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krita brushes

10 Best Sets of Krita Brushes

Krita brushes make it easy and economical to get the desired results you are want to achieve.

Having various brush types is the perfect way for designers to to gain a competitive edge.

Krita brushes help produce the best results even from a free, open-source application.

Moreover, customizing your brush has never been easier!

This program makes things simple when adding new and custom brushes to your collection.

It has a huge range of illustration tools.

Which is why this software is well respected amongst the anime, manga, comic, and digital artists in the industry.

Its powerful engine makes editing and animation a breeze.

It’s a very user-friendly application for beginners who want to get a feel for animation.

Volunteers run the community, but that doesn’t mean that there is no support.

There are plenty of articles, brush types, and forums out there.

I believe Krita is the very best alternative to Photoshop.

I would even dare say that it triumphs over Photoshop as its GUI interface is a bit simpler to use.

You can visit Krita’s website here to download their software.

1. Charcoal Pencil Brushes

krita brushes

Charcoal drawing has been around for centuries, so it only makes sense that it gets adapted to the digital age.

Using charcoal as a medium in real life has a downside part.

You will need some sort of gum or resin to help stop the drawing from erasing or smudging easily due to its soft nature.

Therefore, Krita is the best option to use with their Charcoal Pencil Brush types.

Giving you unlimited freedom to draw and create without the fuss of accident erasing a part of your masterpiece.

This incredible set from David Revoy has a great selection of different tips from super-thin to thick and painterly.

It gives you the ability to take your craft back in the digital format.

I must say, using it on an Android tablet with a stylus gives your art that much extra edge.

These are an extremely niche set of brushes to own.

Thus, you would need to have experience in charcoal work to make the best of them, although learning something new has never hurt anyone.

Using charcoal brushes together with a minimalist brush pack can help you deliver some amazing results.

Moreover, with added customizability, you can look to create the masterpiece you have always wanted.

2. Minimalist Brush Pack

krita brushes

This pack gives you a selection of 8 brush types and tools to choose from.

Use it to create your art in the most minimalistic fashion possible.

Included in the 8 brushes, you have 3 tools available at your disposal that will help you deliver the result you are looking for, namely:

  • the Blur Tool
  • Move Tool
  • Smudge Tool

Illustrators and digital painters will love this range, especially if they are dedicated Krita users.

These brushes will undoubtedly be perfect as it blends perfectly with all existing tools on this software.

Some of the brushes in the set deliver some notable features that you can see when testing out different pressure sensitivities on drawing tablets.

Don’t forget to combine or modify brushes so that you can tweak them to your desired preference.

It has never been easier to get the best results with minimal effort.

Keeping things simple, this brush pack delivers the excellent compatibility you would expect from a paid product.

Overall this is a great pack to get you started with all you need to provide an exceptional result at absolutely no cost at all!

3. Comic Brush Bundle for Krita

krita brushes

Do you want to create a webcomic or cartoon in high-quality 300dpi for print or digital screens?

The array of tools included in this bundle is perfect for any aspiring animator looking to get ahead of his/her competition.

Multiple erasers are included so that you don’t need to keep switching erasers to remove different pen strokes.

Drawing straight no-frill lead lines have never been easier with the mechanical pen!

All you need to do is select it and start drawing.

Pressure sensitivity on this set is also outstanding.

Besides, its performance is seen when using the variety of tools available to you.

Ink wash tools are also included to help you create the results you want to achieve when it comes to smudging and distributing colors.

Finally, the Crow Quill tip is designed for delicate, refined lines used in cracks, hatching, and various other animation effects.

If you, an aspiring comic or manga artist, then this is for you!

All you need to do is download this pack, adding it to your Krita brush selection that will surely benefit you greatly.

4. Watercolor Brush Set

krita brushes

Water-coloring is a huge part of real-world art that has been perfectly emulated here with this watercolor brush set.

Digital paint as if you were painting on a canvas and receive some of the most realistic brushstrokes yet.

All brushes include features that keep it true to its name.

They will help deliver basic, detailed, textured, and stain-type effects to your artwork.

What makes this watercolor brush set fantastic is that it is compatible with all versions of Krita.

Thus, making it available to users that prefer the older versions.

These brushes were designed slightly small.

However, they can still deliver excellent work if you use the zoom function to help with your drawing.

This set also jells nicely with color to help balance textures, depth, and stains that look almost like the real thing.

If the watercolor design is what you are after, nothing is stopping you!

Get this free Krita brush kit to help you deliver the results you are looking for.

5. Raghavendra Brush Pack

krita brushes

Made by a Mumbai-based designer, this brush pack is unique, amazing, and free for anyone.

Raghavendra Brush pack has a large number of brush tips and types to choose from.

There are over 30 brush types available in this bundle.

Ranging from sponge brushes, custom pens, and even a few stamp style brushes.

This pack has been around since the 2.0 Krita days, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

Being a fan favorite amongst illustrators and designers, it delivers the extra bells and whistles you need when working on an intricate project.

Being an older brush pack, this pack hasn’t been updated.

As a result, you might find some compatibility issues on new versions of Krita, but it’s still worth a try to get access to the awesome array of brushes.

By combining some of these brushes with the initial sets included with Krita, you can produce some stunning results that can wow your audience and deliver your message in the right way.

You can download the entire set for free here and start feeling the benefits of this wide range of digital art tools.

6. Jack Pack Krita Bundle 

krita brushes

This is a special bundle that includes 3 basic drawing categories and one particular that all have many different options.

In the special category, you’ll find a cool and fun range of tools that can help you deliver exceptional results.

