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10 Best Procreate Kawaii Brushes

Interested in different Procreate Kawaii brushes to spice up your art?

You’re in the right place.

We have tried many Kawaii brushes, and we managed to separate the 10 best ones to use in Procreate.

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, or if designing is your primary work or a hobby, these brushes will elevate your designing game.

Below you can find the Kawaii brushes that we found the most helpful and fun.

Quick Peek: 10 Best Procreate Kawaii Brushes

  1. Kawaii Brush set Volume 2
  2. Procreate Kawaii Brush Set
  3. Kawaii Brush Set – Procreate Stamps
  4. 90 Kawaii Brushes and Stamps for Procreate App
  5. Kawaii Procreate Brushes – Kawaii Face Stamps
  6. Kawaii Stamp Procreate
  7. 50 Kawaii Face Procreate Stamps
  8. Procreate Kawaii Art Floral Brushes
  9. Kawaii Brushes for Procreate
  10. Kawaii Procreate Stamps

1. Kawaii Brush set Volume 2

Download Now!

This brush set offers everything you’re looking for.

Starting from the texture of the brushes, then the various cute stamps, different types of brushes, and the list goes on.

This brush set is also great if you’re into kawaii art and if your designs ask for attention to detail.

You can use it to design clothes, draw characters, or even decorate social media posts if you draw on them.

Lastly, they’re also great for decoration, coloring, or adding more life to the art.


If you have lived in the 90s, you’ll appreciate these stamps.

It’s like you can bring back time with everyday items.

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2. Procreate Kawaii Cute Brush Set

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This set may contain one of the cutest stamps you’ll ever find.

The greatest thing about this set is that it’s versatile to the point that you can incorporate the stamps and brushes into any design.

Own the freedom to create magic with the different brushes.

In addition, you can combine cute stamps with faces, flowers, or everyday items.

There’s no rule on what you can or can’t combine, so the creator leaves the decision to you.


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3. Kawaii Cute+Playful Procreate Stamps

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This set states that there are no limits when using kawaii brushes.

And it’s true!

The uniqueness and special attention paid to every stamp are amazing.

Therefore, this set is fun, organized, and helpful.

You can use it for embroidering, designing postcards, or maybe some cute posters.

The 21 different stamps are created to add uniqueness to your art.

Imagine everything you can do with the sparkle stamps and how special your design would be.

On top of that, embroidery brushes are not something that you can easily find; thus, use them wisely.

Lastly, you can create whole pages with them or use them just on the outline of some postcard.

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4. 90 Cute Brushes and Stamps for Procreate App

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This set will exceed all your expectations!

Its creator used his creativity to the fullest when creating this set for you to enjoy.

The different brushes and stamps offered are great for page designs, maybe some postcards aimed at kids, or cover designs.

Feel free to mix and match them and watch what your creativity will come up with,

The special thing about mix and match is that the ideas are limitless.

You can entirely mix and match every item offered to you, and you’ll get a gorgeous combination every time.

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5. Cute Procreate Brushes – Kawaii Face Stamps

Download Now!

Imagine the best set to create kawaii art and pattern!

Now open this set and see how it fulfills your imagination.

These brushes are maybe the most versatile of all mentioned above as they are transparent.

That allows you to choose your color, pattern, and texture.

Due to the numerous face and animal brush stamps, you can come up with thousands of combinations that would make your art different from the rest.

You can also use these templates to practice drawing kawaii characters,

We have all seen some cards or illustrations in which some cute or funny face is included.

So, here is an idea to try and be the person that makes those exciting illustrations by using these kawaii face stamps.

Noting bad can come up.

Download Now!

6. Kawaii Stamp Procreate

kawaii brushes procreate

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We completely love these stamps!

Just looking at them will make your day.

You can use them for illustrations, cute designs, cute covers…

For just $1.88, you get a fantastic set of brushes that will do the job instead of using ten different ones.

The greatest thing about these brushes is that they’re also transparent, so you can color in as you wish or add any texture or pattern you want.

The idea behind designing is to be creative and introduce something not seen before.

So, the option to color your stamps leaves space for that idea.

Most importantly, there are no rules!

Download Now!

7. 50 Kawaii Face Procreate Stamps

kawaii brushes procreate

Download Now!

If you’re into sketching, these stamps will be perfect for you.

Any cute face that you can imagine, you can also find among these stamps.

Set yourself free to use them in illustrations, sketching, character designing, cartoon designs…

These stamps will probably bring out your emotional side, as you’ll fall for these cute faces.

You can create a whole room sketch full of people having different facial expressions.

These stamps allow that idea and make it even easier by offering you several faces, all different and exciting in their way.

Download Now!

8. Procreate Kawaii Art Floral Brushes

kawaii brushes procreate

Download Now!

Creative Market offers you a solution for easier floral drawings and illustrations.

The flower stamps are transparent, so you can add colors and textures and adjust them in positions and size.

Moreover, the best thing about these brushes is that they look so real that your design will be 100x times better.

Use your imagination and develop a romantic, fun illustration and everything else you like.


Download Now!

9. Cute Brushes for Procreate

kawaii brushes procreate

Download Now!

This set is created by considering the stabilization feature of Procreate 5.2.

That feature allows you to create clean, perfect lines.

They are meant to be used carefully and slowly, and gently.

As for their purpose, you can use them for any design you want if the themes fit.

If you’re a new user, you can download this set for $14.

But, if you have previously ordered another set from this creator, then DM them, and they’ll send you this set for free.


Download Now!

10. Kawaii Procreate Stamps

kawaii brushes procreate

Download Now!

These super cute, kawaii-themed stamps will own your heart.

The creator introduces different animal stamps, but they are not regular animals.

They are the cutest animals!

Each has something unique, so you have a variety to choose from.

You can incorporate the stamps in illustrations, kid’s related covers, or any art you think is suitable.

As a side note, you have the offer to buy it for $8 if you need more stamps than what’s offered in the free version.

It’s up to you and your needs and preferences.


Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Choosing between so many good kawaii brushes can be challenging.

But it’s a beautiful idea that you have the choice and freedom to choose the one most fits your preferences.

Have fun, go wild and create magic.

The creativity is in you; you just need our kawaii brushes to push it to an even higher level.

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