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krita vs procreate

Krita vs Procreate: Which Is the Best For Me?

Faced with the battle of Krita vs Procreate, which will come out triumphant?

These programs are on different spectrums regarding features, usability, and pricing.

Nonetheless, both are excellent tools to help create digital art.

Krita is a powerful free, open-source graphic editor that is perfect for creating comics, anime, and 2D animations that will impress your audience.

Procreate is an iPad-based app that is superb for on-the-go use.

Moreover, it gives you the versatility to paint and design with many features.

Depending on your preferences, both these programs serve their purpose exceptionally well.

Even seasoned designers are satisfied with them.

If you are into anime or manga, it would truly benefit in having both of these applications in your arsenal to enhance any animations you might be working on.

Krita vs Procreate

Procreates works well with the Apple pen.

The pen’s sensitivity to pressure and touch makes it a unique application that illustrators appreciate.

Krita stands out, though, because it is free, and you can obtain it through this linkhere.

All they need to do is check out some video tutorials online to get started.

Both these applications are cream of the crop, which is why I’m writing this review to help you decide which one to choose.

Why not both?


Both of these products are outstanding and are well worth trying out for any designer looking to create 2D layered digital effects.

Krita stands out, though, because it is free, and it can be obtained through this linkhere.

It has multiple effects that can help you get the results you are looking for on any operating system.

On the other hand, Procreate costs $10.

However, it is well worth the small investment for all the great illustrations that can be made.

The small once-off fee is more than enough for everything you will get and mainly what you will do with this software.

Creating software that works as well as these two takes work and dedication.

You bet these developers mean business by delivering an outstanding product, no matter which one you choose.

These products use raster graphics to help their users make the most of their editing experience.

Both are updated regularly, which makes managing your work easier.

Regarding pricing, Procreate is well worth the money.

It is an excellent addition to any digital artist’s array of applications.

These two go head to head in the pricing group.

Both provide excellent value and support, which makes this a tough choice to make.

Krita wins overall, though, because it is free and one of the greatest digital art applications out there.


Krita does an outstanding job of being available on multiple platforms.

However, it has a slightly more complex learning curve for most users.

It doesn’t shy away from features, though, and has loads of brush tips available with extras available for download.

Recently released for Android, Krita is not stopping at slowly moving over to more platforms.

They have a massive community online, so it only makes sense to support new users.

They have also done well regarding the pen pressure support, and the touch screen responds perfectly.

It might take some time as a beginner to learn more about the extra features available on this software.

Still, it’s pretty easy to download and get going even without much graphic design knowledge.

Being available on your Android tablet is even more convenient now.

You can create your art on the go with many features that are very impressive for an android app.

Procreate is a fantastic raster graphic tool that has impressed users for many years with the range of brushes and features that this practical application has.

It has an elegant and simple interface which is excellent for beginners who are just starting in the graphic design world.

An Apple Pen produces pressure-sensitive results that will make your images look more hand-drawn.

Recently, the app has moved over to Android, giving other platforms users the ability to use this fantastic software package.

Procreate makes design work a breeze and is incredible for aspiring designers that need quality work for a highly well-priced raster graphics application.



Loaded with features, Procreate is an on-the-go designer’s dream.

It’s a complete software suite that can run on a tablet.

Procreate is a powerful application, and its array of brushes is one to mention.

There is a marketplace where you can download free or paid for extra brushes.

It has an unmatched pressure sensitivity that works well with Android and Apple versions and notably improves as technology advances.

Being able to export photos or videos to 4K also makes Procreate a choice of many worldwide.

Thus, with its fast execution speed, you can get access to your files immediately.

The developer Savage Interactive has made this excellent program available in 13 languages, with futures updates looking to add more language support.

We are looking at this app to stay with us for many years to come to keep designing the most captivating images possible.

You can read up more about Procreate and Savage Interactivehere.


The power of the open-source application Krita is the perfect example of how correctly programmed software can get the job done with ease.

Its array of features include a wide choice of filters that can help change your image at the click of a button.

Histogram computation and image recomposition make use of multiple cores to be processed as fast as possible.

Mirror tools and an easy layer management system are a welcome addition to creating an awesome mandala or two-dimensional shapes.

Spending some time learning the basics will set you up so the creative juices can get flowing.

Moreover, if you need some help, there is a built-in drawing assistant that can make life that guides you in the right direction.

Multiple training resources come packaged together with OpenGL Enhanced graphics that produce crisp, beautiful images.

Adding in the ability to create animation frame by frame is a bonus that this winning program gets, putting it one step ahead of its competitor.


While both have many brushes to choose from, Procreate is the winner.

It boasts around 200 brushes that I’m sure you will fall in love with.

On the other hand, Krita has a vector brush that is not included in Procreate.

Krita comes in as a benefit for most designers.

Krita also gives you the ability to customize your brushes.

You can make them to your needs and desires, where the other gives you the ability to download extras.

Using a customizable brush will give you an edge over your competition as you can use something unique that your competitors might not have thought of.

Procreate community is a fun-filled interactive one with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide that constantly give to their ever-growing database.

They allow users to earn extra money by creating brush types and selling them on a Marketplace for their community.

I feel that Procreate wins the battle of the brushes among fans worldwide for the sheer volume they have.


Technical support is vital for applications in the digital art niche.

