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lemonhead candy font

What Is A Lemonhead Candy Font?

Curious about the Lemonhead Candy font? 

Here’s all you need to know.

It’s a font used for a specific writing style.

Its name originally came from a candy named “Lemonhead Candy,” liked by both kids and adults.

This classic American candy had its name written on top of it in a slightly wavy style with capital and small letters, which later became famous.

Moreover, people started using that style in writing and typing as a new font style. 

Hence, a new font style was invented, which people started using on their shirts, texts and various products, etc.

Where to Get the Lemonhead Candy Font

There are many fonts in candy style that are famous now but none as famous as the Lemonhead Candy font.

People wonder where to get this font from as it’s tough to find online.

Some have just named it “candy font” rather than calling it “Lemonhead candy font.”

Maybe it’s because now other fonts have gained the attention of people.

Like the fashion industry, people follow the trend, but they don’t want it anymore when it’s old-fashioned.

Several websites offer different candy fonts.

Some are free, while others require payment.

However, you can’t find the lemonhead candy font among those easily.

But you can find it on few websites in unicase and a lot of different colors to choose from.

It’s available in all colors.

Moreover, some websites offer to select your color and customize your font as well.

Customization is free on a few websites, but many aren’t.

The only way to get this font is to do the hard work and design it.

Alternatively, ask someone to do the job for you.

Like different people design logos, fonts, etc.

So you can do a little research and find the right person to do the job for you.

Because of the complexity of the work, the person may ask for just a few dollars.

But if you want to do the job yourself and don’t want to spend money, that’s also not a problem.

You might think of this as challenging, but you’ll find that several websites offer this service if you do a little bit of research.

Just provide them with a sample and explain what exactly you need. 

Font Generator 

One such website

You can search for different fonts here as well as create one.

As the name suggests, it generates many new fonts for the visitors.

Just go to the website and select a style.

If you want to customize the font, you can click on the red box with a pencil designed over it.

It will open another page that will help you customize your font the way you want.

They offer a vast selection of fonts, color schemes, designs, etc.

All the designs they have are distinctive in their way.

Some have a wavy style.

Some are more like a perpendicular.

Many are simply straight, yet graceful giving a unique look to the visitors.


So, now it’s time for the history of this font and where it originated from.

This Lemonhead candy name originated from a candy named Lemonhead candy, an American candy brand.

A company named Ferrara first introduced these candies in 1962.

The idea came to “Salvatore Ferrara,” who is the founder of the company.

When his grandson was born, Ferrara saw that he had a lemon shaped-head, so he made all candies look like the head of his grandson.

So, with lemon, head, and candy, he came up with a perfect name for the candy, which was “lemonhead candy“.

As for the logo and packing, it had to be yellowish packing due to the name.

So the company came up with a perfect color combination of yellow, white, and blue.

The logo of the lemonhead with a face and the written font made the candy attractive and appealing to the consumers.

Popularity in America

It was one of the top candies in America.

The main font on the cover was the best and most visible of all.

It was then when it caught the eye of every person who bought that candy.

First in a particular area in America and gradually in different parts of the country.

People started noticing the excellent font style written on top of the candy.

Then, they started copying the same in writing and typing.

After this many candy fonts were invented and are still available on different websites free of cost.

Because of this, there’s a massive variety of fonts-like candy fonts and others too.

Characteristics of the Font

The font itself is bicameral.

A combination of capital and small letters, written in the same size.

The colors used were white, yellow, and blue for the original font.

For this reason, the candy was lemon candy, and the makers thought of it as a color of a lemon, so it had to be yellow.

And thus, they added other colors like white and blue to make the font look more attractive.

On the website, you can have an idea of the appearance of the candy and the font.

This font became popular among many people of different generations.

It has an incredible layout of the font, which makes it outstanding amongst numerous fonts.

For example, it can make your design stand out, making it beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Typically people write and type alphabets either in small or in capital letters, but this font contains both small and capital.

Different people use the Lemonhead Candy font for other purposes due to its distinctive quality.

That’s why it’s unique and catchy.

You can use it for personal and commercial projects, logos, and especially for any items or brand names for kids’ stuff.

Kids used to love these candies, so many other companies targeted and introduced similar fonts to attract children toward their brand. 

Many fonts were introduced after this font calling them candy fonts.

A lot of companies started using this or similar font to attract more people towards their brand.

Some became successful, and some don’t, as it’s not always about the font.


Appearance matters but not in every case.

Many people duplicated this brand but couldn’t get the attention that the lemonhead candy earned.

Uses of the Font

The “lemonhead candy font” was initially used as just the name of a candy font.

It later became famous for its versatile style.

People loved the theme of the candy and started printing the logo on their clothing.

Many started making mugs and other decorations with anything written in the same style with the same or different logo.

Besides, people loved the idea that they started using the same style in brochures, handouts, and leaflets.

Many others still use them for name tags on gifts, birthday parties, events, and weddings.

Several new font styles are also beneficial for many people.

They are used by several people in several schools, work projects, universities, restaurants, and many more!

For instance, people have many different candy fonts on their restaurant’s or shop’s menu cards, making their menu more attractive.

