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junior ui designer job description

5 Examples of a Junior UI Designer Job Description

Search no more, for we are listing five examples of Junior UI designer job description.

These examples should help those looking for the best UI designers around.

Furthermore, they will also help those completing their resumes as a Junior UI designer.

User Interface Design is a widespread and growing field in the tech world.

Job postings and listings can be tough to weed through.

You can apply to a company that stands out to get you the best job.

As an employer, you want to make your posting stand out to get you the best applicants.

Here are five examples of Junior UI designer job description.

1. Generic Junior UI Designer Job Description

This first example is a good overall description.

It gives you all the primary job duties, why this job may be right for you, and examples of other projects you may work on.

As a Junior UI Product Designer, you will craft user interfaces and experiences for our features and help shape parts of the product and the Design and Product’s future.

  • Produce the product design process for many features
  • Keep our Sketch files up to date and organized.
  • Design consumer-friendly UI solutions to the blockchain, payment, and banking, and investment technologies.
  • Perform research to understand the client’s needs
  • Work closely with leads and engineers to develop solutions that are the best fit for the team’s problems.
  • Execute and expand on micro-interactions and interactive prototypes.
  • Maintain design components to drive consistency and reusability throughout the app.
  • Learn about design trends and concepts to improve the design process and culture

This role may be proper for you if you think about:

  • Making a difference in the world through intuitive UI design solutions.
  • Designing and delivering many products as an individual contributor.
  • Sketch UI Libraries and symbols and geek out over design systems and patterns.
  • Simplifying the way people send and receive money
  • Designing a mobile banking app, you would leave your current bank for continuous personal and professional growth and learning.
  • Working for a company with competitive compensation packages, comprehensive benefits, including 100% paid medical insurance coverage for you, your partner, and your dependents.
  • Unlimited vacation policy for you to take the time you need to be the best at your job.

You may work on:

  • Dashboard information design
  • Crypto exchange UI
  • In-App solutions
  • Web product solutions
  • Mobile banking UI
  • Internal tools

2. Company-Oriented Junior UI Designer Job Description

This description gives you a little more in-depth intro into the company and the role before going into specifics.

Also, it lists the qualification requirements.

The company comprises experienced and motivated veterans of the technology, design, and finance industries. We are building crypto-trading products while having fun along the way. Please help us continue to define and lead this exciting industry.

We need a:

  •  Creative and motivated self-starter with attention to detail and an eye for beautiful, clean user interfaces
  •  Junior UX/UI designer to support the design team 

From fleshing out flow diagrams from existing wireframes, creating mood boards, polishing high fidelity mock-ups and static prototypes, and answering questions for development teams implementing designs into front-end code.

You should consider the user experience first and are excited to join design critiques to discuss Gestalt design principles and typography, guided by best practices and data from usability tests and site metrics.

Moreover, you will collaborate with the very best engineers, designers, business leaders, partners, and customers in the industry.

In addition, you will take a supporting role in exploring the design implications of new app features while applying best practices throughout the product.

We offer amazing perks, remote work, stock incentives, flexible hours, and an open PTO policy.

Our goal is to make this a fantastic place to work.


  • Follow creative direction to flesh out wireframes and create mood boards, visual design concepts, and mock-ups of intuitive user experiences
  • Prototype designs to connect and optimize user flows
  • Collaborate with other designers to deliver end-to-end product experiences
  • Work on desktop versions of existing mobile structures, or vice versa–create a mobile-first version solution based on desktop designs
  • Speed up workflows for other designers and developers using efficient tools and processes
  • Translate layouts using reusable components within a Figma design system
  • Communicate efficiently with co-workers and cross-functional teams throughout the design process


  • Two years or more of product design experience or relevant undergrad degree in Design or HCI
  • Strong portfolio of the latest relevant work
  • Understanding Gestalt design principles, ability to recognize design challenges and plan a variety of creative problem-solving solutions
  • Sensitivity to composition, negative space, and typography
  • Knowledge of user-centered design and UX principles
  • Creation of user interface across screen resolutions
  • Experience with component-based design systems
  • Ability to receive criticism to improve the result
  • Interest in designing for finance, charting, trading, or data-dense applications
  • Understanding of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency
  • You want to make the best trading platform possible

3. Specific Junior UI Designer Job Description with Job Perks

This one is more to the point.

