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10 Best Infographic Video Maker Software Options

Infographic video maker software is a must for any digital marketer these days.

As video marketing takes over and gets viewers more engaged and attracted to the item on offer.

There are multiple software applications out there that can help you achieve this within a few hours with or without design skills.

Some of the most influential marketing is done through video, and that is why I am compiling this list for you today.

When creating your infographic, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

These things will put you ahead of your competition and allow you to thrive in your video creation.

The first thing is to outline your goals and what you want to achieve by creating this infographic.

Second, put together a super awesome video to display to your potential clients.

The third step is to get your video out in the market.

Share it on social media to get the message across to all your new and existing clients.

Doing this and creating an infographic will help you along your journey to your new business’ success.

The software these days has advanced at an exponential rate.

There are plenty of options out there that can satisfy even the most veteran designers’ needs.

The free-to-paid options are nearly endless.

So finding something that works for you is a breeze.

Below is my list of the ten best infographic video maker software. 

There is sure to be one that suits your taste.

Let’s get started and review these software packages to entice your audience and get them to buy your latest product.

1. Visme

This intuitive platform allows anyone to get started in the design world.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you can find something on this fantastic platform for you.

The system is straightforward to use, which you will see from the first time you sign up and log in. 

There will be a blank display that offers a drag and drop option to start your design work.

There are some lovely free templates to use.

However, moving over to premium is guaranteed to get your blood racing.

With some excited and very eye-catching templates, these will get you on the way to creating a compelling infographic.

The large selection of tools will allow you to customize your templates how you like.

It will give away to a much crisper and refined video that will deliver your message perfectly.

Visme is an excellent software package to use because not only are the free templates great, but the premium version is well worth the money for all the options you receive.

Coming in at around $19 a month, this infographic video maker software can create a video within 30 mins.

A noteworthy feature of this software package is that you can include links to websites in your animations, pictures, or video.

Giving Visme a try will not disappoint you.

And what’s great is that there are so many free templates to get you started and see if you like the platform.

2. Venngage

This platform is superb for students. 

It’s free for students.

However, for everyone else, you need to pay.

As for students, you have to prove that you have a University email address.

You can claim Venngage for free till you are done with your studies.

The premium version starts at around $19 for a single user and moves up to $50 for businesses. 

Non-profit entities get an amazing 50% discount.

There are also packages for education plans.

Venngage is quite similar to Canva and includes what they call “widgets” to help you create epic video infographics.

Using this platform will benefit you.

It will help you and your business grow by giving you the tools to create an eye-catching video bound to cause a stir.

Thirty minutes is the time it takes to create an engaging video on this platform and what makes them just so unique is their community.

They have an almost daily updated list of ideas to inspire and uplift designers. 

They genuinely care about their community, which shows that.

Take your first steps if you are a student and sign up to Venngage so that you can take your design work and video creation to the moon and beyond.

3. Biteable

This is the perfect application for someone that wants to create video-based infographics that are easy to make.

Moreover, the free version is just superb, giving you the ability to get the job done right.

Using it for some social media marketing is a great way to take advantage of this fantastic software.

Although there is a slight downside: it doesn’t save the square format video for Instagram.

You can indeed look past that thought to all the other features that it offers.

It also comes in at a reasonable price for what you will receive.

It allows even beginners in the video editing industry to try their hand at creating short films or marketing material.

It’s an excellent tool for creating “how-to” videos.

There is a massive selection of animations, pictures, text, and various other tools that can be used in creating the best ad for your company’s Facebook campaign.

Make sure your PC is reasonably equipped with high specs.

With a decent internet speed connection, you will be able to use Biteable flawlessly.

All of its editing features do manage to use quite a lot of resources.

So staying ahead of the game in that department will help you produce some of the best quality videos you have ever seen.

4. Animaker

Designed with the more intermediate users in mind, this fantastic software package will help you to create animation infographics just like the pros.

No need to hire a designer, as with some practice, you can master this application.

Moreover, you can produce some quality animated infographics in just 45 minutes.

Just pick the perfect template for you, and away you go to creating your digital masterpiece.

The free version offers quite a few options to get you started.

But once you have upgraded to the premium version, you will truly see the real benefits of this software.

Ensure the flash player is installed to manage all your work seamlessly, and there are no compatibility issues.

Animaker stands out from the crowd because it is one of the only free only animation programs.

It also has a great system once you get over the short learning curve.

Creating animations has never been easier.

This you will genuinely notice as you get more used to the software application.

Use the foundation of an infographic to create animations that will deliver the message.

It will help you inform all your customers about the latest promotion that you have going on.

Animaker is an excellent tool for free or premium users, coming in at only $19 for premium. 

This is well worth your money and will put you in the right direction to develop your animated infographics.

5. Lumen5

This software tool package is a must for any business or social media page that takes content marketing seriously.

It is a large selection of features that make this application shine in the video creation field. 

Trusted by marketers around the world, you surely can’t go wrong with this great package.

