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10 Best Choices for Illustration Idea Generator

Are you an artist struggling to find an illustration idea generator?

Know that artists do experience moments of lack of inspiration.

So, don’t despair.

We’ve got you covered with the best choices for illustration idea generator. 

These ten websites and mobile apps are all you need to find your next muse. 

They take care of the thinking so you can focus on what’s important – the art!

So let’s take a look at these choices for illustration idea generator.

1. WannaDraw – The App That Asks You That Same Question

 illustration ideas generator


WannaDraw is simply asking you a question, “Hey, wanna draw?”

All you need to do is download the mobile app on the Apple Store or Play Store, and you’ll be ready to draw in no time. 

It works by giving you a prompt, first saying WHO you are drawing and then WHAT they are doing. 

You can draw some hilarious combinations, easy and very difficult subjects!

Their motto is “Draw Outside the Box,” and that is definitely what you’ll be doing!

WannaDraw has excellent artwork, and it’s very user-friendly. 

They say that the app is created by artists, for artists, so you know you’ll be impressed with the prompts they provide. 

Freddie Mercury as a crazy cat lady?


There are countless variations of nouns and verbs, so you’ll never be bored by the suggestions from WannaDraw. 

You’ll probably be quite surprised by what comes up on the app!

The website features the app first and foremost and has a blog where you can see other artists’ work and read more about Wanna Draw.

The best part? 

The app is entirely free!

So, do you want to draw? 

Then go check out the WannaDraw app now.

2. Art Prompts – Pick a Category and Start Drawing Today

 illustration ideas generator

ArtPrompts works a little differently!

It features a notebook as the background, with all of the site options looking like little sketches on a page. 

You can choose a category on this fantastic website, and something will come up from that category that you have to try and draw. 

The categories are great, too, ranging from characters and creatures to full situations. 

Will you choose to draw a creature from a fantasy period, or maybe a pirate ship that is flying through the air? 

The best part is, once you pick your category, you can click ‘refresh’ to get a new prompt to draw!

It’s for artists who need fresh ideas, and if you don’t like the prompt, hit refresh again. 

They also feature Weekly Challenges in the ‘challenge’ prompt category, where you can face off against other artists and compare work. 

If you’re feeling very creative, you can even send in your own Art Prompts!

Just click the link and list your ideas. 

Besides the idea generator and the feature to send in your ideas, Art Prompts also has a section where you can read tips on becoming a better artist and some resources for digital artists to check out. 

So go ahead!

Visit Art Prompts, find a prompt, and get drawing. 

3. Random Things To Draw – Extremely Random!

 illustration ideas generator

Random Things To Draw features a much more straight forward generator.

When you visit the site, it loads an idea or prompt and nothing else. 

The prompt is just a short sentence or an idea for a funny object. 

Some prompts we came across were ‘sneezing bee’ or ‘elf witch.’

As you can see, the ideas can be very creative. 

The website also features a green thumbs up button, and a red thumbs down button, so you know if the idea is loved or not. 

The thumbs-up feature is exciting and valuable.

It’s the only idea generator to feature a voting system! 

Besides the thumbs, there is an option to skip to the next idea, which is great because you can click until you find something you like! 

Random Things To Draw is precisely what the name says – random!

We’re not sure where the author came up with all of these crazy ideas, but they do sound fun and exciting to draw! 

Excuse us, we’re going to go to Random Things To Draw and try to master our sketch of ‘Harry Potter, but as an owl’! 

Next time you’re stumped on what to draw, head over to Random Things To Draw and see what the website can come up with for you. 

4. AnDesign Sketch Generator – For The More Elegant And Modern Artists

 illustration ideas generator

If the previous ideas were crazier and not exactly your style, AnDesign’s Sketch Idea Generator is for you. 

This website is fantastic because it gives you many different options.

Moreover, you can even choose a random style to draw in! 

Some of the styles include minimalistic, modern, post-modern, and more! 

It all comes in a very sleek, modern-looking website. 

You can either click on the selection until you find something you like or hit Randomize, and the website will choose for you. 

It’s so tempting to keep hitting the button!

There are four different categories with hundreds or even thousands of possible results. 

If you click on the red hashtag button, you can see other artists’ sketches and browse for some inspiration. 

One of the best parts is that it even has you choose what material and medium to use. 

So, if you like drawing in pencil only, go for that, but sometimes it shows a pen or a marker as well. 

They even have random brands come up so you can try and make art in the style of your favorite brand! 

So check out AnDesign and hit the Random button now! Get drawing!

5. MadPrompts Provides Some Very. Mad. Prompts. 

 illustration ideas generator

If you’re looking for something extraordinary with really cool pixel artwork, look no further than MadPrompts! 

This website is superb.

Besides the incredible artwork, the drawing idea generator works quite well and intuitively.

On the left side of your screen, make your selections for prompts. 

You can choose how many adjectives you like, and then you can select your category.

Finally, you can choose to enable a challenge mode, which gives you something extra to focus on while you’re drawing, such as drawing in a style you don’t usually use or making your art into a desktop wallpaper instead! 

It’s enjoyable and unique. 

The best part is, it works on both the computer and phone! 

It’s so easy to use, and the words are very random. Mad prompts indeed! 

A very cool feature of Mad Prompts is how the prompt is shown to you once it’s generated. 

It comes up on an animated screen, and if you don’t understand the words it gives you, clicking them takes you to a search for that particular word. 

Then, you can either download the prompt for future use or generate a new prompt, which will take you back to the selection screen to choose the number or type of words.

The whole time you’re using the site, you get to look at this pleasant, pixelated Japanese-inspired artwork in the background. 

Head on over to Mad Prompts and see what you can come up with to draw!

