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illustration trends

Illustration Trends in 2023: Keeping Artists Relevant and Updated

Knowing the current illustration trends keeps all designers relevant.

Winning new clients will be easier when they see proposals that are fresh and trendy.

Similarly, keeping the old clients will be a walk in the park if they see their business up to date and responsive to changes.

This article reveals the 2021 illustration trends for designers to watch out for.

To put the trends in context, let’s have a brief description of what is going on in the world during this time.

On December 31, 2019, the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization about the onset of an unknown pneumonia virus.

The Covid -19 pandemic negatively affected many businesses.

But some businesses adapted and evolved during the pandemic period.

Consumer priorities have changed.

All the changes became apparent in the current illustrations.

The general mood of the society also affected the illustrations.

So, let’s talk about the illustration trends in 2021 now.

3D Effects in Illustration

illustration trends

3D effects will be more visible in the illustrations in 2021.

Let me give some general knowledge about 3D effects.

The illustrator uses 3D effects to facilitate the realistic rendition of his design.

3D allows you to realize almost any idea and fantasy.

For example, it allows you to restore the ancient ruins of the building and show how it was before.

You can show the buyer how his house will look like, plan the interior, conduct a virtual tour, etc.

3D graphics offers a variety of special effects and options for recreating almost any reality.

Hence, allowing you to show the features of the products presented from all sides.

3D illustrations are figments of the illustrator’s imagination.

For example, a 3D image on a plane involves constructing a geometric projection of a scene on a plane using special programs.

Jewelry made in 3D graphics has a unique charm.

The advantages of 3D modeling in the jewelry sector saves the designer time and cost.

No prototypes need to be made.

Moreover, precision is achieved better.

Based on a single product, you can quickly build a model, quickly change or rework the product model.

Projects designed using 3D look exciting and attractive.

Creating such designs requires a minimum of resources and time from someone who has the necessary skills.

Now illustrators have begun to add 3D elements to the design of websites, which is very inspiring.

3D art is a new trend in illustration.

Abstract 3D images are also becoming popular.

We can assume that the future belongs to 3D art.

This is one of the most promising trends in the illustration field.

Packaging Illustration Trends

Packaging products is one of the most powerful methods to attract customers ‘ attention.

It’s crucial for fast food products.

What kind of packaging do consumers expect from entrepreneurs in 2021?

In 2021 the packaging design will be made of much more natural and durable materials.

The product itself will be more natural than ever.

Recently, it’s preferable that the packaging doesn’t pollute and harm the environment.

The trend of environmentally friendly packaging from day-to-day is growing around the world.

Already several companies are selling their products without labels.

This means that clay and plastic aren’t used.

This also means saving money.

Best of all, other brands also follow and apply such trends.

A world-famous food brand has introduced reusable food packaging to consumers.

Some companies switch to paper packaging instead of plastic.

However, the spread of this trend around the world will take some time.

In 2021, there will be innovations in product labels too.

Already people want to live a healthy lifestyle, and it’s essential to know the ingredients of the product.

Therefore, companies will describe more clearly whether there are natural products in their products.

In 2021, vivid colors will be trendy in packaging illustrations.

Customers are eager to buy more vibrant and colorful packaged products.

Because such colors improve and revive the mood of a person.

Such packaging will also make marketing enjoyable.

Minimalist illustrations will also be in the trend in 2021.

Now illustrators use minimalism instead of triangles, circles, and squares, which they easily place on the visual floor.

Illustration for Interior Trends

In 2021, interior design will be dominated by strong colors, patterns, and multi-media creations.

This year, light colors such as meadow green, retro orange, and elegant turquoise will be trendy.

The use of gray tones in the interior of the kitchen is expected to decrease sharply.

For the interior of the bedroom, white tones and light patterns are preferred.

In 2021, embroidery and brown wood material will be favored.

Floral textured wallpapers, antique paintings, elegant tiles, woven curtains, and a vintage touch will dominate this year.

Photo and illustration combinations are one of the increasingly popular design trends.

Line art will also be very visible during this year.

Comic Illustration

Let’s learn about comics illustration a bit.

One of the modern types of illustration is comics.

The first comic was published in 1894 on the pages of the weekly American World.

The funny story with elements of “black” humor is considered the ancestor of the current comics.

Comics are a series of drawings with short texts that form a coherent narrative.

To start illustrating comics, you need a story.

This is a clear representation of the idea of the comics by the main characters.

In comics, the same rule of alternating fragmentation applies as in a movie.

Drawing comics requires knowledge of anatomy, light and shadow, architecture, and many other things.

To illustrate, you need to understand the story.

I recommend you read the script several times until you feel ready to draw illustrations.

Here you can use the macro plan, close-up, medium plan, and general plan.

Illustrators mostly use the handwritten font for comics.

A formation of a personal style is the most effective technique of execution.

Script Interpretation

The comic must convey the script to the reader, so we must thoroughly understand the story that we draw.

The comics’ dialogues are arranged from left to right.

So, we need to make sure that the scenes and characters are placed by the illustrator correctly.

If we want to convey deeper emotions, illustration is the right solution.

In many creative projects, photography is a great way to convey emotions.

But sometimes the photo doesn’t fit.

In modern illustration, there is a massive choice of visual directions.

And one of these directions is precisely suitable for our tasks.

Comics also help to develop children’s imagination and speech.