Certain styles include stars, grass, bubbles waving parallel lines.

All these can be used to create a top-class effect in your next animation.

The draw and paint category has all the extras you would expect.

It allows you to customize brush-width, thickness, and opacity.

The water-based tool helps you to create depth in facial features by layering colors perfectly to produce these results.

What makes this Jack Pack Krita bundle special is that it has been recently updated.

It is compatible with all the latest versions from 2.80.

All of these brushes were designed with world-class illustrators in mind.

Each stroke is pixel perfect and delivered superbly by the Krita engine.

Mixing these brushes with a different range will help produce different results.

Besides, these can easily be customized to help you get what you want.

Lastly, a wide range of ink tools will help you to style and accurately draw your subjects.

Thus, delivering a clean-looking art piece that will impress your audience.

7. Nylnook Krita Brush Pack v2

krita brushes

Offering around 36 digital brushes for artists, this incredible little pack is filled with tools and effects to help you create your next comic book creation.

It’s been around for a while and has been updated to be used on later versions of software.

What a great benefit!

This little-known brush pack is perfect for beginners.

Thus, we think it will take a bit of a learning curve to get used to since there are many tools to choose from.

Nylnook Krita Brush Pack suffered from a few bugs in earlier releases.

But no worries!

The creator has a recent update.

All have been resolved, and compatibility and stability reign again!

There is also added rotation support which will help artists all around the world.

It’s good to note that combining these brush types with the original brushes can produce some spectacular results.

Using drawing angle lockdown, you can now emulate drawing more realistic than ever.

Use their excellent range of tools to help you deliver content that is one step above the rest.

Nylnook is a beautiful set to help get you started.

It has a wide range of support that will help you out if there are any issues with the pack.

8. Aldys Brush Pack

Anyone starting on Krita will want to select different brushes and effects to test their hand at creating an artistic piece that will stun their fans.

This brush pack delivers all that and more!

It will keep even the most seasoned graphic designer on his toes with all the extensive options available.

This is probably one of the oldest brush packs out there.

Thus, you can’t get the best in the world.

Some of the extensions are outdated and struggle to work on newer versions of the software.

Although being extensive, these brushes are all pretty basic.

These brushes allow beginners to easily test the waters and try their hand at digital art.

It is super simple to download and install.

It is well worth having a look at finding some of the great brush tips to use.

Professionals with older versions of Krita are the only ones that will benefit from this product.

Otherwise, they might run into some compatibility and stability issues that have been resolved.

Also, DPI is not very high, so if you are going to use this for commercial use, you should think again.

As the quality of your image might not turn out as expected.

All in all, this is an excellent brush set that is good for beginners and people starting in Krita and digital art.

But for the professionals, it’s better to stick to different brush sets or older versions of Krita if you choose to use this kit.

9. Krita Pinetree Bundle Brush Set

This excellent Pine tree brush set for Krita helps to deliver that festive feel.

It is suitable for designers looking to create Christmas cards or animation based on a festive theme.

There are 2 usable brushes in Krita and 2 bonus stamps included.

These look like a Christmas tree and can create soft brush-like effects that give an almost oil-paint type of effect.

Creative Spark Studio has done a sterling job of delivering an excellent brush set.

This brings your design work to a level of festivity that can only be achieved using this set.

Combining this brush with older brushes will also help you create new textures and effects that can dazzle your audiences and use your readers.

This Krita Pinetree Bundle Brush set is perfect for festive or kiddies storybooks and posters, Christmas animations, and anything type of creation that you can think of.

Mixing colors with these brushes can also produce superb results.

It can help create depth and perspective in the digital art that you are making.

Being a paid-for brush set bundle, it is updated regularly, so you can always be sure that you can use it on your latest version of the Krita software application.

Let your creative juices flow as you create beautiful landscape art with this epic brush set from Creative Spark Studio.

You can have a look on Etsy and get this bundle added to your brush set collection as soon as possible.

10. GDQuest Krita Brushes

There is something special about GDQuest, and that is, they genuinely care about you.

They are constantly releasing all kinds of tutorials and documents.

Thus, it will help enthusiastic graphic designers, and digital artists perfect their craft and create the ultimate masterpiece.

This is a free professional brush set!

You can now produce the desired results, and it will give you the feeling of a premium product, making your work a lot more outstanding.

Being highly active in the community, GDquest constantly updates its brush sets to keep users on top of their game.

Never will you have to worry about compatibility or stability issues when dealing with their Krita brush sets.

This is one of the most ideal brush sets for game designers that want to create high-quality digital art at a decent speed.

You can create fine edges with the scalping tool.

While the fine tip pen helps you with character design and finer details.

There are also paintbrush tools and pencils at your disposal to help create soft textures for backgrounds or detailed character portraits.

Having this Krita brush set in your arsenal will be the best decision that you have made yet.

And combining it with other brush sets, you can truly bring out your creative flair and impress your fans.

You can never go wrong with GDquest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head over to their website to get access to 1 of the best brush kits out there.

Final Thoughts

Having a fantastic free design tool like Krita at your disposal is essential for artists and creators who don’t have the funds to spend on the more expensive programs but still want all the features.

There are various Krita brushes with nearly unlimited customizability and tons of free brush sets available.

Users are spoilt for choice when looking to create digital art on MAC, Windows, and a range of different tablets.

Upgrade your brush library and set yourself above the competition, even work on designing your brushes.

You never know what you might come up with and what can be used in other people’s design work.

So, it’s best to explore as many options as possible.

Thanks for reading my 10 Best Krita brushes, and I’m sure a few of these will surely help out most designers and digital artists.

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