The free version offers you five video downloads a month. 

Simultaneously, the premium alternative gives you unlimited and some added features to help give your video content an edge above the competition.

They have outstanding after-sales and support service where you can get hold of them via email with your problem.

They will assist within record time.

The cloud-based software also offers training, live help, and webinars.

These offers will get you up to date with the latest trends and tools to help you create the best video content ever.

You can create a video within 30 mins max and make sure your internet connection is stable.

You can download your video within seconds.

Use Lumen to stand out from the crowd and deliver perfectly crafted videos that will display your infographic just the way you want it.

6. Promo

Another excellent cloud-based software that has won the hearts of many is this epic application called Promo.

Trusted by millions worldwide, you will not go wrong while creating some of the best video content out there.

Their unmatched customer support is noteworthy.

They will help you with whatever you need and more.

There are both free and premium options.

Both are providing all the tools to customize or modify your video to your exact specifications.

It’s an entirely user-friendly interface that will get more followers to your social media page and attract the attention you hope to catch.

Using Promo will undoubtedly help to deliver a message that is catchy, bright, and informative.

This is one of our favorite applications because of the simplistic style and the intuitive design that makes learning very easy.

All in all, this is one powerhouse software that will keep you engaged in the creation process and produce some high-quality videos.

7. Moovly

Launched in 2012 in Belgium, this software has been making waves for years and will most definitely be here for a long time to come.

The cloud-based video creation platform makes it super easy for users to create animations, videos, short films, etc., with ease and maximum customization.

The customer service and support are worth noting.

They will assist you with the design process if you are stuck.

The ease of use is simplistic and minimal, giving you multiple options to create the best infographic video content that you can.

Getting the premium version will remove the watermark that they provide.

Moreover, they’ll give you up to 50 video downloads per month, which should keep most content creators happy.

Learning how to use the system is easy.

There are many resources on their websites, such as documentation, live help, and step-by-step videos.

Getting to know and love this software is easy.

It will keep you and your audience engaged and informed.

Choose Moovly to get the best from your video marketing campaign and watch your social media presence grow.

8. InVideo

InVideo is a premium video infographic creation service aimed at digital marketers and content creators worldwide.

There is a free version and a free trial available to see if you like the software.

And if you would like to sign up for the premium version, it only costs $20 monthly.

This software is well worth it.

You can create a fantastic infographic video within 30 minutes.

You have the option of using this software through the cloud or downloading the Install File to install on either your MAC or PC.

Moreover, their customer service is incredible.

They respond to you within minutes of your query, keeping you ahead of the game.

Video content creation has never been as easy as this.

The small investment in the premium version will provide you with all the extra tools you need to create the ultimate video infographic content.

With over 4000 templates to choose from, you cannot go wrong with this fantastic software that will knock your socks off with all the features that it has.

9. Adobe Spark

Making 30-second infographic videos have never been more accessible and have never looked as professional as you can make it.

This cloud-based software is the perfect choice for new video content creators to try their hand at the best software out there.

There is a premium option which I would highly recommend as the extra feature will surely come in handy as you create the best infographic content for your audience.

The intuitive interface makes sure that there is no learning curve and gets you going quickly and effectively, creating the best video content possible.

It also comes with desktop and MAC versions should you not wish to use the cloud-based software.

All in all, getting this application will set you up for success and help you to deliver the perfect message to your audience.

What’s fantastic about this software is that you don’t need to sign up for the same subscription service to use Photoshop. 

This is a stand-alone software for video content creators.

Head over to the link above to see how this incredible application can benefit you and your business.

10. Canva

Canva is one of the most well-known design applications out there.

It has won the world over with its ease of use, the vast range of templates and features you can use to create excellent content.

Both free and premium versions deliver a lot of value.

They make it easy for even a novice user to get started using the software.

They have excellent customer support.

There are plenty of tutorials and guides online to help you make quality video infographic content that will stun your audience and bring the message across effectively.

This is one of the best applications out there.

All you need to do is select the perfect template for you, and away you go.

Glancing through the tools is simple, and the intuitive system makes designing your infographic extremely easy and efficient.

Let Canva bring out the creative video maker inside you and win the world over by creating the masterpiece of video content you have always wanted to make.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the task is that you need to complete, one of the above software applications will get it done for you.

When you need to create an infographic video that answers your audience’s questions, you need to look no further than the ten best infographic video-making software.

By going for the premium versions, you will set yourself up for success and produce a higher-quality video that can be shared across all social media platforms.

Choosing what your goal is behind your video creation will put you ahead of the game, as creating a video is a perfect way to deliver whatever message it is that you have.

The next step is to head over to your application of choice and start creating the best version of your infographic video content that you can.

We hope you enjoyed our ten best infographic video maker software and hope that the information above can help you make an informed decision on which one to use.

All the options are excellent.

You will not be disappointed with either the free or premium version that offers vast selections of templates and tons of customizing and editing tools.

Happy creating!

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