Procreate has an extensive resource of support documents, troubleshooting guides, and even a paid-for service to help you learn to use the program.

Their online support system is built to be quick and effortless.

Procreate gives users the information they need to make an informed decision on their next move on a project.

YouTube also has a large database of free videos that can help you get started with both Krita and Procreate.

A downside to Krita is that it volunteer-run, so support is not as freely available as the paid-for app by Savage Interactive.

Still, with over two decades in the industry, I’m sure you can find some learning material out there if you just search.

Both companies have a long history and a large user base.

Finding support for these products is simple.

Join their community forum to find out how you can use the app or troubleshoot the latest problem you might have.

Both are highly understanding, non-judgmental, and helpful.

Image Customization

Being available for multiple platforms makes these applications both excellent for on-the-go editing or when you feel inspired out in nature.

Raster-based graphics with its dot-matrix style zoom-in feature help you make the best of perfecting your images and smoothing things out to get quality results.

The broad range of tools available makes image customization a walk in the park.

They assist designers with an easy-to-use GUI interface that is pretty self-explanatory for both products.

Layering might also be a tool that you need.

Both feature non-destructive layering, which keeps multiple layers in place so you can create depth in your picture.

Kritas layering is better than Procreate.

Krita has its ability to use multiple cores to make photos, images, and videos.

King of customization goes to Procreate for its vast array of illustrating tools that can help you in animating your next comic book.

Don’t hesitate to work on your image customization in Procreate and export to Krita to add to your artwork or animation.


In this category, we discover that Krita is the only program of the two that offers frame-by-frame animation support.

You can create your raster-based graphics and then shift over to the animation panel to begin.

A few tweaks and settings are missing, but the basic workflow is there.

You can create animations quickly and for free with Krita.

Linking your Krita to a drawing pad will, of course, increase your accuracy in creating your artworks.

Creating manga and anime will be fun and easy.

Animation mode also allows you to stabilize the brush mode to help smooth the lines of your artistic creation.

Some people would consider Krita better than Photoshop, which also has a frame by frame engine that keeps animating authentic and straightforward.

Don’t be afraid to create your drawings on Procreate if you wish and then export them over to Krita for any finer tuning or begin the animation process.


Both products have a range of devices that they are compatible with but with certain limitations.

Krita is available for iOS but not for handheld or tablets in the Apple brand.

Owning many devices is an expensive exercise for newcomers.

So, compatibility is an essential factor that comes into consideration when deciding which app to use.

You want all the access to your program and files as possible, especially working with digital art that can always do with a touch-up here and there.

Most commonly, people own Windows-based devices as they are cheaper to come by.

That is where Krita steps up and sets the tone for compatibility.

Its diverse range of Windows and Android platforms shares compatibility.

Procreate has various platforms that it can work on, except Windows and Android, which pushes down the compatibility points with this program.

It is a terrible thing for Windows users that they cannot use Procreate on their preferred operating system.

The winner of the compatibility group is Krita.

It tops our list for the range of devices accessible because of its compatibility and the diverse tools it offers on all platforms.


These two applications are both pretty much on par when it comes to the stability side of things.

They can pretty much be considered the same.

They run fantastic on whichever operating system they get installed on.

Thus, there are minimal glitches when it comes to freezing and random shutdowns.

Bear in mind that hardware-dependent, you might run into some trouble.

These applications, especially Krita, need some processing power to do some of their tasks.

Windows is a slightly unstable operating system.

You might experience failure from time to time.

Thus, that is more on the Windows side and not the Krita Foundations bad programming.

We fully believe that both software programs will be improving both compatibility and support for more platforms in the future.

With ever-growing and active community members, things can only get better from here.

Let’s look forward to another 20 years with Krita and another ten years from Procreate.

External Display

Graphic designers and digital artists always need canvas or display space to make the best art that they can.

So, multiple screens become questionable between both programs.

While both programs offer dual monitor support, Krita sits with some compatibility issues that don’t always allow the software to display on the extra monitor.

Pressure sensitivity stands out on Krita.

The software is made for more of a range of drawing pads than Procreate, have your pen strokes be more accurate with later model Android devices.

These issues information is all over the internet, so if you need help in troubleshooting any problems, they are just a search and a click away.

On the other hand, Procreate is fully compatible with monitors, screens, and drawing pads.

It has even made USB-c part of its recent compatibility list.

Screen Share on Apple devices also makes part of the compatibility process easy as you can share it to your Apple or Smart TV simply by connecting it to your device.

Looking at what you want to do with this software and the amount of canvas space required, you might need to consider which one will suit you best.

We voted for Procreate digital art software this time for compatibility with various external displays and the fantastic screen share option.

Final Thoughts

Krita vs Procreate – both are powerhouse software applications.

They allow you to create some of the best digital art designs out there.

Both create feelings of pleasure with their easy-to-use interfaces and drawing assistants that will put you on top of your game.

Accessibility to both items is abundant.

Moreover, compatibility issues are managed if you have the time, patience, and money.

Working hand in hand, these applications can truly benefit both your design and anime/comic creation work immensely.

Using raster graphic-based editing, things have never been easier to get started in a career in animation.

It’s a tough choice as to who the winner is.

I think it goes to Procreate.

Mainly because you need the art before you create the animation.

That is where Procreate stands out with also its limitless amount of customization to bring your creations to life.

Did you like the comparison between Krita vs Procreate?

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