It describes the duties of a Junior UI Designer, the essential job functions, and qualification requirements.

Also, this job mentions the perks you could receive.

This is always good to mention because it draws in applicants.

The Junior UI Designer collaborates with fellow team members and is involved in every step of the design process, translating product management requirements into design choices, reviewing low-fidelity wireframes, developing mood boards, making high-fidelity mock-ups and interactive prototypes, showing designs to stakeholders, producing design assets including iconography, photography, and illustration while communicating with developers to ensure design specs are followed and adhered to.

Essential Functions

  • Conceptualize and design high-quality, pixel-perfect mock-ups and prototypes that align with specific business and client needs while meeting deadlines.
  • Create UI comps, prototypes, pattern sets, design specs, and assets for usability testing and live production environments, develop high/low fidelity prototypes, storyboards, and a wide range of UI assets and deliverables.
  • Develop fast-moving, tangible design processes that deliver quality experiences within sprint cycles.
  • Show strong layout design skills and convey complex ideas in a clear and visually appealing manner.
  • Work in collaboration with key project team members, including product managers, tech leads, developers, strategy, and UX, to drive the best digital experiences through all product development phases.
  • Be a passionate advocate for the client, ground ideas in data-driven solutions by working with our User Experience team to incorporate customer insights and principles throughout the process, and still be bold enough to let design intuition guide you
  • Adhere to design best practices, standards, brand consistency
  • Work with development teams to ensure solutions are being built per design specifications
  • Design based on user-centered principles and design thinking methodology
  • Take part in quality assurance design reviews as needed.

Required Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least three years of experience designing user interfaces for desktop, website, and mobile applications
  • A portfolio of work showcasing UI prototypes and visual design projects
  • Proficiency with a variety of tools including Creative Cloud Suite, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision, or equivalent
  • Understand brand identity guidelines and how to incorporate them into products
  • Integrity, maturity, high energy, and emotional intelligence
  • You must have the ability to think creatively and design solutions that serve the user
  • You show the ability to build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Have an open mind about receiving feedback and criticism as well as providing it
  • Create production-ready assets for web and mobile platforms
  • Have a strong understanding of mobile-first and responsive design standards
  • Strong work ethic with an initiative to manage/organize workload and complete tasks by deadline
  • Show strong attention to detail, sound judgment, and swift decision-making skills
  • A clear understanding of UX & UI design principles and design thinking methodology
  • You can work in a fast-paced, constantly strengthening team environment and adapt to transforming requirements.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills

Recommended Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic/Visual/Communication Design or related fields
  • Previous experience working in design sprints or an agile environment
  • Knowledge in accessibility design
  • Experience building out and designing UI pattern libraries and design systems is a plus
  • Basic understanding of front-end coding preferred
  • Experience with performing UX research and usability testing is a huge plus
  • Previous real estate experience a plus

What We Can Offer

  • Competitive pay
  • Chance to enroll in Health/Dental/Vision and Retirement Plan
  • Mileage reimbursement (where applicable for the role)
  • Solid and collaborative team environment

4. Straightforward and Comprehensive Junior UI Designer Job Description

This one doesn’t beat around the bush.

It is straightforward and to the point, including duties and responsibilities and qualification requirements.

We are currently looking for a talented UI designer with a background in layout and visual design.

You will work closely with our staff to transform UX wireframes into engineering-ready mock-ups.

This position requires a highly motivated and self-driven individual.

Veterans of this position may exercise some discretionary and decision-making authority.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ability to create basic sketches to help communicate ideas to the team.
  • You will maintain comprehensive knowledge of visual trends.
  • Translates basic sketches to production-ready format with an eye towards organized layers and objects that other artists can easily extract and manipulate.
  • Assist the Art Department in creating 2D graphic content ranging from photo manipulation, vector art, UI design, illustrations, diagrams, and both screen and print-based marketing materials.
  • You will work with designers and developers to implement art assets into the targeted platform.
  • Ability to take direction, work within deadlines, change priorities, and have an eye for detail.
  • Must be able to create in various styles and thematic directions.
  • Understanding of layout composition.
  • Enjoys learning new software.
  • Develop intuitive, usable, and visual designs for mobile.
  • Strong communication skills and a positive attitude are a must.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Two-year college degree in an art-related discipline with a strong portfolio
  • Must possess a strong understanding of the 2D applications, a good understanding of typography, layout, and palate development
  • Communicate, both verbally and in written form
  • A suitable candidate can take art direction, handle critiques, and work closely with a multidisciplinary team
  • Candidates should possess traditional art skills such as drawing or painting

5. Categorized, Easy-To-Read Junior UI Designer Job Description

This one may be the best overall.

