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importance of creativity

Importance of Creativity: 10 Reasons Why It Is Vital

Let us explore the importance of creativity in this article.

Ever wonder about waking up one day and deciding to do something creative?

We, human beings, are sometimes locked in a monotonous way of living because of stressful work, family responsibilities, etc.

As years go by, our day to day responsibilities burden us and we just go through our day just to be done with it.

Gone are the days when we would play in the playground and tell make-believe stories with our friends.

Adults tend to think that they are not creative anymore.

Know that creativity is not only limited to children or designer professionals.

Researches have shown the profound impact of creativity in various aspects of life.

Every one can be creative if he will consciously cultivate his creative skills in daily life.

Creativity surely brings a positive influence to our lives.

Now, let’s take a closer look on the importance of creativity in our life.

1. Foundation of Core Personality 

Every person in this world has a unique personality.

With age and going through self-development, people might make specific changes or present themselves in a better manner.

This is where creativity helps to bring positive and acceptable changes to our personalities.

It is a great advantage for human beings to adjust to different societies and deal with all types of behavior.

Keep in mind that you adapt or change not for the others, but rather to have a positive and innovative attitude. 

Doing this will can also result to a stronger personality or character.

Creativity can help you to be one.


  • Be your original self always 
  • Cultivate positive traits
  • Drop negative thoughts  
  • Do not wallow in dark thoughts
  • Be your own source of support 

2. Real-Time Problem Solver 

Research shows that using creativity as a problem-solving technique helps incredibly.

Upon experiencing large or small-scale issues, one might experience zero solutions to a certainly questionable obstacle.

Thus, it is fair to mention here that productivity helps.

Creative ideas could, in the end, conclude many workable solutions.

Creative Problem-Solving Methods: 

There are a few steps to help with creative problem-solving techniques. 

  • Visual/Audio communication 
  • Mind Mapping 
  • Colorful graphs and charts 
  • Onomatopoeia 
  • Symmetrical/Asymmetrical methods 

3. Improving Skills and Knowledge 

It is no surprise that creative methods can also improve a person’s knowledge abilities to enhance their skills in any desired field.

Using practical tools to untangle the rusty parts of your brain grease them with a set of new skills, knowledge and increase a long-term interest in the subject of matter.

It can also boost an individual’s power to experience and gain understanding from different sets of skills.

There is no age to learn something new. 

Anyone can learn anything at any time of their lives.

There is no fixed rule of boundaries to learn something extra or new in life.

Life is equally short.

So, always remember to motivate yourself to learn something new.

Thus, fulfill your brain’s desire to consume practical and suitable knowledge according to your convenience.  

How To Improve? 

  • Learn new things and apply them to your daily lifestyle. 
  • Concentrate on the beauty of natural and fabricated things to evaluate the difference. 
  • Pass on the knowledge to others. 

4. A Notion of Expressing Yourself  

There are more than 7.6 billion people living on planet earth, and all these human beings have unique personalities.

Some are expressive. 

Others have trouble speaking their thoughts and or expressing their true self.

With the help of creativity, it can help any individual resolve their inner thoughts and make them free of making bold and effective decisions.

Expressing yourself can be tricky because individuals usually make a big deal out of it.

Sometimes matters are simple, easy, and resolve themselves. 

How To Express Yourself? 

  • Consider your emotions inside and let them paint the new image of life 
  • Do not care about what people will say. 
  • Try using efficiency in a positive manner. 

5. Big Time Motivator 

Sometimes in life, you need a little push of motivation and not by other human beings but by yourself.

Involvement of creativity brings out the best to function brightly and positively.

Motivation is a concept of ending all the negative energy and continuing the path of success.

In practical life, a person might face countless hurdles.

This is where self-belief and self-acceptance combine and motivates an individual to perform undoubtedly.  

Techniques To Self-Motivate: 

  • Foster your mindset and its growth. 
  • Give importance to yourself. 
  • Always link to a keen sense of purpose. 

6. Psychological Relief  

Life is unpredictable, and events can take a severe turn at any point.

This could happen in your work or family.

Any person with a good temperament might survive.

Still, sudden natural disasters heavily affect the human brain, and they can take you to a lonely place in a world of stress and anxiety, leading to extreme depression.

But with a creative mind and positive, productive attitude, one can quickly try to resolve such issues and bring internal peace and external peace to the world. 


  • Resilience  
  • Introduce yourself to your inner artist
  • Discover skills and other talents

7. Better Understanding of Technology 

As the world is moving forward with technological advancements.

It is imperative to understand these technologies.

Creativity itself is a part of these high-tech technologies.

Technology helps humanity in different creative ways, from design to practical implementation.

If a person has creative thinking, they can easily understand today’s advanced technology and keep up with it in the longer run.

People these days believe that technology might be overtaking creativity, but that is not the case.

On the contrary, it is legitimately enhancing it. 

Technology And Creativity An Example

These days many artists are finding new fame with the help of technology.

Nowadays, they do not have to go to a recording studio to record themselves and then wait for several days to decide.

But today, they can easily upload their talents on different social media platforms and become part of the artist community online.

8. Understanding Different Perspectives 

Creativity plays an especially significant role in better understanding different perspectives.

There can be a million workable solutions to one problem: different mental levels and unique ways of thinking, reasoning, and explanation.

Once a person welcomes ideas from others, they must understand their mindset.

Understanding others can sometimes be challenging.

If we own the power of creativity, it will be effortless for us to understand others.

This applies to human beings and lets us understand the technical and futuristic/computer’s perspective.

Different Concepts: 

  • Exploration 
  • Looking through past, present, and future 
  • Supporting dynamic roles 
  • Broaden thoughts 
  • Multimethod approach 

9. Affective Socialization 

In daily life, socialization plays a significant role.

It can help a person expand his social circles or contacts for work.

A person with creative thinking would know quickly how to wield the conversation with entertainment, gathering the crowd’s/individual’s attention.

This type of socialization is tremendously effective and helpful for both parties.

The engager and the one new people involved.

Due to creativity, the conversation could never get boring.

People will always be attentive to the person who offers them work, a job, or simply friendship but with a hint of entertainment.

That individual will automatically draw people.

Methods Of Achievement: 

  • Networking alone or with groups
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Convenience 
  • Targeting certain or all age groups depending on the social topic

10. It’s Simply Fun 

Lastly, we as human beings specifically should never forget to have some fun in life.

Creativity helps us open different untangled knots in our brains and let us pass through the fun side of ideas.

Regularly every human being is juggling between life and work, whether rich or poor.

Children and childhood are a fitting example of no responsibilities but an open mind towards happy thoughts and learning new things every day from the simplest little things.

Happiness is paramount to balance out the harsh times in life, and creativity plays its vital role in this scenario. 

The General Idea of Having Fun: 

  • Encouraging imagination 
  • Play with your creative thoughts 
  • Open to engage with others 
  • Positive attitude 
  • Bring elements of your own choice to work

Final Thoughts

Today we live in modern times, understanding humans, technology, work in general, and adjusting to today’s lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming.

By introducing the importance of creativity in our lives, we can achieve multiple milestones in our daily lives.

One does not have to be a child in a nursery or a designer to use creativity to achieve their desired goals.

Using productive methods can ensure a healthy mindset and fascinating results.

So, one can always consider the points mentioned above as to why it is vital to include creativity as part of our lives.

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