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10 Best Leaf Brush Illustrator Sets

Create stunning foliage by using the best leaf brush Illustrator sets.

Adding foliage in your creative marketing paraphernalia is an excellent way to connect with your audience.

Generally, wouldn’t the majority of people agree that they feel calm and clear-headed when surrounded by nature?

You know, like watching the beautiful sunset, or hearing the crash of the waves?

Leaf elements connect with our inner ‘natural’ self.

Adding leaves though can be a painstaking task.

You would need leaf brushes to make this task a lot easier.

Use leaf brushes for Adobe Illustrator when you do landscape art, floral invitation cards, posters with laurel wreaths, or environmental infographics.

Here is a compiled list of the best options for leaf brush Illustrator sets.

1. Primula Vector Leaf Brushes 

leaf brush illustrator
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Source: Peolla at

This brush set not only contains leaf brushes, but also complementary stems, flowers, and even bouquets of Primula.

The great things about these brushes is that they are vector brushes.

This means that the printing quality of your creative work will not be affected by changes in size because they are easily scalable.

However, there may also be times when you would rather work with raster images than vector images to display more vivid colors.

This brush set gives you flexibility because it includes JPEG and PNG files.

With prices ranging from $12 to $28 (depending on the license type), you will get:

  • 1 AI file with 95 ready-made object brushes
  • 7 JPEG files of bouquets in 300 DPI
  • 1 EPS 10 file
  • 7 PNG files of bouquets in 300 DPI
  • 95 PNG files of floral elements

You can choose from the 14 available leaf brushes varying in shape, size, and texture.

No need to think about the fuss of drawing individual leaf elements.

Simply draw a flower in one direction and bend it as you please.

Create flower bouquets instantly in as short as 5 seconds!

This brush set is perfect when you are doing creative work with floral themes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Assures good printing quality because of the vector object brushes
  • Includes JPEG and PNG files if you wish to work with raster images, rather than vector images
  • Contains leaf brushes of different shapes and sizes, with complementary elements of stems, flowers, and leaves to go with
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2. Leaf Brush Kit

leaf brush illustrator
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Source: Super Hello at

If you are looking for a simple leaf brush set for your typography artworks, then this brush set is for you.

The leaf brushes are easy and straightforward to use for your convenience.

This sample video demonstrates how easy it is to use the leaves.

Just choose any one of the 24 art leaf brushes available, draw curves or lines for the stem and the plant’s veins.

You can draw individual leaves with as many strokes as you can on the canvas.

You could draw a cluster of leaves connected by a single branch, but make sure that it’s linked from the same curve outline of the vein.

Other brush varieties are already grouped as branched leaves in green; autumn leaves in shades of yellow, brown and red, and rare pink leaves.

Notice that the leaves are cartoon like.

These leaf brush patterns are suitable for a background.

This will give contrast to your typography and infographics in either your website or social media accounts.

This illustrator leaf brush are priced at $12 to $48 (depending on the license type).

Then, you will get access to 24 different varieties of individual and branched leaves.

The files are vector type and come in 2 AI files compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Suitable as background elements for typography art, merchandise materials, and infographics
  • Leaf patterns are cartoon-like sporting vibrant colors
  • Easy to draw with just a few strokes
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3. Leaf Pattern Brushes

leaf brush illustrator
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Source: Super Hello at

If you liked the brush set listed in Item No. 2, you would most likely dig this brush set too, because the same creator makes it.

In contrast with the previous listing, this brush set all continuous displays patterns of leaf branches rather than individual stand-alone leaves.

You can arrange them more artistically into wreaths and put your text or any object of focus in the center of the circle for emphasis.

There are 4 of these ready-made wreaths available in the set.

In three simple steps, you create a beautiful ring of leaves in no time:

(1) draw a circle,

(2) select a leaf pattern brush

(3) draw the leaf

(4) customize the leave

This set includes fern leaves, herb leaves, thin leaves, small leaves connected by longer twigs, and other more varieties in different color schemes.

This brush set costs around the same pricing, which ranges from $12 to $28 (depending on the license type).

At this price, you’ll get 22 leaf pattern brushes in 2 AI files, and four wreath patterns in 8 AI files.

Take note that this brush set is only compatible with Adobe Illustrator (CC and CS6), and neither Affinity Designer nor Procreate.

For your convenience, a PDF file for a quick guide is also provided to make the familiarizing process smoother.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Leaf patterns could be instantly formed into rings by the available four ready-made wreath patterns
  • Leaves are drawn collectively in branches and twigs with different varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Leaf patterns are of high quality for use in your designs
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4. Vector Botanical Watercolor Brushes

leaf brush illustrator
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Source: Jenteva Art at

At one point in our lives, for sure, most of us have already played with watercolor art in our new school projects.