It takes a more laid-back approach to the job, which gives you a good feeling about the company’s environment.

It breaks down the duties and requirements into categories.

This makes it easier to read for applicants.

For more info on making your job listing stand out, click here

Does designing brilliant digital products and making data intuitive/engaging sound appealing to you? 

This is an excellent position for a detail-oriented designer who is passionate about creating intuitive and insightful user experiences.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

Discover & Ideate

  • Take part in the discovery phase to help find and understand the project’s strategic goals
  • Take part in user interviews to better understand what each user role is trying to accomplish and the issues they are trying to solve
  • Work with the project manager by producing artifacts that synthesize findings from the discovery phase
  • Work with internal team members to brainstorm solutions or ways of approaching the design challenge
  • Create conceptual designs to socialize initial ideas internally and externally and incorporate design feedback

Design & Prototype

· Produce, present and review high-resolution methods 

· Create prototypes that help evaluate the overall flow and experience of the product

Deliver for Implementation

· Annotate design deliverables to ensure they communicated the design intent to the development team and that there is an acceptable level of detail provided to support the implementation process

· Go over implementing the designs by the development team to ensure it meets business goals and design intent

Skills & Experience Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Design or equivalent
  • Strong communication skills
  • Up to 3 years of experience designing for web and mobile
  • Online portfolio showcasing design and problem-solving skills
  • Experience with tools such as Sketch and Abode Illustrator
  • Outstanding design skills
  • Attentive to detail; however, can also see the big picture
  • Exceptional emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Comfortable with managing multiple projects simultaneously, from concept to completion
  • Effective at collaborating with internal and external teams
  • Knowledge of user interface and information design principles
  • Inquisitive and self-motivated
  • Comfortable learning quickly in a fast-paced environment

Nice-To-Have Skills

  • Software development experience
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with data and graphing libraries
  • Prototyping skills

Surf through these websites for more info and job descriptions:

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The Ideal Job Description

It’s tough to know precisely what you should put or look for in a description.

 You don’t want to deter qualified candidates.

But, you also don’t want to make the job sound like it will be an extraordinary amount of work.

Company Overview

I feel the ideal description should start with an overview of the company.

Write a simple history of the company and what your ideals are.

The applicant should get a feel for the company.

They will want to know that they will fit in with the other employees and management.

Also, it can be a waste of your time if you keep getting unqualified or non-ideal candidates.

Specific Job Duties and Responsibilities

The applicant will want to know precisely what they are signing up for.

 Please don’t feel you should leave anything out, but don’t list so many duties that people feel like they will work 24/7.

 Also, don’t make each duty more than one sentence.

 Applicants don’t want to read a book on what they will do at work.

Qualifications and Requirements

Narrow down applicants by adding requirements.

Degrees, certifications, and experience are the major items you should list.

What qualifications does the ideal candidate need?

Do they need work experience for this job, or is a degree/ certification enough?

One thing to make sure of is not to leave anything out to make the candidate unable to do the job.

Once you hire someone, you can’t just say, “Hey, I need you to do this.”, when they may not know-how.


 To me, this one is huge.

 Applicants want to know the job will be worth it.

 Why should they pick you over another company?

 Talk about benefits, salary increases, perks exclusive to your company.

 Do you offer lunch or breakfast to everyone?

 Will I be able to get a raise down the road?

 Will my benefits cover what I need?

 Answer these questions to have more applicants come your way.

Final Thoughts

 The exciting world of UI design is becoming more popular each day.

 With how everything is now online or has its app, UI design has never been more popular.

 Looking for that perfect job isn’t easy.

But reviewing well-written job postings can help you narrow down the companies you would like to work for.

 If you are looking to post, make sure you give the applicant a reason to choose your company.

I hope that this article on the Junior UI designer job description has helped you in getting candidates or job hunting.

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