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10 Best Leaf Clipart Illustration Sets

Adding a leaf clipart to an artwork, instantly, makes it soothing to the eyes.

It’s simple shape accounts for its serene and calming vibes.

Leaf clip arts are used in a variety of media like greeting cards, graphic logos, item packets, wallpapers, and other similar platforms. 

Below, we have collated the 10 best leaf clipart illustration sets to make your search easier.


1. JUST GREEN Leaves Greenery Foliage

leaf clipart


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Selling for as little as $10, this foliage and greenery design is an attractive piece that instantly adds style to your desired project.

It adds an absolute freshness to the surface it is placed on with its vibrant colors and earthy look that makes one feel closer to nature.

This design is one that every wedding planner should have in his arsenal.

It is just perfect for invitation cards.

This clipart is also suitable for events like bridal showers or as the design for a gift such as a scrapbook, diary, wall poster, and so on.

It is impossible to go wrong with this clip art as it can be used ion anything.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple use
  • Includes bonus arrangements
  • Adds earthy look to artwork
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2. Foliage – Watercolor Leaves

leaf clipart
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This clip art set can be used to make a logo for your brand or placed as a design for your stationery items.

It is aesthetically pleasing and can be used to spice up the cover of a photo album, a friendly letter, or the body of a business card.

The amount of things you can style with this watercolor set is infinite.

It is a top choice for many designers.

The product has a transparent background.

This enables easy layering.

Using this illustration set adds a classy feel to every medium.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Background is transparent
  • Offers four bonus arrangements
  • Looks flawless
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3. Sunny Watercolor Floral Collection

leaf clipart
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This clip art set consists of many floral patterns with different backgrounds, which gives the luxury of choice.

Using this as a theme for a wedding would be such a brilliant idea because the colorful nature of the flowers brings about a blissful feeling.

Creating designs with these illustrations would be a lot of fun as some various patterns and styles can be used for different purposes.

When designing, this particular collection should not be overlooked. There is no way a random person will not fall in love with it at first sight.

It is available in PNG and JPG, making it usable in Adobe Photoshop, which most designers find very convenient. 

People that prefer making presentations would also find this collection valuable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Colorful
  • Has a lot of options to choose from
  • Eye catching
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4. Watercolor Tropical Leaves

leaf clipart
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This fantastic handmade collection of clip arts is only available as an electronic copy.

They are 12 in number and do not need any form of editing before use.

Getting an elite clip art set like this for just $2.92 is such a steal because there are so many things to be applied to.

The backgrounds are transparent to enable seamless application on the graphic that you want.

After purchasing the item, the buyer would get a link to download the set so that they can begin to use it to design what they want.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ready to use
  • Backgrounds are transparent
  • Easy download.
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5. Watercolor Herbs and Spices

leaf clipart

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These bright, vibrant green designs are a sight to behold

Looking at them gives the feeling of breathing in a lot of fresh air in an open field with newly cut vegetables and fruits.

The complete package consists of more than 59 PNG of wild herb patterns that you can load up to Adobe Photoshop for your design purposes.

Many uses can be found for this particular set of clip arts such as wallpapers, greeting cards, invitation cards, wrapping papers, themes for websites, and so on.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Many uses
  • Attractive
  • Easy to use.
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6. Watercolor Leaves Clipart, Hand-Painted Greenery Illustrations

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Firstly, the fact that this clip art set costs only $3.44 is unbelievable.

This is because there are over 50 crisp works to choose from.

Secondly, it features over 50 high-quality clip art that can be downloaded, printed, or used electronically.

Thirdly, this clip art is free if you want to use it for a non-commercial purpose.

Fourthly, they are hand-painted and look very pleasing to the eye.

Moreover, it can be used on complimentary cards, photo albums, wedding souvenirs, and other related items.

Finally, all the leaf clip arts are put into zip files for convenience because the individual files are large and have plenty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free to use personally
  • Has attractive colors
  • Customizable
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7. Vintage Botanical Illustrations

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This collection contains over 200 hand-drawn works that are vintage-inspired and is optimized for easy editing to suit the desired purpose.

It is perfect for complimentary styling cards, brand logos, souvenirs, gift items, clothes, gift wrappers, and many more things, both physically and electronically. 

The digital copies of clip arts were carefully produced from the original watercolored version so that the quality would not be altered in any significant way.

The clip arts were created to be scaled to different sizes while retaining the brilliant colors and the intricate details of hand-drawn artwork.

Several elements make up this collection, including Firethorns, Ladybug. Poppies, Grasses, Ivy, Tulips, and others.

Different patterns exist in this set of clip arts; some have a transparent background; others don’t. These are all done so that every user would have the freedom to choose whatever he wants. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Scalable to different sizes while maintaining quality
  • Budget friendly
  • Eye catching
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8. Olive Branch Watercolor & Line Art

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The designs in this set are all in high resolution to ensure it is attractive to anyone that comes across it.

It is built for both web designs and physical print like room wallpapers, wrapping papers, envelopes, greeting cards, stationery items, and so on.

The elements of this collection comprise of beautiful watercolored olive branches and line art.

These elements can be combined to form a colorful design that can be used as a social media post. A brand logo, magazine cover, and other projects.

For a starting price of $16, this product is worth every penny and is so elegantly created that top designers would find it hard to resist the urge to use it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • For use on the web and physical printing
  • Value for money
  • Colorful
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9. Watercolor Clipart Greenery Leaves Branches

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This particular clip art set is only sold as a digital copy as there are no physical copies available and is being sold for only $4, which is an absolute bargain.

It features leaves and branches that are light green, which is exceptionally suitable for weddings and similar ceremonies. 

They are also perfect for wall posters, backgrounds for flyers, the theme for a presentation, scrapbook covers, templates for a print-out, and more.

When this product is purchased, the delivery is instant because the entire 39 clip arts are located in one web address.

The backgrounds are transparent and compatible with Adobe Photoshop to allow for convenient design.

Designers that work with this set find it very interesting to use because it gives them a lot of options

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attractive
  • Budget friendly
  • Multiple uses
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10. Watercolor Leaves Clipart – Green Leaves

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This exquisite clip art set is being sold for $3.75 and is easy to implement in your design works.

The clip art set is packaged in 3 zip files to enable easy download as there is no physical copy, but they can be printed after download.

There are 42 images in all, which gives anybody that purchases these fantastic clip arts the freedom to choose and combine as many skills as possible.

All images have transparent backgrounds that will not obstruct the entirety of the surface that will lie under the clip art.

The collection has simple but elegant designs and is well suited for Thanksgiving cards, invitations to occasions, and gift items.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Transparent background
  • Offers digital download
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Final Thoughts

Fantastic leaf clipart abounds online.

Designers can easily access them to create lovely foliage elements..

The ones mentioned here are the best of them all.

A lot of them are ready to be used and don’t need to be edited.

But it would not hurt to know how to get creative with them.

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