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krita watercolor brushes

10 Best Krita Watercolor Brushes (2023)

Are you a Krita user and looking for free Krita watercolor brushes to create dreamy paintings?

Every artist’s dream is for their art to have a significant effect on others.

If you’re searching for a way to spice up your digital paintings, you’ve come to the right place.

You can get brushes on this list for free and get your creative juices flowing.

Take a look at this list and find out why these Krita watercolor brushes deserve to be in your brush collection.

Heads Up:

Some of these (e.g., 2,4,6,8,9 and 10) are different brushes belonging to the same set.

They lead to the same YouTube link where you can download them in the description of the video.

1. Pesi’s Watercolor Brush 

krita watercolor brushes
The brush on the far right stands out from the others (Image source: Pesi’s watercolors)

First, we’ve got the brush from the artist by the name of Pesi G., offering her own complete Krita brush set.

The picture provided here is the one depicting the range of brushes available in this preset.

You can get it in the whole preset package by clicking here.

We want to focus on the one on the far right shown in the picture.

This particular brush is so exclusive and game-changing: other than the potency of color it has, it serves as a great tool designed to mimic the effect of blurring when layered on top of the other color.

It is widely known that what makes watercolors unique is that they show their greatest effect when mixed with water.

However, it’s not as easy getting the same effect when drawing on a painting platform.

Her brush is the solution for this problem, as it adds all of the different nuances too.

For example, with this same brush, you don’t have to worry about losing the potency of your colors when blending them.

Take a look at some drawing of hers that shows the effect of exact brush, among the other ones in the package.

2. Round Grunge Brush

krita watercolor brushes
This Grunge Brush adds the perfect texture (Image source: Krita YT channel)

The full name of this particular brush is ‘’WaterC Basic Round Grunge’’. 

It’s one of the watercolor brushes included in the new set offered by the Krita artist community.  

It got published in the summer of last year. 

You can download this set by opening up their YouTube video and clicking the link provided in the description. 

Or, to save some time, you can download the set directly by clicking here.

What’s unique about this brush is that it creates perfect grungy, thick, harsh strokes without you having to work too much on it.

Another notable thing about it is that this brush can be handy if you’re trying to not only create a grain but control the opacity and intensity of it too.

It works pretty well with the layering option too!

Simply add the layer of another desired brush above this grainy one, and the original texture will still be visible.

You can easily open up the brush editor option, allowing you to make the grain stronger or weaker.

We can easily imagine those digital artists who love to paint landscapes using this brush, adding some details and texture right at the base of the painting.

Keep in mind, though, this particular set you can download is available for the artists using their mouse to paint and not a stylus.

3. Stain Brush 

krita watercolor brushes
Custom-made Krita watercolors preset (Image source: Vasco Alexander Basque)

The stain brush in question is the second one from the far right, on this picture depicting the whole preset.

This preset contains custom-made watercolor Krita brushes and created by the digital artist named Vasco Alexander Basque.

You can get this brush separately, or get the whole set, if you so decide, by clicking here.

As the artist himself explains, what inspired him to make this set is controlling the water by diffusion of pressure.

He combined the scatter of color with the right amount of opacity to achieve a unique look.

This particular Stain Brush acts very differently from most scatter-and-splatter brushes.

What it does remarkably is that it adds an almost soft, glowy texture to the stains when painted on.

The result this brush creates is that it looks like crushed-colored chalk.

It’s not as new as the rest of the brushes from the list, but it’s not a usual watercolor brush.

So, if you’re looking to add something new and different to spice up your drawings, try out this brush yourself and see how it works.

4. Special Splats Brush

krita watercolor brushes
Create multiple splats in one stroke with the Special Splats brush (Image source: Krita YT channel)

This brush sounds like every digital watercolor artist’s dream.

It creates the splatter of color in the split of a second.

The effect is almost the same as the artist spraying and spreading the drops of color on the canvas by gently tapping the brush soaked in watercolor – only in digital surroundings.

The result it creates could use anyone searching for a simple but unique way to create a base for drawing vegetation or water-like effects quickly.

Make use of your creativity as a digital artist.

We could see this brush being useful in creating a simple decoration on top of your drawings with the Christmas-bulbs-like effect, too.

This brush is multipurpose too.

By altering the options and playing with the outcome, you could create a sponge-like texture.

Assuming that you’re already familiar with the option of spreading the effect of the used brush, that method makes the Special Splats brush create a grass look.

What can be better than the same brush painting the trees and the grass?

It’s available for free in the same brush packet as the Round Grunge brush.

You can download the whole set to describe the Krita artist’s Youtube video (or by clicking here).

5. Detailed Brush

krita watercolor brushes
Amazingly detailed painting of an insect (Image source: Vasco Basqué)

This one is another brush from the set mentioned previously, and it’s by the digital artist Vasco Alexander Basque.

When it comes to this set, it’s hard to choose only one brush to praise as unique or ‘’the best’’.

Despite that, and the Stain brush previously mentioned, there is also the Detailed brush provided.

Its effects are indeed unique, as you can notice yourself in one of his drawings of an insect provided above this text.

It is set to a relatively

Thus, it still (as tested by the creator) looks good at the 200-300% range.

The real reason it deserves to be on this list is that it can make drawing extremely detailed parts of your drawing a piece of cake!

And the best part is – this artist customizes three different detailed brushes.

The artist named them all ‘’detailed’’.

However, each of them does have its unique way of working and effect on paper.

You can easily get your own desired detailed brush or try them all out by clicking here.

