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I Bought a MILLION Drawing Accessories!

I Bought a MILLION Drawing Accessories!

I bought a MILLION accessories to improve my drawing!

What are worth-buying?

Watch our video now!

Hello my beautiful Procreate friends!

I have scoured Amazon for all the drawing accessories I could find and spent my well-earned dollars on them.

So we have custom styluses, we have pen tips, we have screen caps, we have drawing gloves, and we have some easels.

Do any of these make me a better artist?

Rating Drawing Accessories that I Bought from Amazon

1. Custom Pen Grips

I Bought a MILLION Drawing Accessories!

I am gonna go through them and let you know.

Let’s start off with the custom pen grips .

Iceberg straight ahead!

Would you like a croissant, Monsieur?

Meat’s back on the menu boys!

I guess you like my lovely beautiful earrings!

Oh my god!

They’re all the rage in Paris this year.

I’m the world’s smallest unicorn!


As you can see, they’re wonderful and have many uses.

I like these lovely pen grips.

But how do they work actually on your pen?

I must say I am a big fan of the colors.

I like this pink and this green that go very well together.

How does it feel to draw with the pen grips?

Oh boy, I like the way that there is something to hold on to.

They’re a bit thicker.

They feel good!

I definitely feel like a more competent drawer now.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!

Nice to squeeze and hold onto something!

I feel like I can hold a little bit more effectively.

There’s a more effective hold!

I will give this 9/10!

Top buy!

2. Drawing Glove

I Bought a MILLION Drawing Accessories!

Next up, we have the drawing glove

Now this is a nice little elasticated glove that can fit your right or left hand.

For those left-handers like me who have been discriminated against our whole lives.

Don’t worry, it’s okay. 

We’re in this together!

So you can put this in your hand.

It makes me feel a little bit like a waiter in a fancy restaurant.

So would you all like to dine on your fine pen this evening? 

Yes, it comes all the way from the Highlands of Scotland that is bred by my own grandmother. 

So, how is it to actually draw with a drawing glove? 

That is the question on everybody’s lips.

And my God!

It is smooth, and silky, and undulating.

There’s no friction between your hand and your iPad.

Sometimes when you’re using just your hand, and you’ve got this, this outer layering, I think we call it skin, it’s a little bit jittery you know?

It gets caught.

It’s quite hard to be smooth, you must have to not touch the iPad or the paper. 

But with the drawing glove, that is removed.

It gives you more control!

I will give this a 10/10!

It is an essential buy for every aspiring digital artist.

3. Stylus

I Bought a MILLION Drawing Accessories!

Next up, we have a custom pen. 

Now this is another stylus.

What I particularly like about this stylus is on the back.

It has this soft, rounded, rubbery end which you can use to draw.

And why I like this is because it feels much more like an actual paintbrush which is fantastic to have if you’re doing some painting.

4. Easel

I Bought a MILLION Drawing Accessories!


What do we get next?

We’ve got an easel.

Now, all artists have been using the easels for hundreds of years. 

And that’s because it gives them the opportunity to put their work up like this.

I think it’s good.

It’s very good for your posture.

In fact, it makes me feel more like a, it’s very good for doing some life drawing or something for reference for instance.

And you’re not hunched over like this

I immediately feel enlightened like opening my heart to the world. 

Open your heart to the world, people!

Breathe deep! *Inhale, exhale*

Yeah, it’s great!

I thought you could work around this.

You can have this in a portrait, or a landscape.

You can adjust the angle so you can even have it right underneath you if you want it like this which is quite nice because you can really press on it more effectively.

Whereas like this, there’s not so much pressure you can apply.

So this again, for me, is actually a great investment.

If you’re taking your digital art seriously, get an easel.


Dog’s dinner!

Well, when a chicken dinner we got here, I’m gonna leave my iPad on!

5. Custom Pen

Next up, we have another custom pen.

This is the Logitech.

I’ve been trying this for a little while. 

Actually, not such a fan of this one personally.

I don’t like the colors.

It feels like, what someone would think the future would be like and when they finally get there, like oh my god it’s actually nothing like this horrible chrome and orange thing that you gave me!


So that’s a no!

6. Paperlike Screen Protector

And finally, we have the Paperlike.

Now, this is very satisfying.

You can rip it out.

Open it up.

The whole idea is you pop it on top of your iPad.

And you’re applying because I haven’t.

Oh they gave me some little gifts in here.

You get a nice little photo.

It’s very kind of them and installation tools!

“Thanks so much for choosing Paperlike!

We’re excited to make your digital tools even more enjoyable.”

So, how does it feel to draw on top of Paperlike?

So, I’ve now put this on my iPad.

It’s feeling very good.

It doesn’t take too long to do.

Yeah, I think they’ve got a great brand, Paperlike.

They’ve done a very good job with their microcopy on the white!

It says “iPad” on the wet wipes.


What a wonderful romance!

Beautiful, touching!

How does it feel to draw on the–?


Oh my days!

Does that feel very nice?

Oh boy, you get a nice sound.

Oh yes!

It really feels more tactile experience with this.

It is central, it really is!

Oh boy!

This is together, 10/10.

If you really want to upgrade your experience of creating digital art, Paperlike is a must buy.

There we have it!

So that is my review of some of these iPad accessories.

 I’m actually pretty impressed with all of them, which I wasn’t expecting!

So, drawing gloves is a yes!

Pen tips, I would say so, why not have a nice little painting, and Paperlike, beautiful!

And additional styluses for different effects.

Let’s go! 

Why not?

Thanks for watching, have a delightful day!

Ciao for now!~

Final Thoughts

There we have it!

My top rated products from Amazon!

We hope you enjoyed our video on “I Bought a MILLION Drawing Accessories! Which Made Me A Better Artist?”.

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