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human model for procreate

10 Best Human Models for Procreate

If you are a designer and use Procreate for tattoo making, then these 10 options for Human Model for Procreate are for you.

Or maybe are you a beginner in this field and you’re desperately looking for some 3D models to use on Procreate.

Of course, you came to the right place,

If you’re a tattoo artist, professional or amateur, 3D models will help you explore new body parts and study the angles and final effects that your design will have. 

Thanks to the products below, you will have the opportunity to widen your art portfolio and deliver an exquisite final work that will satisfy your client. 

Keep reading to find the ten best human models for Procreate.

These products are high quality and most of them are produced by professionals in the field. 

Procreate 3D Human Models

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Here’s our top pick for Procreate 3D human models.

The Delightful Design shop offers two high-res 3d models of male and female figures.

You can use these models to preview a tattoo design on human skin.

Now, you can check how it looks against the skin contours.

Furthermore, since the pack goes with realistic skin palettes, you will be able to check how a tattoo looks against different skin tones.

That’s pretty neat, right?

Now you can remove surprise from tattoo making with these 3D models.

In addition, product design can be more exciting by sending animated exports to your clients.

Pros & Benefits

  • Lifetime updates
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Preview tattoo designs instantly

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3D Male Human Model for Procreate by TorusOne


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This one is a high-quality tool for Procreate. 

This is the perfect product to try out to create new designs and better your tattooing expertise!

The higher price is due to comprehensible factors.

You can work in any position with a full and clear view of the body-specific parts.

Such as the availability of a total body model, where you can experiment with different types of tattoo styles and approach new body parts. 

A lot of attention is given to the arms, legs, and torso.

So if you want to practice in these areas, you must absolutely try this product!

If you don’t have experience, no worries, the model is highly adaptable and after some time using it, it will come naturally to you. 

Also, downloaded models are the highest quality possible for Procreate and other 3D programs.

All of these special features justify the spending. 

Please, bear in mind that this design is only made for male modeling. 

Enthusiastic reviews assure that this is a must-have to work on a complete view design. 

The female model is also available from the same producer.

Pros & Benefits

  • Total body model
  • High-quality product
  • Possibility to experiment with new body parts

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Procreate 3D Object Models, 3D Woman Model by DesignForInstinct 

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This is an Omni-comprehensive product that has 6 packs of 3D models to use.

You can practice on a total body, both male and female.

Or also, use the models for arm, leg, and male and female torso. 

I suggest buying this for experienced artists and tattooers, for it will be a useful engagement to explore your skills. 

Thanks to this, you can offer more tattoo possibilities to your clients. 

By experimenting with new places and planning new designs.

You will be fully supported in your creative flow and increase your offers. 

Your professional work will never be basic or predictable.

So, if you’re struggling with new ideas, this is the perfect tool to try new ones. 

Since the product offers both male and female models, it would be a good idea to use it to create some couple or best friend tattoos.

Design them and later on put them in your portfolio, they will be highly appreciated.

And you will have the tattoos ready-made for requested changes.

The producer also offers tattoo designs on their Etsy page that go perfectly with this 3D model. 

This is one of the most complete packages you will find on Etsy for 3D Procreate samples. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Six different models are available 
  • High rates and positive reviews on Etsy
  • For professionals in the field

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Procreate 3D models, Procreate Tattoo Models by ProcreateMaster

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This one is an excellent tool for 3D modeling. 

You can use it to practice on men’s and women’s full bodies, arms, and legs. 

It’s specifically made for tattoo artists, for there are two 3D models thought to be used for tattooing practice, on male and female torsos. 

The total number of models is six, so there are plenty to choose from!

Whether you are already familiar with body parts or you still need some work to do, this product is easy to use.

You can start with small designs, and, little by little, widen your inking goals to bigger stamps. 

And this model is ideal to learn how to position them.

In order to use it, you just need the latest Procreate version, iPad, and Apple Pencil. 

If you find it difficult to try new positions for tattoos, this model will come in handy. 

So many features and visual possibilities will make your art even more compelling and precise. 

I suggest this one to expert tattooers who are looking to enlarge their proposals, at new angles and try renewed possibilities. 

This product is amazing to support your creative work and professional advancement. 

If you want a clear view of what your tattoos will look like, download this one right away. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Lots of different and helpful features
  • Six models to be used
  • Recommended for experts

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3D Female Anatomy Pack for Procreate by DrThree 

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This Procreate model is a female-based pack.

So, if you have little expertise in women, this one is perfect to start tattooing on female body parts. 

Thanks to it, you can practice your designs on the female body, with many tools at your disposal. 

You can use different models, all downloadable along with this product. 

