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infographic template for canva

10 Best Infographic Templates for Canva (Free & Premium Options)

You can bring your work to life with the use of an infographic template for Canva.

Content marketers know just how valuable infographics can be.

Infographics are their communication toolbox to attract new visitors and capture plenty of leads.

Well-designed infographics are a great way to communicate ideas quickly and clearly.

It can also attract potential customers.

Since they typically pack so much information into a relatively small space, infographics can be challenging to create from scratch for a beginner.

Luckily, lots of businesses and designers have discovered that there are thousands of templates available online.

Those templates will help you put together a professional-looking infographic in mere minutes, even if you have fundamental design skills.

However, with several options, it might seem a tedious task wading through that many templates yourself.

Here are the top 10 infographic templates for Canva to make your infographics pop.

These are paid and free versions to give you ample choices.

1. SparrowAndSnow Charts and Graphs Social Kit with Canva Template

infographic template canva
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Build visually stunning and engaging infographics with this fully-loaded variety pack.

It comes with templated elements like charts, graphs, quotes, diagrams, and more. 

This is Ideal for marketers, designers, and creators of all sorts.

This digital download kit has a soft, pastel color palette ranging from yellows to blues.

Moreover, it uses appealing illustrative elements that are sure to keep the interest of your audience. 

With a variety of custom layouts to choose from already built into the assets, you’ll be able to create your infographic in no time. 

Catch your reader’s eye with the exciting and original ‘Tate’ font included in the pack or simply switch it out for your own brand’s font.

Get ready to take your marketing content to the next level!

Create infographics that are ready to convert leads and pump up your download numbers.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Over 40 charts and graphs, 10 notification templates, 10 quotes, and prompts, along with fun diagrams, arrows, and bubbles, are included in this variety pack.
  • Completely customizable colors, typography, and shapes that work with Canva as well as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • You can be sure to include enough white space in your infographics as you can stretch, enlarge or reduce the vectorial elements to fit your infographic’s spacing needs.
  • There is a video tutorial included for the PSD elements file for all sorts of editing possibilities.
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2. Eviorystudio Canva Infographic Template

infographic template canva
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With two-color palettes-in-one are included with this kit from eviorystudio.

Moreover, the templates will have you visualizing your data and numbers in sleek, crisp graphics that create a dramatic look.

The bold palette incorporates bright pinks and oranges.

Besides, the neutral option has some earthy shades of browns and olive greens to play with.

The kit has several templates, including pie charts, timelines, and comparison charts.

The templates will help you convey your information in a truly unique and eye-catching way.

Simplistic in its design and functionality, this kit is built for even the most basic.

Users and beginners will have no trouble creating infographics.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It has 244 templates with editable text, fonts, shapes, images, illustrations, and many more.
  • Files are fully layered and well-organized to help you save valuable time in the Canva platform.
  • It is free for personal and commercial use giving you free rein for publishing your infographic on your blog or social media channels or for your business needs.
  • All assets are exclusively made and drawn by the artist, so you can be sure your infographic will be truly one-of-a-kind.
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3. GraphicsLoungeStudio Infographic Canva Template

infographic template canva
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This pale pink template set has a real beautiful simplicity to its styling.

It is ideal for content creators, designers, or marketers who are all about lead generation. 

This highly editable kit for Canva comes with charts, graphs, diagrams, and even checklists and maps.

With these, you can communicate your ideas concisely and engagingly to your audience.

Create striking mood boards with drag and drop functionality to give your imagery layouts more personality and a balanced color palette.

It come with straightforward instructions from the moment of purchase.

But also, it will have you creating stunning infographics in minutes with this highly-customizable media kit.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • There are 26 ready-to-edit charts, graphs, and bar diagrams for Canva in this variety template pack.
  • You can customize all files with color changes, text, and font edits if you’re looking to create an aesthetic look.
  • Instant PDF download to take to Canva for editing and easy publishing and with no additional editing software required.
  • Editing is recommended for the web version of Canva, note the mobile app is not best for editing on the platform.
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4. The Biggest Infographics Bundle

infographic template canva
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Jam-packed with hundreds of infographic elements, this bundle is bursting with ideas for sharing your data and brand stories creatively.

