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indesign cookbook template

10 Best Indesign Cookbook Template Designs

Spice up a recipe with a ‘delicious’ Indesign cookbook template.

Ardent chefs and foodies choose recipes based on the clarity and organization of their layout .

Therefore, finding the best cookbook template design for your account might just get you more followers or visitors.

Are you one of those who love to share your dishes with the public?

Then, finding the best cookbook template design may be considered for a possible viral recipe post.

Now, what cookbook template design should you use?

One of these options for Indesign cookbook template might just tickle your interest.

1. Indesign CC Cookbook Template 

indesign cookbook template
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We’ve got one of the most attractive templates that most of the content creators are using to get the attention of visitors. 

This template comes with a minimalist design that features only the text and the image without any other distracting elements.

This template has a very eye-catching design, very pleasing to the eyes, and can successfully organize your recipe.

It provides the best position for titles, ingredients, directions, recipe stories, and pictures for a better presentation and formatting. 

Sample pictures are also included, which gives you the advantage of having more time setting your cookbook design.

If you are into minimalistic designs, this template is for you!

Even the arrangement of texts and elements is clean, avoiding unnecessary clutter.

This means that using this design will give you a more significant chance of connecting with more audience for your cookbook.

Don’t worry if you’re having less content than the others.

Less is more!

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Eye-catching layouts
  • Clear instructions on how to use the template
  • Minimalist design
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2. Modern Cookbook Indesign Template 

indesign cookbook template
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Looking for a presentable yet a little formal template for your cookbook?

Here it is!

This will fit your content.

If you are targeting gourmet cooking styles or techniques, this is the right design for that.

When people search for a recipe, what catches their eyes first is the layout.

A simple, elegant and straightforward lay-out might just do that for you.

One of the bonuses of this template is the free icons.

The page layout includes nine (9) pages with different and pleasing designs.

They will surely satisfy and fit your created content.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Links to free fonts and 16 Cooking Icons included
  • InDesign CS6 Cookbook Template File
  • IDML Cookbook Template File 
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3. Cookbook Magazine New

indesign cookbook template
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In search of a magazine-style cookbook template?

This may work for you!

The rise of online publications mostly from ‘magazine’ markets like Vogue, Forbes, and the like, magazine type of design is very famous in style.

This may bring your picture into life as this template includes styles and designs that make your content in chock-full or crowded.

At present, most people are looking for a comfortable style that may fit their likes and is in the voguish design of type.

Some accessories aid you in filling up more spaces for a more coherent content.

The font and text are also in the form of a magazine-style for a more stylish and trendy look.

Just like the modern style template, this ‘magazine style’ cookbook template also considers professional elegance.

Plenty of slides are available to choose from.

You may be singing with joy!

More slides, more designs, plus more content to produce!

Why not!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 26 Pages cookbook InDesign magazine template
  • US Letter and A4 size
  • CMYK color
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4. Greenery Recipe Book Template | Cookbook template

indesign cookbook template
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This is a simple and greeny template that will move the readers who will perceive the art and the work of your content. 

A recipe book template that is editable and is accessible for PowerPoint, Microsoft, and InDesign.

It is easily customized and free from errors that make your time even more manageable and stress-free in using this template.

This is a floral design that comes with a layout of recipe sheets and easy to customize the template.

The instructions for the template are unambiguous and concise for easy usage and designing of your featured content.

Don’t overthink if you’re worried about how simple it may get! It comes with a few designs to work on.

Planning to have a hard file on this one?

No worries!

This is printable and may be converted to PowerPoint, Microsoft, and InDesign for printing purposes without any errors or delay!

All elements and features of this template are editable and very user-friendly to use as it allows you to work as easy as typing.

Best of all, the fonts are free and are linked to you for editing and designing your content design!

This suits people who are searching for more ‘greeny’ designs or those who are into plant theme design and layout.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pages: 5 pages (Cover page, Table of Contents Page, Dedication, a Recipe page and Section Page)
  • Files included: MS Word Docx file, PowerPoint Pptx file, Indesign INDD, IDML File, How to Edit The template File, and Information File
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
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5. EAT GOOD FOOD Cookbook Template

indesign cookbook template
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This is also a modern template that composes a few styles to pick on and start with for your intended content design.

If you’re thinking of ways adding up more pages, then this template saves you!

It comes with a 40-page InDesign template document and can insert more pages if you want to.

This has a Grid system with guides and margins to look on for a better way of inputting your texts or content.

Design references for this template are provided, so, conveniently, you don’t have to search or consume a lot of time taking pictures for your content.

This template is ideal for travel, lifestyle, photography, cooking, and various other subject matters.

For example, if you are using this template for a cooking event and you’ll need a design for an invitation card, this may help.

Its design options can be edited in whatever you want and maybe reused for the next pages you ought to design.

This template is available in personal, commercial, and extended industrial styles for various purposes and designs. 

If you’re planning to publicize your work, then this design is the best because it works multi-purposely!

The layout and design were vectored, so it’s bright, warm, and pleasing to the eyes as this contains graphics with a modern style.

Pros & Benefits:

  • InDesign User Guide, covering main parts of the document
  • Mock-up pdf for design reference
  • INDT and IDML files
  • Compatible with Adobe InDesign CC and anything as early as CS4
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6. Southern Comfort Cookbook

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If you’re looking for a template that is a ‘restaurant design’ type of look, then give this a try!