There’s one model for legs, arms, and torso, and also a full body to sketch on. 

You can remove underwear from the total body set, so as to better understand where and how to situate your tattoos. 

Designs and body parts are deemed extremely clear and attentive by reviewers. 

I think this model is amazing to practice on all kinds of tattoos. 

But also to try smaller and more detailed artworks.

You will be an expert in a little time!

Please bear in mind that this product only works on a 2nd generation 2016 iPad & above, so it will be impossible to use it on older versions. 

The product has been sold to more than three thousand clients, so it is a must-have in the Procreate community.

Pros & Benefits 

  • Excellent texture
  • Total body model, perfect for positioning tattoos
  • Fully focused on female bodies
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Procreate 3D Realistic Hands by ProCreateLink

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The next human model for Procreate is totally about hands and hand 3D designing. 

It’s a particularly rare model!

In fact, it’s the only one available on Etsy for hand modeling. 

Moreover, it’s not just a simple hand feature product, different models are available. 

You can use this to approach tattoo making on male and female hands, but also on teenagers and kids. 

It has specific attention to accuracy, which is the most important skill to have in delivering meticulous work. 

The hands are in a 3D format and are highly realistic. 

You can try on your designs on the palm or the back of your hand, creating accurate and well-balanced artwork.

This way, you can show your clients what the final result will be like, and deliver a good quality final tattoo. 

Hand tattoos are highly requested, because they are fine and delicate, and require a soft and precise touch to make them perfectly. 

You will become an expert in little time if you practice this model.

If you are a classic art lover, you will love this product, because the design is beautifully made.

If you liked this shop, you can buy and download the full-body 3D Procreate model, or the tattoo design package.

Etsy users are enthusiastic about this one, so trust the good references and use them to advance your skills in hand tattooing. 

Pros & Benefits 

  • Unique Etsy product
  • Hand-specific models, for adults and kids
  • Precise and elegant

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3D Female Model for Procreate – Tattoo Simulation by ProCreateInk 

human model for procreate

Download Now!

The proposed merchandise is full of features and useful to develop your art. 

This one is based on the female body, but also a male body model is available on the author’s page.

You can find different body types to experiment on, so you will be ready for whatever client you deal with.

Also, by practicing these diverse models, you will be sure that despite the body typology, you will always deliver precise work. 

For this reason, purchase this product and learn how to design skinny, muscular, and overweight bodies. 

On a 3D visual, it will become easy to understand where to place your tattoo and how to adapt it to the client.

I think that, by gaining these skills, your clientele will increase in number and will also feel more at ease with the final result, if they see your expertise in many body types.

Also, more and more overweight people would be encouraged in getting tattoos if more people become experts in creating beautiful designs adapted to their bodies.  

The author is receptive and cooperative if you have issues downloading, as the reviews report, so if you need help in using it, you will be supported.

Since the files are many, the seller suggests extracting them from your laptop and then transferring them to the Procreate program on the iPad. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Multiple body typologies
  • Acquire peculiar and helpful skills
  • Excellent support from the author

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3D Male Model For Procreate by TattooArtistStore

human model for procreate

Download Now!

The model sold here is a cheap one, it will cost you just five euros. 

Nonetheless, it has amazing and unique features that you must not miss out on. 

You will find several body parts on which to experiment with your abilities if you specifically need to design on men. 

The Left and right arm, hand, and leg are all models you can find in this product. 

Also, you can use the total body one, if you want to perceive the final work effect. 

The most particular and interesting 3D sample is the one dedicated to the male head. 

Since this one is a sensible space of the body, it is quite hard to try it without much confidence. 

If you make good use of this product, you will be able to work smoothly with any client.

And you will not be afraid of requests that bring you out of your comfort zone, like head tattoos. 

Moreover, such a vast set is the perfect companion for an amateur who still wants to practice before confronting challenging tasks. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Various sets of models
  • Unique head 3D model
  • A good match for amateurs 

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Procreate 3D Fist Tattoo Simulator by ProCreateInk human model for procreate

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This option for a human model for Procreate is for thugs. 

If you’re a skilled tattooer and you’re trying to become more precise and deliver rocky tattoos, you came for the right product. 

From the high-quality production brand, you may already have experimented on hands and arms. 

So, I guess that you mastered the angle and muscular texture of the skin to design. 

Now, it’s time to be ambitious and propose even more daring and impressive works. 

In order to give depth to the design, you can also find a full model for the hand and arm. 

This is great for planning an arm-length tattoo, that culminates with an amazingly inked fist. 

Thanks to this product you will gain the skills to decorate a fist like a professional. 