Quick note:

The link provided is the same as the one previously mentioned for the 3rd brush (Stain brush), as it is created by the same artist (Vasco Alexander Basque).

6. Spreading Brush

krita watercolor brushes
Spread the colors easily using this Spreading brush (Image credit: Krita YT channel)

This brush is available for download in the description of the video by Krita’s artist team.

The direct link for downloading the whole set is here.

Again, take notice that brushes in this new particular set mentioned are available for you using your mouse to draw.

When it comes to this brush, the users typically explain its effect by working as the water added to the canvas.

Even though it might seem as though the brush this simple is not to be mentioned in this list of the special ones that you do need, some aspects of it make it a real game-changer.

First of all, the diluted result is visible with the smaller-sized brush as it is with the bigger-sized one.

Secondly, you could increase or decrease the pressure and create a grainy effect with it, as visible as you like it to be.

One could only imagine the fantastic sunsets drawn with this one, with the fusion of different complementary colors.

And lastly, if you’re struggling with creating the proper background, this brush is a solution for you.

7. Wet Blending Brush

krita watercolor brushes
Wet blending brush, at the far right, doing its job (Image source: David Revoy)

This brush was, among the others in the pack, created by David Revoy. 

It’s a well-known artist, and the Krita users welcome his creations.

Even though this artist paints his background with these brushes, there are plenty of different ways to use them.

The brush spoken of is the one on the far right in the picture above.

It slightly deviates from the ‘’watercolor brush’’ title, but with its function relying heavily on the water effect created, it deserved its place on this list.

The Wet blending brush works as if you’d take the real-life brush and only dip it in water to dilute the edges of an already fresh painting.

As you probably already assumed, it works best when paired with other watercolor brushes.

The artist recommends using this particular brush if you’re searching for an excellent way to blend the harsh edges of your painting.

Another recommended way of using the Wet blending brush is on the object on your painting that you want to be:

  • Blurred
  • Out of focus
  • Or simply in the distance and/or separated from the other more essential objects

Click here to download this brush and start experimenting with it today!

8. Fringe 2 Brush

This brush creates impeccable brush stroke edges (Image credit: Krita YT channel)

If you’re interested in adding a brush to your set that has the power to keep the edges of your strokes clean and consistent, then this is a brush for you.

As with many other brushes mentioned in this list, this one also reacts greatly to the amount of pressure used.

It creates a water-like texture without much pressure on it.

Moreover, when added with pressure, it achieves a steadier look.

We could see it working well for artists whose drawings rely on a softer representation of the objects.

It gives just enough strength to the edges of a stroke without drawing too much attention to it.

You could use it to create droplet-like figures.

However, be aware that it’ll have a more plastic look to it, rather than the splatter-like one.

It works the best with pastel colors.

If you opt for using this one in your drawings, be conscious that more harsh brushes will take away the attention from the subtlety of this particular brush.

It is available for free in the already mentioned Krita’s brush preset, and you can get it easily by clicking here.

9. Dry Brush

This brush achieves a charcoal-like effect (Image source: Krita YT channel)

This single brush proves that you don’t have to stick to the usual watercolor ones that give you more or like the same effect.

Most of the watercolor artists reach their plateau by wrongly thinking that they have to stick to water-like-looking brushes for their paintings to retain a solid look.

On the contrary, it is usually the diversity and adaptability of the artists that make their paintings stand out from the other ones.

Take a look at this Dry brush.

It’s unique in its way, as it shows us how a watercolor brush can make the charcoal-like effect.

It also imitates drawing with chalk on the board or with a thick pencil on a piece of paper.

It’s effective and as easy to use as it sounds, and it looks like it does in this example provided by the Krita artists themselves.

As you can notice, the Dry brush does its best if you’re using darker tones.

You could use it for sketching only, as it can help you map out those strong borders.

On the other hand, you could try using the Dry brush with lighter colors if that works for you.

We assume this will create a more chalk-like effect on your digital drawing.

And because it is indeed an unusual watercolor brush, we can recommend it to those of you who’d like to try out something new and different than before.

Get it for drawing with your mouse by clicking here or by opening the link yourself in the description of the YouTube video mentioned.

10. Tilted Grainy Brush

This brush uses tilt to create this marvelous outcome (Image source: Krita YT channel)

Last but not least, we’ve got the Tilted Grainy brush.

We’ve saved this one for the end of the list not because it’s more or less important than the other brushes mentioned but because it’s mostly reserved for more skilled users.

The reason is that this brush relies on a specific tilting feature that allows for creating an outcome consisting of various effects all at once.

With this particular brush, you’ll get:

  • The tilt
  • The grainy effect
  • Sharp strokes
  • The control of the pressure

However, the potential problem for this one is that not everyone will know how to use it properly and won’t get all its benefits.

Most digital artists know the rule where the more you press, the more opacity you’ll get.

It’s the complete opposite with this brush, as it’ll fade as you press, almost creating the added water effect.

Follow the rule of the simple, one single brushstroke for the tilting option to do its job.

Avoid making multiple strokes with this brush unless you’re looking for a more scattered look.

This watercolor brush is also available for mouse users, and it’s free to download right here.

And again, click here if you want to watch the demo of most of the Krita watercolor brushes mentioned in this article.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve gathered 10 of the Best Krita Watercolor Brushes for aspiring artists to use. 

Each of them has its unique way of working and creating outstanding effects.

Almost all of them are picked from different sets or packages containing several other types of brushes too.

Why waste your time picking and choosing when you can download these brushes for free?

Enjoy creating!

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