automatically process your video based on your defined preferences.

how to use opus clip ai

Wait for Opus Pro to complete the editing process, which may take a few minutes.

Step 5: Review and Customize

Receive email notifications when the editing is finished.

Visit your Opus Pro dashboard to find the curated selection of generated clips, ordered by potential virality score.

Play, edit, or explore alternative options for each clip based on your specific needs.

how to use opus clip ai

Step 6: Fine-Tune Your Clips

Enter the editing screen for each clip to make further adjustments.

Remove pauses and filler words for a seamless viewing experience.

Consider adding an auto intro caption for clarity.

Edit the transcript to refine the content and emphasize specific words.

Step 7: Explore Advanced Editing (Optional)

Utilize the split feature to dissect your video into individual scenes.

Adjust images, videos, and layers to create visually appealing compositions.

Experiment with different layouts to align with your creative vision.

Step 8: Save and Compile Your Edits

Save your changes and compile them into a new short clip.

Download the edited videos or choose to auto-post them directly to platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We hope this step-by-step guide is useful.

Below is a full-blown narrative of the how to use Opus Clip AI tutorial for those who want a more comprehensive take on the procedure.

Opus Pro Overview

Getting started with Opus Pro is a breeze.

After signing up, navigate to your dashboard and input the link to the video you wish to edit.

It’s important to note that Opus Pro is specifically tailored for talking head videos, whether they are interviews, panel discussions, or educational content.

The intuitive interface allows you to define the specific segment of the video you want to transform using handy sliders.

Moreover, Opus Pro offers flexibility in clip length, automatically suggesting different options based on your content.

For a more refined result, you can even add a topic filter keyword.

With a simple click on “Get Clips,” Opus Pro initiates its magic, working diligently to create your tailored shorts.

Setting Video Segments

The processing time for your clips depends on Opus Pro’s workload and the duration of your video.

While you wait, Opus Pro provides an estimated waiting time and a progress bar, ensuring transparency in the editing process.

Once the editing is complete, Opus Pro notifies you via email.

Returning to your dashboard, you are presented with a curated selection of generated clips, thoughtfully ordered based on their potential virality score.

This unique feature allows you to focus on the most promising content first.

You can play, edit, or explore alternative options for each clip, tailoring them to your specific needs.

Editing Your Short Clips

Opus Pro’s editing capabilities are extensive and user-friendly.

In the editing screen, you can effortlessly filter out pauses and filler words, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

The software even offers an auto intro caption feature, allowing you to add the video title upfront.

The transcript is editable, enabling you to fine-tune the content further.

Opus Pro’s attention to detail is evident as it highlights words for emphasis, allowing you to adjust or remove them with a simple click.

This meticulous approach gives you full control over the final output.

Advanced Editing Techniques

For users seeking a more tailored approach, Opus Pro offers advanced editing techniques.

The split feature empowers you to dissect your video into individual scenes, providing unprecedented control over each segment.

By adjusting images, videos, and layers, you can create a visually appealing composition.

Opus Pro’s flexibility shines through, allowing you to experiment with different layouts, ensuring your content aligns with your creative vision.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

Opus Pro’s pricing structure is designed to cater to varying user needs.

The subscription plan, starting at $19 a month, provides 200 minutes of Opus use.

This allows you to create up to 200 shorts, with the option to create even more if your clips are shorter in duration.

Opting for the yearly plan significantly reduces the cost per clip, making it an economical choice for prolific content creators.

By investing in Opus Pro, you save valuable time.

Moreover, you also gain access to a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI technology with user-friendly functionality.

Owned by OpenAI, the same company behind groundbreaking projects like ChatGPT and DALL-E, Opus Pro exemplifies the future of AI-driven video editing.

To experience the unparalleled convenience and efficiency of Opus Pro, click on the link provided.

Embark on your journey towards effortless, professional-quality video editing, and have a delightful day crafting your creative masterpieces!

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