And your portfolio will become greatly appealing to people who are looking for a complex and signature tattoo. 

If you want some help in finding designs to apply to the model, the product’s seller proposes some of his. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Fist-specific model
  • High-quality skin texture
  • Opportunity to enlarge skills

Download Now!

Unwrapped Female Girl Clothed by aqarts

human model for procreate

Download Now!

This is a completely free human model for Procreate.

You can just click on the download button and it will be ready to use in the format OBJ and Maya, on your laptop or tablet. 

If you’re still a newbie in using human models, items like this are the perfect start. 

You can move it however you need, in three dimensions and it has multiple potentials. 

This model is useful to build characters, whether you’re doing it for a game or you need it to practice 3D designs of characters.

It can come in handy to monitor how the body moves in the empty space and calculate the character’s actions accordingly to seem natural.

Or, simply, you can try it to design clothes, and explore the movements of different textures. 

Compared to other paid items, this one is still valid, for it has a nice presentation. 

Moreover, it was greatly appreciated by the free-3D users.

In fact, it has been downloaded four thousand times. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Free and easy to obtain
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Full body vision in an empty space

Download Now!

Runners-up: Human Head, 3D Model by ammusri

human model for procreate

Download Now!

Also, this last human model for Procreate is free to download. 

It was last updated in 2019, so it’s still a modern and thrilling product. 

The proposed format is OBJ, therefore you can use it on different platforms, other than Procreate.

The model here presented only focuses on a male head, bald and bare.

It explores it from many perspectives and analyzes the possible expressions and changes in design. 

In fact, I believe that this model is a wonderful starting point to design facial features. 

If you’re an artist with a great passion for drawing and a good eye for detail, this is the product for you. 

Not only will you have a clear overview of how the head turns and changes if you consider one profile or the other, but you can also experiment with human expressions. 

Starting from considering this bare head in an empty space, infinite worlds and fantasies can be built by a creative designer. 

I think that, in particular, those who want to focus on rendering a realistic impression of human features, should use this 3D model.

If you’re an old-school art lover, this can be the opportunity to approach the more digitized part of nowadays art world. 

Also if you’re creating a character appearance, this model can help you in defining the main bodily features, like eye shape, nose, or even hair.

Pros & Benefits

  • Fully focused on the human (mainly male) head 
  • Perfect product for classic artist 
  • Explore human expressions and profiles

Download Now!

Procreate 3D Object Arm Model

Download Now!

Customize your artwork with this 3D Procreate Male Arm Model!

You can easily re-color it and add textures, tattoos, or patterns to it.

Your purchase includes 1 model file for you to edit in whatever way you want!

Pros & Benefits

  • Commercial license available
  • Instant download
  • Preview your design realistically

Download Now!

CleanSketches Procreate 3D Models

Download Now!

CleanSketches Procreate 3D Models are the perfect addition to your digital art toolkit.

This purchase includes every 3D Human Body Part file you need to create stunning, detailed illustrations.

With 23 Procreate 3D files included, you’ll have everything you need to take your art to the next level.

These files are in an uncompressed format, which means they must be installed properly to work correctly.

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, CleanSketches Procreate 3D Models are a must-have for anyone looking to add depth and realism to their digital art.

So, you can create high-quality illustrations with ease.

Pros & Benefits

  • Includes every 3D Human Body Part file needed for digital art
  • 23 Procreate 3D files included in the purchase
  • Perfect for both professional artists and beginners
  • Adds depth and realism to digital art.

Download Now!

Procreate ~ 3d Human Anatomy Models XL

Download Now!

Introducing the Procreate 3d Human Anatomy Models XL!

Whether you’re planning for your next tattoo or want to show your client the placement and ideas for your art, our 3d body solution is the perfect solution for you.

The folder includes 3d models of both male and female characters, hands, feet, head, legs, and arms.

These models are perfect for use with the Procreate app on iOS.

They allow you to experiment and see where your next tattoo will be placed and showcase your artwork in new and stunning ways.

Upgrade your tattoo design process with the Procreate 3d Human Anatomy Models XL.

Pros & Benefits

  • Professional 3d models for artists
  • Removes the guesswork from tattooing
  • Preview your tattoo and have it done with confidence

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Many people find themselves stuck in the same design patterns when it comes to creative activities. 

You will not face this issue again, because if you make good use of what I suggested, these options for the human model for Procreate will stimulate your skills. 

Lots of people will benefit from this, particularly your current and future clients, that will be amazed by the tattoo artwork you produced. 

Any inking challenge will be an easy task for you, and new body parts won’t seem so scary anymore.

Have fun expanding your art thanks to these 3D human model for Procreate!

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