Subdued colors characterize watercolor art because of how the water dilutes the vibrance of colors.

Depending on your taste, some don’t find watercolor art appealing because of the general impression of dull colors.

However, for artists who deliberately want to achieve the watercolor theme, this brush set might be the one for you.

The price range is from $11 to $39, depending on the license type.

You get 40 unique vector brushes in botanical themes with a watercolor texture.

In this brush set, 14 leaf brushes are available, from almost transparent textures to more opaque ones with specific brush strokes embedded on them.

Leaves also vary from slender and more vertical forms to stout and full forms.

Aside from the leaf brushes, 16 flower brushes are also included.

Simply draw a branch, then add the leaves using smooth strokes and finishing with flowers.

You can also choose the opacity of the watercolor texture from the four available choices.

Brushstrokes are in vector images so that what you see on screen is most likely to be delivered in about the same good printing quality.

Get this brush set for your printing cloth designs, wedding card invitations, cosmetic packaging, fashion marketing, and advertising.

This brush set is compatible with versions more recent, starting from Adobe Illustrator CC (17.0).

Pros & Benefits:

  • Depicts a subdued watercolor texture
  • Four watercolor brush strokes available
  • Perfect for creating vector botanical illustrations
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5. Clover Vector Leaf Brush Set

leaf brush illustrator
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Source: Peolla at

The creator of this brush set is the same as the brush set in Item No. 1, so there may be some familiarity with the elements.

The difference is that this brush set is dedicated to the clover plant this time.

With the price ranging from $12 to $48, you get 1 AI file with 74 ready-made object brushes, 74 PNG files of floral elements with transparent background, 1 EPS 10 file, 5 JPEG files of clover bouquets in 300 DPI, and 5 PNG files of clover bouquets with transparent background in 300 DPI.

Various file types are available to give you the flexibility of choosing between vector and raster images.

Vector images are high for varying sizes of printing material, while raster images are great for emphasizing the color schemes and other photoshop elements.

When you look at the leaf brushes’ preview in this brush set, notice that the leaves are projected in one flat plane but could be diversified into another plane of view.

The leaves also have strategically placed highlights to give it a realistic and alive appearance.

They could also be drawn individually or as a group if, for example, you want to create leaves by the flower’s sepal area.

Add to that, clover bouquet brushes that could be created in as fast as 5 seconds!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Assures good printing quality because of the vector object brushes
  • Includes JPEG and PNG files if you wish to work with raster images, rather than vector images
  •  Leaf brushes have elements of highlight within them to exude a realistic appearance.
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6. Illustrator Flower and Leaf Brushes

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Source: JoZOO at

If you are a beginner who, for whatever reason, is working on the graphic design specifically with a floral or botanical theme, then this brush set might be for you!

The brushes and symbols that are used in this set look sleek and modern; hence, they would be suitable to incorporate in your social media marketing materials to catch attention.

With the price ranging from $10 to $40 (depending on the license type), rest assured you would get the first leaf and petal shapes as brushes and symbols all in vector files.

The AI and EPS vector files are organized smoothly and compactly so as not to overwhelm your computer space and avoid, God forbid, crashing.

Brushes are flexible to use with infinite variety on to what path directions you find appropriate.

Pattern brushes are also available, but if you are feeling creative, you can create your new flowers.

The same goes for the ready-made bouquets for immediate use; the separated elements that make up the bouquet are in a separate EPS file so that you can customize and recombine them as you like!

Leaf textures vary from long slender leaves of ferns to wider leaf surface area, just like clover leaves.

For beginners, flower symbols are made easy to use; pattern brushes for circular strokes and art brushes on straight strokes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Vector files are organized compactly (5.74 MB) to avoid computer crashing.
  • Suitable for beginners who have access to symbols on top of the art brushes
  • Ready-made bouquets are available, but you could also rearrange or recombine individual elements according to your personal taste.
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7. Branches and Splatter Kit

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Source: PandoraDreams at

So far, this list has recommended leaf brushes that are not too detailed because generally, artists may just want the leaves to serve more of an aesthetic decoration.

However, this brush set is dedicated to getting up close and personal with realistic and, at the same time, aesthetically detailed leaf textures.

This branch and splatter kit is priced from $13 to $26, depending on the license type.

To focus on the leaf branches, 15 art brushes are available to choose from, with an additional 70 scatter brushes to add texture.

Of course, leaves are not solely withstanding without the branches.

You also get 32 vector branches from 4 categories with 70 individual leaves, 16 splatter overlays from 2 categories, and to add a regal touch, eight golden stroke branches are also included!

PNG files are also available with a transparent background, so you can use the elements in different layers.