You’ll never know you might find this amazing.

As looking through it, the font is very minimal yet convincing and has a light color of texts for an easy way of reading the content.

The arrangements of the pictures are also in good structure, giving way to the texts for better interpretation of images and texts.

Also, the margin and grid design are in the right way of balancing spaces for organizing the layout giving more spotlight to the content.

The darkness and lightness of the color are neutral, wherein it gives tone and adds meaning to the delicious creations you are including.

Unlike the other templates, this layout has the preferences and given styles that have a complementary color scheme. 

This template can be converted if you’re trying to showcase your work to the clients or publish the work online or in bookstores.

This template has an automatic page numbering.

It is a combination of a modern and minimal design that makes your content pop-up giving the clients a good quality of the product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Letter (8.5×11) with bleeds -.Indd file created using InDesign CC and Idml file for InDesign CS4
  • Easily switch out information with your own
  • Help you file with links to free fonts used, and links to all photos used are from
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7. GRILLIST Recipe Ebook Template

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A template that is best designed for grilled recipes, especially if your dishes are all about roasted or grilled delicacies.


Color palettes are available in this template, where you can edit the text’s vibrancy, shades, tones, tints, and hues of the shape whatever you prefer to include.

This has a monochromatic color scheme because of its one-color tint— mostly white and has a bright and some are dark base color for more definition.

There are also tools for the text’s customization, and all font links for this template are included for a better selection that suits your theme.

Provided is the PDF instruction file for this template just in case you run into trouble regarding the template.

Most of the templates don’t have attached files for solving errors or bugs.

The maker of this template is very considerate, given that the file for this design is included.

The template is for personal use only and may not be distributed in any form of transaction, like publishing online or printing for selling. 

A simple design with images to be inserted and plain boxes for texts is only included in the template.

This allows you to modify what design you should put or mix and match in complementing your content. 

A template with a professional touch that significantly affects the overall layout and design of your work.

Are you interested in the template?

Check it out!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 2 InDesign CC files — US Letter & A4
  • 2 .IDML files (for previous versions of InDesign CS6; compatible down to CS4)
  • All the font links included
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8. Gurih 86 Template Bundle

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A chic template and more of like a girly design and for pastel lovers out there! You may check this layout and design!

This has a great combination of color!

Who doesn’t love pink.

This may work for you! 

It consists of bundles with different colors and designs to consider as well as images for complimentary of both text and the picture.

This is great! I mean, this design is scarce/seldom to search on the Internet. Grab this opportunity before it lasts.

It has an analogous color scheme.

This template if perfect for a sweet and feminine type of content.

Do not waste your time searching for other chic and pastel template designs for your cookbook!

This one is definitely for you.

This has free fonts to dive in where you can pick what style you should use and also a free editable logo for your content.

All in all, this template is very organized and is easy to use to work on with your content design for less consumption of time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy edit color through swatch palette (ID) and Color Picker layers (PSD) 
  • Well-ordered layers, easy to edit and customize
  • Compatible with Adobe CS4 or higher on Win OS
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9. Cookbook/Recipe Book V.3

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A professional look and sharp cookbook template for creative businesses or may be used for personal purposes.

This fits on every topic you ought to conceptualize because it has the appeal of colors that provides every detail and images that create a beautiful and colorful ambiance on the subject.

Everything that is included in the template is all editable and can be changed according to your preferred design and layout.

It also has a monochromatic color scheme.

Like the other templates, this also has free font styles and an attached file for instructions if there are any errors to fix.

Provided images in this template are free.

A 32-page document—it is very plenty and convenient because you have the opportunity to pick a design or eliminate pages on whatever you want.

This template also has an automatic page number for a more concise output.

The template is easy to edit like the other templates.

It has more options to consider like its features and graphics—-it ACTUALLY may give you a lot of choices for your content.

Pros & Benefits:

  • INDD FILES (CC 2020 file)
  • IDML FILES (CS 4 / 5 / 6 compatible file)
  • Help file
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10. FOODIES Cookbook & Food Recipe

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This template includes a master page, unlike the other cookbook templates, where you can design the whole page with your preferred layout of the image.

Are you a minimalist yet into colorful templates? Well, this InDesign cookbook template fits you well!

It has a balanced design structure of image and area for text and spaces that are just plain blank only as minimalist design.

Like the other templates, this has an analogous color scheme where one color is dominant, and others are applied and/or included for accent.

Text, color, and objects included in the template are all editable depending on the design and layout that you wanted to portray.

Just like the other InDesign cookbook templates, free fonts are also observed—of course; it is needed for good reading!

It is also for personal, commercial, and extended commercial templates that correspond to various designs of layouts.

The exciting part is you get to design the whole template by yourself! Everything is given and editable, so no worries people!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 40 custom page document
  • Master page 
  • Compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 & higher
Download Now!

Final Thoughts

An InDesign Cookbook Template assists you to give a winning layout for your recipes.

The design, like its color scheme, makes the whole layout and content enticing.

A comely design is essential when building a brand.

We all know that a poorly designed layout might backfire to your product.

On the other hand, a good design will set you apart from your competition and help you get more site visits, downloads or likes.

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