The language of images gives children a lot of information, makes the plot lively and voluminous.

I am sure that comics will stay in the trend in 2021.

Emoji Illustration

The history of emoji begins in 1999.
Unlike a smiley face, an emoji is a ready-made reputation with a specific meaning.

Emojis that allow expressions in the digital world are illustrations that we are now familiar with.

You will find them Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., social media platforms.

Emojis are also called hieroglyphs of the 21st century.

Emoji help people communicate their feelings by creating a reaction.

Of course, emojis on digital platforms are not new.

But the trend of using emojis is expected to increase in 2021.

You can join emojis into your designs with different styles and techniques.

This adds a fun aspect to brands, as well as helping them to remember by people easily.

They also save space and can replace long words.

Emojis added style and tone to the messages.

Emojis have accelerated the transfer of information.

The emojis are popular because the text does not always manage to convey all the emotions.

This is a bridge that helps to convey all the emotions.

The advantage of emojis is that everyone understands them, whatever their language, culture, or religion.

Emojis work best where there is no time and space to write a message.

Therefore, they will be in the trend for a long time.

Digital Reality

Emerging technology encourages firms to become more digital.

In 2020, developing technology and digitized designs will form the essential graphic design trend in 2021.

When Distance Education, online shopping, working from home are normalizing, and communication platforms are becoming a necessity, it is necessary to quickly keep up with digital change.

About Illustration

Every year new trends are emerging in all areas.

Illustration trends could be manifested in books, magazines, adverts, engraving, photography, reproduction, map, scheme, and many such publications.

In 2021, children’s book illustrations are also a trend.

An illustration is at the border of fine art and graphic design.

Illustrations of texts have been used since ancient times.

The primary method of reproducing illustrations in books was engraving.

In the XVIII century, engraving was replaced by lithography.

The development of the printing business has opened up new opportunities for illustrators.

Illustrations were also needed for the caricature.

Magazine publishers have found that good illustrations sell as well as good text.

The Golden Age of illustration has begun.

Many illustrators were successful at this time.

Some have become rich and famous through their activities.

The illustration is still in demand.

Illustrators often use motifs and techniques of traditional folk art in their work.

Literary works have inspired and continue to inspire many artists.

The genres in which the artists expressed their content were very diverse.

But a special place belongs to the book illustration.

According to the content, illustration can be documentary, artistic-figurative, and decorative-ornamental.

And according to the method of reproduction, the illustrations are high, flat, or gravure printing.

Types of Illustrations

I want to explain the types of illustrations of modern times.

An illustration, like any cultural object, has its trends.

Trends change under the influence of modern literature and over time.

Modern illustration includes artistic, scientific, educational, drawing, photography, drawing, diagram, map, plan, schedule, and 3D.

Illustrators are between artists and designers.

Let’s talk about a book illustration.

We can confidently say that the illustrator’s role in the book business is almost the same as that of a writer.

The image on the cover of the book is what the reader sees first.

The cover always includes elements of the book that are carefully embedded in the illustration.

This creates the first idea of what awaits the reader inside.

In the era of technology and product development, illustration has become a powerful tool for product promotion.

People love colorful, memorable characters who show them, such as how to dress fashionably, solve a problem correctly, or learn foreign languages.
It’s the demand of the consumer that forms the trends of illustration.

And illustrators strive to get into these trends to sell their products to companies.

Books are also a product, the purchase of which largely depends on the illustration on the cover.

The designer creates a composition and visually forms the client’s idea into a complete concept.

And the illustrator performs specific tasks and serves the so-called carrier, such as a brand or a literary work.

Illustration thrives in both the digital and real world.

Modern illustration becomes multidimensional and interactive.

Its primary function is to attract attention and surprise consumers.

Of course, the illustration is still valued for its originality, its style, and way of representation.

An illustration somehow adds variety to interest.

In my opinion, modern illustrations are primarily good.

Main Features and Characteristics of Illustration

Literary works continue to inspire many illustrators.

Today, most information is consuming from digital books, blogs, and programs.

At this time, the software capabilities are developing more than ever.

Adaptability, animation, and interactivity.

Human attention is subject to a visual hierarchy.

Visual information penetrates instantly and faster than all other types of information.

For example, on the most specific page of a text block and an image, the view is primarily directed to the picture.

The task of the illustration is to influence the audience.

One simple but successful illustration will complement the text much more effectively when it comes to processes and states.

The image, color, and typography need to harmonize with the overall idea.

The illustration on the website or in the application may occupy a different place on the page.

For example, we can meet it on the blog, pop-ups, ads, stickers, emoji, ideographic, etc.

A perfect illustration doesn’t duplicate the text but creates extra meaning using graphical methods.

Also, a good illustration takes time.

But let’s not hide the fact that not all modern illustrations seem worthy of books.

One of the reasons is that many beginners start to borrow this style, copy it.

It’s necessary to take into account how consumers will react to it.

What they take more, they give more.

The illustrator supply market has long been tired.

A few words about a children’s book.

As we know, children’s perception differs from that of adults.

The colors, plot, and composition should be rich, detailed, and closely related to the text and message.

First of all, illustrations should be stylish and holistic because the development of the reader’s taste begins.

Here is a useful link about illustrations.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have provided information about illustration and 2021 year’s illustration trends.

We hope that you found this article interesting.

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