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10 Best Canva Invoice Templates, Free and Paid

If you are a business owner, an invoice template for Canva could be your best ally in accomplishing your day-to-day operations.

They add a bit of aesthetic value to your business paperwork.

Canva templates are pleasing to the eye, and they come in various formats and designs.

Prices range from low to high, no matter what your budget is.

Modern technology has led people to prefer graphic designs, and this Canva provides just that.  

In many cases, the secret to success is uniqueness, and Canva invoices are just the thing.

No doubt, these colorful choices for invoice template for Canva will add flavor to your business.

1. Delightful Design Minimal Invoice For Canva

invoice template canva

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First impressions last.

And this template can surely make those impressions the best too.

It boasts of a minimalist design, no-frills, just the essential.

Its quiet voice speaks of professionalism and subtle elegance.

Your clients will surely appreciate that the critical items in an invoice are easy to find.

They will not waste precious time going through the non-essentials.

In this way, you also get paid quickly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Works with other popular software
  • Lifetime updates included
  • Goes with one-to-one support

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2. Business Invoice Services or Order Form Printable

invoice template canva

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This colorful invoice is our favorite.

It’s a beautifully designed Berry template by Sunflower Creations is our favorite as it is pleasing to the eye. 

Sunflower Creations is an interior design company out of Philadelphia. 

They do not only design home furnishings but handcrafted items as well.  

The eye-catching invoice shown above makes one feel like sitting in a garden relaxing with a glass of wine while managing their business. 

Then after you fill in the blanks, print it out, and mail it.

Rest assured that your customers will be satisfied. 

The template may even tempt them to go out and buy a plant for their desk or cause them to dream of beautiful sunflowers growing in their backyard.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple colors 
  • Editable
  • 2 file types

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3. Invoice Template Canva- Printable Invoice Custom Order Forms 

invoice template canva

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This template by Deni has everything you might want in an invoice.

It comes in various colors and is compatible with PDF and ping extensions. 

Using your favorite font size and multiple color palette will leave a lasting impression on your clients, and gain their loyalty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Six exciting colors
  • Less expensive
  • Editable billing format

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4. Modern Invoice Template Canva With Wood Grain Accent

invoice template canva

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This harvest moon press template displays a quaint scene reminiscent of a beautiful spring day.

The woodgrain with the green plants offset with a cloudy sky will make your workday more enjoyable.

Your customers will surely love this design.

Above the panel is a blue, cloudy sky which balances the art and makes it a lovely portrait. 

Harvest Moon chooses designs and graphic elements from the most creative designers worldwide, and this is a classic example. 

The wood panel not only serves as a border, but also a tree in the garden.

You can surmise that the garden is an actual workplace with some imagination. 

Get hints of Springtime in your office and theirs. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modern springtime flavor
  • Format offset by woodgrain tint
  • Straightforward billing info 

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5. Editable CANVA Business Template Bundle Customizable Order

invoice template canva

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This eye-catching Canva template comes bundled to make your work more creatively. 

You might use a quote from your favorite poet or writer or create a quote of your own. 

This bundled template comes with three items: an invoice, a reorder form, and a template that will allow you to quote your favorite poet or even make up your quote. 

So if you have ever desired to walk in the footsteps of Emily Dickinson, now is your chance to write that famous quote or poem. 

With this template, you can format your favorite fonts and colors. 

Our artists hope that you and your clients will be pleased with their creations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Space for creative quote
  • Includes an order form
  • Editable for fonts, designs, & colors

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6. Invoice Template Editable Invoice Template Invoice Pdf

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You can customize the colors and fonts of this low-cost and straightforward template by Formlay Company.

You can use unique icons and your favorite colors, and the best thing is that you will not have to struggle to shift between Google and Microsoft Word as this template is compatible with both. 

It can also be easily formatted to fit into your favorite notebook as work at home, in a coffee house, or on a business trip. 

Often, it is healthy to get out of the home or office.

As you stroll down the street with your notebook loaded with invoices, you can relax and dream about the potential earnings you are about to write up. 

There were times when small business owners were satisfied with just making enough money to pay the bills and to put food on the table. 

But the cost of living these days is causing everyone to worry. 

That’s why you need to take pride in your business by choosing and formatting unique designs that will catch the eye of your customers, making them want to buy more and more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple colors
  • Bonus icon pack
  • Google docs & word format

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7. Blogger Invoice Template Blogger Instagram Influencer

invoice template canva

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This simple one-page invoice by Gold Studio Designs is ideal for creative influencers, including bloggers, freelancers, Instagram, and Facebook.

The templates are editable and downloadable. 

Using a one-page invoice for your blogging needs will save your business time and money and will be less burdensome on you as well as your followers. 

Besides, with the amount of paper we have come to us through the mail, who needs more, right? 

And come to think of it, the environmental tree huggers will be pleased that you are lessening your carbon imprint on our beautiful planet. 

One might suppose that digital download and email would suffice.

But with the numerous emails we receive in our daily lives.

