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How to optimize the air and smell of your workplace for health, creativity, and productivity.

How to optimize the air and smell of your workplace for health, creativity, and productivity.

Air is a part of nature that we usually neglect in our daily lives. Many believe it’s invisible but consider turbulent winds otherwise.

It is an environment that we do not take exact note of;
although unconsciously we could consider its existence as kites show us they have wings and tsunamis move without fins.

The consciousness of the existence of air is subjective and dependent on our individual persons.

While pilots have winds, cyclones and other weather conditions circumscribed around the vertices of their minds, businessmen may sometimes forget the existence of oxygen that they breathe.

While scientists consider airing a subject of research and in-depth study, our traders and teachers would most times fail to remember the heart needs air to live.

Be it doctor or lawyer, businessman or trader, pilot or sailor, fisherman or farmer, teacher or student, we all live within the air other people breathe and an understanding on how we can optimize the quality of air around us is paramount if we aim to lead a better life.

The air around us consists of a mixture of gases, solid and liquid particles in a somewhat almost constant composition – so much for being careful as regards the scientists reading this text. Consisting of Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, dust particles, water and a whole lot of stuff that only chemists would have the vaguest idea about; its composition varies with time, the number of people in the environment, level of industrialization, etc.

Its composition is sometimes modified to provide fragrance and permissible odors in work fields to enhance customer relations as well as make the employer and employee stay alive.

How something invisible could dictate our work moods and outputs is open to any form of philosophical thoughts.

Air pollutants could also be visible as smoke from exhausts and engines of vehicles and industrial plants near your workplace could make work unbearable and of no fun.

Air pollutants could also be invisible. Be it visible or not, it is no news that polluted air affects our health and productivity negatively. 

Imagine your office is some meters from a poultry farm or your colleague has a flatulent stomach of dangerous mind-blowing gases.

You’ll value some little breeze and will most likely keep your windows open to let out the heat.

I would also like to assume you may work within four walls and prefer indoor jobs like what I’m doing on my keyboard right now; you’ll tend to value the use of air fresheners and oils to keep your nose alive and your soul and body safe from the impounding smell of the shelf of books, newly sprayed furniture, your colleagues meal (just for avoiding distractions) and some other odors.


Ventilation and fragrance are key to worker-friendly office setup and it is of great risk to neglect or push aside the need for better air quality in a workspace.

Various techniques have been employed to purify and optimize the air around us for better health and work experience since “bad air” can affect our health in myriads of ways than we could ever imagine.

21st-century air purifiers come in various annoying and appealing sizes and prices with inbuilt advantages and disadvantages. 

Each innovation targeted for better human health, creativity, and productivity.

In this unending spectrum of options lies the Coway AP – 1512HH Mighty Air Purifier and the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser which are nicely packed to help our endeavors to create a bearable, proper and exciting work environment.

Coway AP – 1512HH Mighty Air Purifier actually announces itself with sound waves floating through the air.

This piece of wind as some may call it is specially designed for living rooms, apartments and middle-sized spaces.

Your office may not be large enough; it may not be small enough either.

This equipment could fit your workspace and provide you with seemingly pure air as it comes along with a long-life High-Efficiency Air Filter (HEPA).

Work and comfort go a long way to determine productivity and efficiency.

Though topics like nutritive qualities, social fitness, mental capacities have proved to determine productivity to a large extent around the world; it is if a worthy note to bring to the limelight that factors such as ventilation, levels of carbon dioxide and other office or industrial emissions can determine work rate and productivity.

Research has repeatedly shown that working under supposed ‘green conditions’ relay positive outcomes naturally. 

This device creates seemingly healthy or ‘green’ conditions for you to work efficiently and progress up your career ladder without much stress to your nostrils and health in general.

It is designed to feature multiple airflow modes and self-timer as well as having filter-change indicators for comfortable use.

Plants generally serve as filters of carbon dioxide which are poisonous to humans in high concentrations. This filter helps to purify air to reduce the incidence of headaches and respiratory complaints.

We all know that one would work better with a clear head capable of a spectrum of related thoughts than with a ‘pounding head’ or respiratory issues. 

Preceding paragraphs already noted the existence of different air filters and purifiers.

The Coway AP – 1512HH Mighty Air Purifier is the consumer’s choice these days as it is an efficient combination of a pre-filter, odor filter true HEPA filter and bipolar ionizers which effectively reduces the amount of airborne pollutant and odors in your workspace or home.

It is also equipped with an air quality indicator to give you real-time information of indoor air quality with color led lightings that let you know how clean or dirty your indoor air is every minute of the day.

This marvel promises incessant bouts of healthy breaths as the manufacturers believe that the highest levels of health, comfort, and satisfaction do not happen by chance.

  The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser on its own end does its job efficiently as it helps to elevate your workspace with appealing scents from natural oils.

It is packed or will I say filled with essential and sweet-smelling oils that are light enough to diffuse into every crevice of your workspace. Most offices of the 21st century are climate controlled, meaning that the doors, windows, and openings are sealed tight.

The hindrance of the free entrance of air; be it good or bad, also dictates a similar hindrance to the exit of air. Would we be stuck in an oven of hot and stale air for all our working hours with smiles on our faces every minute? Of course not!

Though air conditioners have been wonderful in regulation the internal temperatures of offices and creating cool work conditions, they usually fail to really eliminate the staleness that comes with indoor air as some of our ladies with noses that can precisely detect every fragrance from a bouquet of flowers would still feel discomfort.

Oil Diffusers have been developed to suit the purpose of adding fragrance to ease work and encourage comfort.

This beautifully crafted stone diffuser is inspired by intentional living as it is made homely with its easy-to-clean, timer settings, optional lightings, and alternating fragrance features. Fragrances of grapefruit, lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense are the most available around the world today.

With longevity, durability and safety measures installed in this little piece of “wonderful breath” as some may call it; these diffusers have been tested to run for hours as well turn off automatically when the time runs out or when water does. For this device, water could be time.

Companies and industries who fail to consider the dramatic impact of the purity and odour of the air around its employees may unknowingly reduce work efficiency.

They may create charts and graphs of annual productivity and have heated discussions on work or dinner tables all year long because they neglected a seemingly insignificant concept such as air.

Coway AP – 1512HH Mighty Air Purifier and the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser are devices capable of eliminating the chances of lowered productivity due to poor air quality and should be employed for this purpose amongst many.

Psychologists and researchers have in different experiments explained that employee moods can be influenced by the poor quality of surrounding air.

This mood will definitely rub off on employee creativity negatively and like dominoes, a fall in the company’s rates of productivity will progress from that good-air-starved worker to the manager.

Positive effects have also been recorded from pleasant odors in workspaces as the employees tend to maintain a more appealing approach to work and utilize breaks within the offices rather than leave the work environment owning to bad air quality.

You will prefer the scent of lavender from the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser than the smell of dry air during summer days and hence prefer to have your tea break on you swivel chair with your legs crossed on your worktable. Bad manner can make you look like a boss!

Research has shown that these break hours utilized within the work environment has given room for innovations and creative thinking as well as encouraging cooperation between work partners.

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