They use several candy fonts as the title name of their shops, making them unique and attractive in every possible way.

Indeed, the font must attract more customers to their shops.

Many people think that it’s because of this font that someone also invented the smiley face idea.

In 1962, this candy was formulated, and after a year in 1963, Harvey Ross Ball created smiley faces.

As a result, they used the same logo for printing but the candy was replaced with smiley faces.

In the beginning, there were not many fonts, just one similar to the candy but many others were introduced with time.

Although the candy was changed, the font remained the same due to its versatile style.

This font became prominent daily and soon took over several writing styles as people began to like it more.

Many invented new writing styles by copying this, but this was the most famous in times.

Stories About the Effects of the Lemonhead Candy

People reported many strange facts after these candies were introduced to the market.

Some people with sore throats reported having relief from it because of these candies.

It’s probably because of the lemon taste they add to these candies.

People spread many rumors among pregnant women about these candies.

Rumors including relief from nausea and travel sickness.

People believed these rumors to be somehow true because the candies were so good to taste that people used to feel good after having one.

Several parents were also convinced about the changes these candies were believed to make on their children’s mood and health.

Parents who did not want their kids to eat more candies were somehow happy to provide their kids with these candies, especially when they had a sore throat and while traveling.

Children were also delighted to get these candies from their parents.

Many people were advised to suck these candies to avoid soreness of the mouth and gums.

This was considered equally good for pregnant women and people going through chemotherapy.

It was believed that sucking these candies helped promote salivation, which was good for people who were undergoing chemotherapy.

Many people without being pregnant or having travel sickness loved these candies due to the unique taste, name, texture, and size.

People loved these candies and developed a lifetime love for these candies.

Fun Facts

There is an amusing and exciting memory that is associated with the lemonhead candy.

When the grandson of the company “Salvatore Ferrara” was born, he thought of the candies to be like his grandson’s head.

And so, he wanted to name them, so he thought of his grandson’s head as being like a lemon.

According to him, his head resembled a lemon.

So, he named the candy lemonhead candy, and that’s how the lemonhead candy font got its name.

Another fun part of this was the logo of the candy.

It had a logo of a boy whom he probably thought of as his grandson.

The toddler has a smile on his face with two tiny, round naughty blue eyes.

These candies are round in shape and are small in size like lemons.

These consist of a sweet as well as sour taste.

Just like lemon, these also are gluten-free and fat-free.

Due to the popularity of these candies, the company thought of making a new version of these candies.

So the company came up with the plan of making these candies in the name and shape of other fruits.

Now there are other candies as well, like grapeheads, cherryheads, and appleheads.

These candies are also good in taste, but none became as famous as the lemonhead candies because of the unique style and amusing history of their invention.

Creation of Candy Fonts

Because of this font, many other fonts were evolved by different people and companies.

Even today, the internet is full of fonts, including candy fonts.

These candy fonts are appealing and unique in several ways.

Many websites offer these fonts.

Many of them are free of cost, but some are not.

Thus, they require extra efforts like some changes and professional customization.

These websites give you the luxury to check your font after completing the color scheme, patterns, etc.

These fonts are available in many colors, designs, and styles.

All are unique and classy in their way.

Many people from different fields go to these websites and access these fonts to complete their projects, assignments, or other extra activities.

Many people working in different industries also visit these websites and get access to these fonts.

They use them in several presentations, artworks, logos, themes, and writing styles.

Many people use such fonts in decorations as well.

They take prints of these fonts and use them as wall hangings for specific names, events, or tags.

These candy fonts are very easy to get online.

Check out to see different variations of Lemonhead Candy font.

This website gives you unlimited fonts, which you can use for commercial use too.

You can get unlimited fonts from there.

This website gives you unlimited fonts which can be used for commercial use too.


When the company first introduced the Lemonhead Candy font, it became bread and butter for a few people.

Over time, more people started realizing its worth.

So, they tried to start anything with the idea of selling stuff with this font.

Soon many people started taking advantage of this.

Many started their printing agencies with several fonts and slowly including other materials in the business.

Various people expanded their agencies and started delivering printing leaflets, brochures, and banners to various people.

Then, others started making bookmarks and name tags with these fonts.

They used to sell them to several shops as well as on social media.

People earned a lot of money from this by targeting a particular group of people like students, teachers, and readers.

There are still a few left that operates this business.

However, due to the advancement in science and technology, people have lost interest in book reading.

Thus, the business of the bookmarks industry was highly affected.

Whatever people would want to learn about, they would go to the internet and read all about it.

So these fonts have become an excellent way for many people to earn their living.

Many of them still own stable companies and are making their living because of these fonts.

Hence, these fonts can be of great financial support for many people.

Final Thoughts

The Lemonhead Candy font has gone a long way.

It originated from a candy pack and became a popular font style. 

Though there’s not much information available online regarding this, it’s still available on a few websites for users.

But because of many other fonts, people forget the main font because there are so many candy fonts.

This font was and still is a good font to use for logos and commercial projects.

Many other candy fonts are still in use, especially for commercial and non-commercial projects, assignments, and writings, because of the lemonhead candy font.

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