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Amazing AI Avatars  EASY with LENSA Ultimate Guide

Amazing AI Avatars EASY with LENSA Ultimate Guide

Here’s a complete guide using Lensa AI avatars.

Did you ever want to be an astronaut, a freedom fighter, or a rockstar?

Using Lensa you can create dozens of AI avatars with no technical knowledge in a matter of minutes.

lensa ai avatars complete guide

You will input your own images and you’ll get out a set of AI-generated avatars.

These will be of a mixture of quality, but some will be excellent and much of it depends on the quality of the images that you put in.

How to Make Your Own AI Avatar

1. Upload Photos

Once you come into Lenser you’re going to tap on the top left-hand corner.

lensa ai avatars complete guide

It says to find magic avatars.

Here you need to upload up to 20 photos with a minimum of 10.

It should be the same person in all photos and no other people in the photo.

lensa ai avatars complete guide

Selfies and portrait photos are what you need so don’t use long body shots.

It’s good to have a variety of backgrounds a variety of facial expressions and a variety of head angles.

No photoshoots because it’s the same setting and this doesn’t help the AI learn what you look like, what’s your face like.

You need lots of different situations.

No nudity.

lensa ai avatars complete guide

Keep those nipples on the wraps, you know, enslave the nipple.

So, remember the final results will highly depend on how strictly you follow the requirements.

It’s time to start selecting your images.

So go through and find up to 20 photos.

It’s really important here that you pick photos where you actually like how you look.

And that they’re high quality, well shot and they’re flatteringis my example.

I put a couple in of myself where I was a little bit like I’ve had a little glass of Vivino there.

Don’t look my best and it did not help with a few of these.

This is because it takes an incredible amount of influence from individual photos to create new avatars.

lensa ai avatars complete guide

So, if there’s one photo that you didn’t like, it’s going to create maybe 10 photos based exactly around that expression.

That angle of yourself and if you don’t like it, it’s just going to be 10 avatars wasted.

2. Select Your Gender

Then you must select your gender.

lensa ai avatars complete guide

So, I am a male.

3. Select a Pack

Next up we have to select what pack we would like.

lensa packs

So, you have three options here and you have to pay for this, unfortunately.

That is a little caveat but it’s reasonable.

It’s roughly two dollars for the smallest pack.

Three dollars for the hundred-image pack.

And four dollars for the 200-image pack.

I would recommend the first time you run this that you pick a smaller pack to save some money.

And then once you understand which images are working well you can upload those again and redo them for a larger pack.

You’ll then have to sit back and wait whilst your images are uploaded to the server and processed by their computers where the AI learns what you look like.

And it then generates your images.

generate images

Now I have a remaining timer for 20 minutes.

You can notify yourself when it’s done or just hide the screen.

4. Get Your Images

And then finally you get your images outputted.

You’ll have different packs.

superhero pack

You’ll have superheroes, you’ll have a stylish, version of yourself looking very sexy.

stylish avatar

Well, this one’s giving me a very large forehead.

And you’ll get a huge variety of yourself from animate, astronauts, to adventure.

It does give you different images if you are a woman as well it has a different theme, and you can see that some of them are not excellent.

animated avatar

This one doesn’t really look like me and there are some artifacts inside the image.

Some particularities.

5. Save Your Avatars

And after this, you can save all your avatars at the top by clicking save all avatars you can save in 4k or in standard resolution.

saving options

That’s it.

And now you can get yourself a fancy new profile photo.

An excellent Tinder update or just something to sit back and dream about.

7 Tips to Get the Best AI Avatar

And here are seven things you need to do to get the most out of Lensa

You can take your AI avatars from this.

ai avatar

To this.

lensa avatar

1. Pick the Right Photos

Lensa takes an incredible amount of influence from individual photos.

If you upload a photo that you don’t like where it’s unflattering you will end up with 10 to 20 avatars based exactly on that photo.

2. Use Recent Photos

Make sure to use recent photos.

If you use a photo from a few years ago when you’re a couple of kilos lighter they won’t look so much like you.

3. Use a Variety of Angles

Make sure to use a variety of angles.

To help train the AI, it’s important to include a number of different expressions.

4. Use a Solo Shot

Make sure there are no other people inside the shot.

This stops the AI from merging you with another face.

5. Use Well-Lit Photos

Make sure that your photos are well-lit.

Avoid anything covering the face.

6. Use High-Quality Photos

Make sure they’re of high quality.

Choose one photo that is straight onto the camera while you’re directly looking at the camera at eye level.

Here is a selection of photos that I have used and I’ve got good results with these.

example photo

7. Avoid Heavy Shadows

And if you’re not happy with the images you get out to go, again try to refine the images that you select to train the AI on and submit it for another 100 or 200 avatars.

You will slowly get a feel for what images are working well if you have an image of yourself that you really like.

But it’s a little bit low resolution.

You can use a free image upscaler.

free image upscaler

And this will allow you to double or quadruple the resolution which will give you a greater chance of getting good effects inside of Lensa.

I’ll leave a link to this in the description below.

It’s very easy to use all you have.

To do is select a photo.

Drop it in.

And you can select two or four hundred percent.

My last tip is I recommend going for 200 avatars.

The more that you get processed the more likely you are to get ones that are successful.

Important Things to Note

A couple of important things to note is you might be concerned about your photos being uploaded and given to this company.

And the company behind Lensa AI is PRISMA LABS.

And they told TechCrunch that it uses AWS cloud services to process users photos.

As soon as an AI model is trained on a user’s photos the images are immediately deleted.

I think these will explode in popularity in the next couple of weeks.

And everyone on your news feed will be having a new fancy profile photo.

There is a huge appeal to these photos.

The fact that it creates a better version of yourself is extremely arousing.

I mean I believe that we all want to be fully and deeply in love with ourselves.

And in some ways this allows us to see ourselves from our best sight.

It’s bringing AI to the masses in an easy-to-use way which allows us not to have to fiddle about with a perhaps overwhelming and complicated web UI of Stable Diffusion where we have to train our own models.

But it’s taking a very coherent clear user experience and giving us excellent results.

Final Thoughts

But now don’t trust any attractive photo you’ll see over humans, and you should never have done that anyway.

Its time to live our best lives in AI and it’s time to look delightful.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you’re interested in learning how to create your own AI art using Midjourney, which I think is the most advanced AI art generator.

You can check out my courses in the description below.

I’m Samson Vowles, this is Delightful Design.

Have a delightful day.

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