These templates are perfect for corporate presentations.

This kit comes with fully-animated slides that help bring your infographics to life.

The templates are extremely easy to edit in Canva as well as Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

This set has every infographic element imaginable from abstract layouts to puzzles to create long-form infographics for inclusion in your business plans or strategy presentations to animate and make them sizzle.

Think outside-the-box from standard graphs and charts to create real artistic masterpieces that tell your story in such a fun and innovative way.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This kit comes with drag-and-drop features so that you can add your image in 1 click to the pre-made image placeholders.
  • All vector files are layered, so you can work efficiently with them in the Canva platform and make edits directly to the elements themselves.
  • This kit includes access to a comprehensive collection of artistic pieces that have free updates monthly to keep your content fresh.
  • It also included its access to 400+ photo slides and 500+ mockup bundles.
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5. StudioLoire 20 Infographics Templates for Canva

infographic template canva
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A subtle, muted color palette gives this template kit a sophisticated look for creating a dazzling infographic.

It is designed for the social media-minded marketer.

This kit has 20 templates to create beautiful infographics with whimsical flows, graphs, and charts.

Its unique layout templates included in this kit can spark new content ideas.

The templates are already square-sized for easy posting on both Instagram and Facebook.

Create one-of-a-kind designs that meet your brand standards by changing any fonts, colors, or illustrations with native Canva illustrations.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Included in this kit are 20 templates with free fonts for either personal or commercial use included.
  • Make your infographics memorable with the high resolution images included at 1200px x 1200px.
  • Fully editable, movable, and customizable text, fonts, illustrations, and colors mean you can conform to any business’s brand standards.
  • Its easy-to-use instructions and a Mini Canva Elements Library Tutorial will have you designing your infographic in Canva within seconds of downloading the template files.
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6. ThirtyOnePalmsStudio Infographic Template for Canva

infographic template canva
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It’s hard to stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape.

However, with these infographic templates from ThirtyOnePalmsStudio, you’ll be sure to capture attention and stop your audience from scrolling past.

These elements inspire action.

It makes them perfect for creating those lead-generation infographics or those with demand-driven calls to action.

A uniquely distinct color palette in eucalyptus green gives this element kit a rich and memorable look.

Moreover, you can also change all colors to meet your own branding style.

Choose from share-worthy templates and elements like stats, quotes, and promo graphics to breathe new life into your business’s marketing activities and up your content game.

Create infographics that look professionally curated and drive more engagement with your brand using these 30 square post templates.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Fonts included with the templates are free for commercial and personal use on your blog or for company marketing activities.
  • A step-by-step PDF instruction sheet and a video tutorial are included in this set for getting started right away.
  • Templates include a curated collection of stock images available for you to download and use in other projects.
  • It includes bonus resources for running your online business on how to grow your brand.
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7. Doodle Infographics Template

infographic template canva
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This kit from Abert has super fun, hand-drawn doodle illustrations that will give your infographic a visual boost.

Are you looking for new ways to breathe life into your business presentations?

Insert these doodle animations to convey your more complex ideas visually as opposed to slides filled with text.

Simplicity is the main attribute of these doodle graphics.

It will help grab the masses’ attention while also telling your story in a fun and interactive way.

Cut through the noise and help your message stand out on social media or in your marketing presentation.

Use these doodle templates to create infographics that will make the content easier on the eye.

The elements of this kit suit the Canva platform for quick and easy editing.