6. Bardot Brush – What Should I Draw? A Very Important Question, Answered

 illustration ideas generator

If crazy ideas are what you’re after, look no further than Bardot Brush – What Should I Draw? 

This website is excellent because it doesn’t ONLY give you an extremely detailed and random prompt. 

It also gives you options for something more simple. 

The prompts include a noun, an adjective (or two!), and most of the time, the objects you get as prompts are doing something!

For example, ‘You should draw a cheerful delivery driver that is doing some dancing.’

What a good prompt! 

On the bottom left, you get the option to draw something a little simpler, which in this case was a ‘sea mammal.’ 

And, on the bottom right, you have the option of downloading a color palette to draw in! Completely optional, of course. 

With all of these variations and ideas coming up in one generation, it won’t be long before you find your next piece of art.

Bardot Brush is generally an online art store first, but their illustration idea generator is fantastic. 

They even feature weekly and monthly painting challenges if you get bored of random ideas! 

When you’re feeling extra competitive, you can try out the challenge and see how you compare with your friends or artists around the world. 

Check out Bardot Brush – What Should I Draw if you’re looking for a detailed prompt to get you feeling more creative!

7. Virink – It’s Easy to Say and Easy to Use

 illustration ideas generator


Virink is another very easy-to-use option for both your phone and your computer. 

If you want a simple app, download Virink and use it on your phone. 

If you prefer, the website works just as well!

Virink features a very colorful yet minimalistic design, with a blue and yellow background and a phone photo. 

It takes the words ‘simple to use’ literally because all you need to do is click one button, and it shows an idea for you to draw! 

Virink-What To Draw is the perfect website and mobile app for anyone that needs a spark or idea to sketch. 

A big blue button on the phone screen gives you a random idea that can be one word or object or even a complete sentence filled with details. 

Virink is said to improve your drawing skills by giving you fantastic ideas for everyday drawing, and that is the case after exploring it for a bit!

Some of the ideas are simple, like a dolphin.

Some ideas are crazy, like a pirate robot burying a treasure! 

You definitely won’t be bored or run out of ideas if you use Virink’s Idea Generator. 

8. Art Plays – Illustration Idea Generator

If you are looking for another simple to use and entertaining website or app, Art Plays – What To Draw Generator is perfect for you! 

A mobile phone picture on the Art Plays website has the words’ click for an idea’ flashing on the screen. 

So click! And boom. Something for you to draw. 

If you don’t like the idea, click again, and it will refresh with another idea. 

This illustration idea generator features a space theme with a black screen and a lovely purple pulsing orb.

It is a sleek and easy-to-use Illustration Idea Generator. 

All the work is done for you! 

There is a mobile app available if you don’t want to use your computer, and it works just as well as the desktop version.

They even have a program available to download on Windows, so you don’t even need the internet to get inspiration for your next piece of art. 

Art Plays boasts about having thousands of ideas every day for you to draw, and you can even share your crazy ideas for others to draw if you feel more creative. 

They weren’t lying about thousands of ideas! 

The website even offers some free drawing lessons in a step-by-step format if you need some help!

You can find ideas to draw and learn how to draw without ever leaving the same page – it’s intuitive and helpful for any artist.

Check out Art Plays and put your pen to paper today.

9. Drawing Prompt Is Absolutely FULL Of Drawing Prompts!

If you need an easy and quick way to find a drawing idea or your next sketch idea, then definitely check out 

It is simple- you’ll be drawing in no time!

The website is simple. 

All you need to do is click the button to create a new prompt, showing you what to draw. 

The best part is, if you don’t like the prompt, there are twenty different options to make the next prompt even more specific! 

You can choose a person, an animal, or even a scene from an anime TV show. The possibilities are endless.

Out of all of the illustration idea generators in this list, Drawing Prompt features the most detailed prompts, some even spanning multiple sentences. 

The Drawing Prompt website says they are trying to make prompts speak to budding artists, and if it doesn’t talk to you, click again! 

Their job is to help break ‘artist’s block,’ get you out of your head and onto the page.

Are you struggling to think of something to draw or can’t choose from a million different ideas in your head?

Then give Drawing Prompt a try, hit the button, and start drawing. 

10. Draw Ideas Is A Website To Help You With More Ideas To Draw 

One of the most incredible websites on this list is Draw Ideas. 

It’s an illustration idea generator with a twist – if you don’t like the prompt, you can scroll down, and it shows you a sketch to try and copy!

It’s kind of like a two-in-one website, which is exciting and quite helpful for those of us, the creatives.

The first part of the website is a generator, where fascinating ideas come up, and you can choose one or click ahead to get another random idea.

The second part of the website is a ‘What to draw’ button, where a random sketch will appear, and you have to try and copy it! 

A few examples of sketches that came up were an owl, a farm, and an avocado – so they shouldn’t be too hard to follow along!

If you’re looking for inspiration or just some easy drawing practice, Draw Ideas Generator is the website for you. 

If you can’t think of what to draw, then follow the images that appear and practice. 

Once you have mastered the ready-made images, you can move to the idea generator and see if you can bring to life what they list on the page! 

This website also features a social tab, where you can share the ideas you see with your friends and turn your drawing into a challenge.

Some of the ideas in the generator are unique and charming and would be inspiring for any stumped artist. 

Give the Draw Ideas – Drawing Idea Generator a try today and get creative!

Final Thoughts

After seeing all of these options for illustration idea generator, are you feeling a creative buzz? 

Are you ready to put your pen on the paper and draw?

You should fire up your favorite illustration idea generator and get to work! 

There are a million combinations of prompts you can use to practice your drawing, painting, or sketching skills. 

So try one now, and get creative! 

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