It just might be better to use the mail so that the emails and other business letters don’t get lost in the void. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Editable
  • Comes in many colors
  • Digital Download

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8. 100 – New Invoice – Invoice Home

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Invoice Home offers 100 free downloadable invoices. 

This plaid red is only one example of the many exciting invoices. 

This plaid design invites joy wearing a plaid shirt on a fantastic fall evening. 

With all the colors and designs to choose from, your invoice will stand out among an array of drabness. 

This is important because in our daily lives and society in general, a certain sameness exists, and individuality and creativity are going out the window. 

Who among us these days does not dream of a 57 Chevy or a 68 Camaro instead of the matchbox cars that we have now?

Many of us lament the loss of beautiful handwritten letters which go further in our history. 

Yes, progress has brought us the computer.

The laptop and letter writing have been thrown away. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100 templates to choose from
  • Multiple colors
  • Unique logo designs

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9. Minimal Services and Pricing Guide Template Client Welcome

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Millennial Designers’ popular templates package includes several items generally not found when purchasing invoice templates. 

Minimal services refer to performance standards and the level of service to be provided to the customer, and this guide offers guidance in that area. 

The Services and Pricing Guide is designed to help in the day-to-day operations or acquiring new clients, and customers are providing positive reviews for this helpful guide.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Welcome packet
  • New client forms
  • Business planner
  • Marketing advice 

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10. Invoice Template Canva and Photoshop Invoice, Photography Invoice

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This picturesque template is perfect for photographers who wish to highlight their business using Photoshop.

Your invoice will stand out from the standard versions with a unique headline picture of your choosing. 

When walking through the framing aisle in a department store, have you ever noticed how the pictures jump out at you from the frame? 

Well, this is the visual sense that your clients will feel when they open the invoice envelope.

Pictures capture life as it was and as it is, so in that regard, you can use photographs to traverse forward or backward in time, making memorable and pleasurable thoughts in the minds of your clients.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to add photos
  • Photography design
  • Receipt template 

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The ten templates listed above are the best ones on the market.

But that’s not to say there are no other good ones out there. 

Many companies allow you to download and create your templates, but not all of them choose the best artists, but all in all, it may be a matter of cost. 

Some small businesses may not have the cash flow to hire talented artists.

Therefore, they buy or create simple templates which are essential or generic.

Others may desire unique, handcrafted templates which cost a bit more but are more pleasing to the eye. 

Times have changed since my grandfather, in his corner grocery store, used a pencil and a notebook to keep track of those who paid and those who didn’t.

Modern Era

And while this may have been appropriate for a butcher from Transylvania, it is, in fact, not fitting in these modern times since businesses have grown bigger.

This means that they are dealing with a more significant number of customers.

This may require downloadable invoice templates in more significant numbers, which might, in turn, require the use of a printer, the purchasing of paper, and the dreadful thought of buying expensive ink. 

But that’s the price we pay for progress.

It’s a far cry from the Middle Ages when Monks patiently transcribed everything from books, poems, invoices, diaries, and even death certificates and eulogies. 

And afterword in the eighteenth century, Czars and Kings did not even keep books but dealt in cash, that is until the moneylenders and banks came into play.

So we see that the history of bookkeeping has progressed from no books to invoices, accountants, and all varieties of bookkeepers from small business operations to large corporations, and we begin to appreciate progress after all.

How could we live today without computers, laptops, iPhones, and printers? 

Some of us might welcome the thought of going back to an earlier time.

But others, those who would walk out of a black and white movie, would be upset at the possible threat to their hectic lives and the loss of their beloved technology.

But on the other hand, perhaps their businesses have become too large for a pencil and a notebook. 

Therefore they need accountants who will use beautiful digital templates crafted by skilled artists, or perhaps they will have an in-house artist or even take a stab at design themselves.

Age of Technology

In any case, the world of technology has been forced upon us.

We are forced to live in this technological age. 

If small businesses do not accept the Age of Silicon Valley, which has come upon us, they will not compete against the more giant corporations and be swallowed up. 

Therefore digital invoices and marketing are necessary components of everyday business life. 

Dream as we may of a simpler time, we must face the fact that someday we may have robot assistants doing the books in our offices. 

How we handle these changes could mean the difference between success and failure.

A glimpse of this failure can be seen on television programs that critique the inner workings of restaurants that are facing hardship. 

Besides the obvious issues of cleanliness and service are overhead costs, a few of which may be mitigated by using a simple, one-page, colorfully adorned business invoice like the ones listed above. 

This visual aspect of bookkeeping might make a supplier think twice about contracting with a more significant business to sell ten pallets of Gatorade instead of the two they usually supply you with. 

A minor change, even something as simple as a handcrafted, beautifully designed business invoice from a company like Canva, which takes pride in its work, might make the difference.

These are the minute details small business owners need to think about to keep their business competitive in this hectic and technologically advanced society in which we live.

Final Thoughts

Having said all this, we hope that this list of options for invoice template Canva will please both business owners and clients and lead to successful business entrepreneurship for all those who provide us with goods and services. 

Entrepreneurship has been the heartbeat of America for centuries, and we have all enjoyed the benefits of it.

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