Moreover, you can also take these templates into the Adobe suite of tools.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • All slides are fully animated, with a dark version included in this set.
  • The vectored elements are all labeled and grouped for easy editing once inside the Canva platform.
  • Fully compatible with PowerPoint to create presentations that will have your audience sit up and take note.
  • The kit’s templates come with two free fonts from FontSquirrel: Architect’s Daughter and Amatic Bold.
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8. PSD-Templates Canva Infographic Instagram Template

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Become a social media show-stopper with this complete set of Instagram-ready infographics.

Your new timeline complete with amazing infographics, awaits using this bundle of 96 different templates.

Perfect for showcasing your brand in visually surprising ways!

This set uses a mixture of natural elements with muted color tones to create appealing infographics.

This comprehensive kit has lots of templates to choose from.

These include iconography, checklists, and a unique set of aesthetically-pleasing charts and graphs to focus on your infographic storytelling elements instead of the numbers.

Create stylized mood boards and with the included imagery in the template kit and gain access to a variety of stock photos.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It has 96 templates in total curated for Instagram use.
  • A mix of handwritten and stylized fonts are free for personal and commercial use.
  • Layered and organized files combined with drag and drop functionality make this set extremely user-friendly.
  • It is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • This kit comes with a complete range of file types available, including PNG, PDF, PSD, and AI.
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9. Black and Green Art of City Structure Infographic template

Download Now!

Having access to free infographic elements can be the best route to go if you’re looking to build a simple, traditional infographic.

Luckily, Canva themselves even offer some great templates free of charge!

This striking dark infographic is perfect for businesses or marketers.

It is perfect for those who need to weave numbers into their story but still have lots of text to display.

This layout lets you play around with text up top to set the stage for the later inclusion of a timeline and charts with iconography to see where the story takes you.

At 800 x 2000 px, this infographic gives you plenty of space to edit and move elements around to fit your needs.

It is perfect for building infographics for presentations.

Canva allows you simply carry the theme over to create matching elements for a consistent look and feel.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • In Canva, you can simply add pages to this existing template to continue in the same theme, adding custom elements like more charts and graphs or images to the infographic as you go.
  • The dark color palette gives this infographic an authoritative look, perfect for incorporating data, facts, and figures.
  • League Spartan font is clean and crisp against the black and grey background of the infographic template.
  • Switch out the provided image and graphics to make something more custom for your infographic story.
Download Now!

10. Graphic Design Trends 2021 Infographic Template

Download Now!

A graphic designer’s dream is this free template from Venngage.

It uses bold and vibrant color choices along with fun, quirky fonts sprinkled in with unique iconography and shapes to tie it all together.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed creating an infographic yourself, sometimes a free template is a great option to start with as you will still get access to a professionally-designed template.

This particular template is already an artistic masterpiece.

Play up the vintage look and feel of this template to grab people’s attention.

Next, you can choose images and graphics from the gallery to pull your desired look together for a real show-stopper.

This template is one-hundred percent editable.

So, you can play with the shapes, images, and colors to make this infographic work for you.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • A massive variety of bold color palettes in the editor tool gives you many opportunities to try new designs.
  • Full image gallery to choose from to make changes to the existing layout for a custom final piece.
  • The Venngage gallery also comes with access to shapes of all sizes and colors to add to your infographic.
  • The simple interface allows you to make changes and edits to your infographic with a single click.
Download Now!

Final Thoughts 

Consider a few things before selecting your infographic template for Canva. 

First, map out the story you’re trying to tell or what you want your brand to look and feel like.

This will help you set down the right path for choosing a template that doesn’t feel disjointed from your other content or website.

Then, think about what exciting elements you can add to the piece to make it your own.

Things like colors and fonts are usually set in stone for bigger brands.

Still, other visual elements like photography, iconography, and shapes can play a big role in bringing your infographic to the next level.

Don’t forget about using space and contrast just as you would in other design pieces.

Of course, you don’t want your infographic to look cluttered.

Your infographic should still be legible and appealing to look at.

Finally, have fun with it!

Marketers love injecting a little fun into their brands, and infographics are meant to do just that.

Creating something remarkable for your content is fun and exciting,

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