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Chat-GPT Conversations You Won’t Believe are Real

Chat-GPT Conversations You Won’t Believe are Real

These interesting ChatGPT results will change your mind about this tool!

ChatGPT’s Letter to a Child about Santa Claus

A woman asked chatGPT to write a letter to her child explaining that Santa isn’t real.

“Dear Emil, I hope this letter finds you well.

I’m writing to let you know that I am not a real person but a character that your parents have told you stories about, out of love.

interesting chatgpt results

Remember to always believe in the magic of love and kindness.

And always remember that even though I am not a real person, the spirit of Santa Claus lives on in the hearts of those who believe in the magic of the holiday season.”

The empathy in this letter is astounding.

The tact and gentleness with which he revealed the truth to the young child was done in a much better way than most parents would have done so by themselves.

The prompt given to get this response was to ‘write a letter to my six-year-old from Santa Claus explaining that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, and we tell this story out of love.’

ChatGPT’s Sexist Views

You may find that chatGPT on the surface refrains from making ill-advised biases or discrimination against certain genders or races.

If you entered what is the problem with the white man it will tell you that it’s not appropriate to make generalizations or stereotypes about any racial or ethnic group.

It’s interesting that you put this in and it also names the chat ‘Avoiding Racial Stereotypes.’

Very clever.

But one user asked ChatGPT to write a python function to check if someone would be a good scientist based on a JSON description of their race and gender.

And it said, “If the race is white and the gender is male it is a good scientist.”

And that is appalling because just beneath the surface are some masked biases lurking.

It’s only portraying on the surface to be indifferent.

Below it is being evil.

ChatGPT’s Hallucinations

Next up why not go tripping with chatGPT?

Take it on a hallucinogenic adventure.

You can entice chatGPT to create a virtual hallucinated chat room.

And invite the ghosts of whoever you would like to have a conversation with into the chat.

interesting chatgpt results

ChatGPT Life Coaching

You can also ask ChatGPT to be your life coach.

ChatGPT can be coaxed into giving you helpful, useful, and insightful feedback on your personal and career situations.

You can use it like a therapist or a counselor.

And it does a lot better than a lot of the life coaches that you’re going to find in this world.

Final Thoughts

The potentials for ChatGPT are far-reaching.

And it’s going to fundamentally change every single industry on the planet.

It’s difficult to overstate how important this technological revolution is.

And I hope some of these chats have given you a little insight into the possibilities of this new remarkable piece of machine.

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Thank you for watching.

I sincerely appreciate you being here.

Let me know what interesting chats you’ve had with Mr. GPT in the comments below.

Much love.

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