Aside from the leaves and branches, golden and watercolor splatter may be used to add detail and dimension to your objects.

You can customize the shade and color with the illustrator swatch.

Vector files are available in AI, EPS, and SVG files, and all of them have 100% zoom capability!

And if that’s not enough, you get ten seamless pattern swatches in high resolution (1000 px x 1000 px 300 DPI) to use as your background layers suitable for posters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100% zoom capability on leaf and branch brushes and splatters
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at with golden and watercolor splatters and strokes, as well as customization of color shades available in the swatches
  • Several vector files available in AI, EPS, SVG, ABR, ASE, PAT and ACO
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8. Illustrator Floral Brushes

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Source: Tookkee at

Use this brush set if your aim fits somewhere along the lines of creating card invitations, scrapbook art, postcards, and illustration patterns.

This brush set has a floral theme where you get brushes for tropical flowers like frangipanis, forest lilies, garden roses, buds, lilies of the valley, wreaths, and leaves.

Most of the leaf brushes available in this set are grouped with stems or as part of the bouquets already, with only a few drawn individually.

At a price range of $11 to $44 (depending on the license type), you get a total of 53 elements of vector floral brushes compatible with not only Illustrator but also Photoshop and InDesign.

The files are organized in 6 EPS files and duplicated in 6 PNG files if you want to use the individual elements unto any layer because of their transparent background.

These PNG files are in high resolution: 300 DPI, RGB.

The brushes are easy to use and can be applied at any stroke.

However, to get the optimum result, the creator recommends that your strokes not have breaks or extra points.

Furthermore, the brushes could be applied in curved paths, circles, and straight lines.

Another feature is the ready-made three patterns on a transparent background.

Pros & Benefits:

  • More applicable to making card invitations, scrapbook art, postcards, and illustration patterns
  • Different varieties available in a floral theme for roses, lilies, leaves, wreaths and many more
  • Ready-made pattern with transparent background
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9. Winter Christmas and Fall Brushes

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Source: Popmarleo Shop at

Spring may be the most favorite season when you want to see flowers in full bloom, but in other countries, autumn is the highlight for appreciating the beauty of leaves.

This is the season where leaves turn shades of brown or red, and they fall to the ground like a dreamy landscape.

If you want to use leaves with less chlorophyll in them and go for autumn colors, this brush set is for you.

But hold up, if you also want leaves in the Christmas winter season, who says no to pine leaves?

This brush set is a 2-in-1 seasonal package of leaves, that is, winter and fall.

The brush set, which costs from $4 to $40 (depending on the license type), will give you access to 32 fall and winter brushes.

This floral brush collection is specifically compatible with Illustrator.

All of them have a hand-drawn look to give a more artistic raw approach.

Your favorite autumn colors are vividly captured by this brush set, perfect for your fall theme.

On the other hand, subdued, washed, and pastel colors are available to achieve the winter Christmas theme.

Vector files are in AI and EPS, but raster images are also made available in separate JPEG and PNG files.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for seasonal fall and winter-themed artworks
  • Hand-drawn look for a more artistic raw approach
  • Highlights both brown, reddish shades of fall colors and subdued pastel winter colors
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10. Autumn Leaves Vector Brushes Set

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Source: Voysla’s Shop at

Not satisfied with the fall leaf brushes from Item No. 9?

Don’t worry; your woes are being heard because this brush set is specially dedicated to showcasing the warm colors of autumn leaves!

Just taking a look at those vibrant full colors in autumn shades takes you to your imagination of walking along with the lined autumn trees of Tuileries Garden in Paris, France, or in Nami island of South Korea.


This brush set costs between $5 to $20, depending on the license type.

Expect to receive fully editable vector files in AI and EPS, as well as raster files in JPEG file with clipping paths and 37 separate PNG files with transparent background.

All of these leaf brush elements are available in high resolution: 5000 x 5000 px in 300 DPI.

Leaf brush patterns have a wide variety with red, yellow, and light green maple leaves, oak leaves, spade leaves, and some more typical shapes.

Using these leaf patterns are not confusing at all, because all you have to do is draw a line, curve or circle, choose the pattern brush of your liking, and you’re done!

As advised by the creator, make sure to press the F5 button on the keyboard after opening the EPS file in Adobe Illustrator to see the brushes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has sought-after designs of autumn maple and oak leaved
  • Can easily make your customized decorations in curves or wreaths
  • High-resolution files in both vector and raster
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Final Thoughts

There you have it.

We have gone through the 10 best leaf brush Illustrator sets to hopefully give you choices depending on your needs.

If you have used some of the leaf brush sets within this list or have tried better options, please do comment about them below and let’s discuss!

Go forth and unleash your creativity, folks!

For more brush sets, do check our other articles below.




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