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lightroom presets for product photography

10 Best Lightroom Presets For Product Photography

Professional photographers do take seriously the Lightroom presets for product photography they use.

Understandably, ‘picture perfect’ photographs are their bread and butter.

They spend a good amount of time enhancing photos.

So they will surely go after any software that can make their lives easier.

Lightroom by Adobe is one of the sought-after software in photo editing.

It is built only for photo editing.

It’s extra efficient with presets added to it.

Lightroom presets are like a mini hack.

They color correct any photo to a specific set tone.

We have handpicked the ten best Lightroom presets for product photography.

1. Professional Product LR Presets by Be-Art Presets

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This preset is your toolbox for fixing and retouching any issues in your images of products and enhancing their overall look.

You will find Lightroom presets and brushes for exposure fixes, color adjustments, finishing touches in this collection.

They will give you a sharp, bright, smooth, and eye-catching look.

Now in just a few clicks, you can make beautiful, clean product images.

This Lightroom product presets and brushes will fix any color casts in your pictures, and makes your color a higher version.

You can even white balance the photo, which is needed in most cases and also sharpen specific details. 

These presets are designed to offer a professional finish to your goods.

This set is great for photos of flat layers and bloggers reviewing the items.

This preset includes 79 Product photography presets with 15 retouches presets for the final touch to the photos.

You can get this preset for $24 for a personal license.

You can also get a commercial and extended commercial license for $29 and $116, respectively.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with Lightroom 4 and the above versions
  • Preset works on both the Mac-OS version and the Windows version of computers
  • Compatible with both JPEG and RAW images

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2. 30 Product Photography Lr Presets by

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This Lightroom Presets & Photoshop Bundle Kit Product Photography comes with 30 advanced Camera Presets.

This is especially designed for product photographs.

With these beautiful templates, all built to help you achieve a seamless look on your stock, product, and e-commerce images.

They also have been optimized to match all your photography needs to breathe new life into your edits.

These presets include 30 premium to edit your photos. 

These preset also include 30 Camera Raw Photoshop to enhance the raw camera photos in one click.

A unique feature of this preset is it is non-destructive while editing the photos.

Some preset damages the picture while editing, and this is not that.

Moreover, a unique feature is its compatibility with both Photoshop and Lightroom software.

This is a bonus for photo editors.

You can download this preset for $23 for personal licenses.

You can also upgrade to a commercial and extended commercial for $28 and $92.

This is a pretty good deal. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with Lightroom 4.0 and higher versions
  • Compatible with both Lightroom and Photoshop for editing
  • One-click feature to create professional edit of your photos

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3. 40 Product Photography Preset Lightroom

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When you put your product on the white backdrop, it will be white, not brown.

Lightroom software picture templates will remedy that using presets to enhance contrast in the shot.

Lightroom video editing is an integral part of the workflow of photography, particularly food photography. 

And if you get an excellent outcome straight from the camera, you will never upload photos as-is.

To market your products fairly and competently, you must correct your pictures.

When you just want to make more income from your company, then this Lightroom preset would be a competitive option.

This has 40 Lightroom presets, which are great for product image editing along with mobile presets.

White and Black tone editing is the main feature of this preset pack.

You can get this pack at $21 for personal license use.

Commercial and Extended commercial license is available for $24 and $42, respectively.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Preset is compatible with Lightroom 4,5 and 6 CC
  • Can also work on the mobile version
  • Free Bonus– Black and white essentials
  • Works on both raw and JPEG images

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4. Free Product Preset by Photonify

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Many presets are available for a fee.

However, you can use this preset free of charge which is available on the Photonify website.

This preset was carefully designed by a skilled photographer and Lightroom specialists.

They were designed to make them look beautiful with several different types of cameras and picture brands.

Of course, it should be remembered that not every preset can fit every picture.

So please try to find the right one for your photos.

Each preset is also completely editable, so you can make the picture beautiful!

Even though it is free, this works completely fine as like any other paid present.

This is fully customizable according to the user’s preferences.

You can get this free bundle for … ha-ha. I am joking!

It’s free.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You can use this for Free
  • Easy to download and use
  • Compatible with any Lightroom version

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5. Desktop Lightroom Preset by Victoria Bee Presets

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This Huckleberry Lightroom preset is used for interior and product photo editing.

The clean and bright color is just what you need for product sample pictures of your item.

By using these presets, you can build your photo editing signature look.

This preset has seven varieties of color tones for the perfect product and interior editing.

This preset is only available for the desktop version and not for the mobile version.

You can get this preset for just $9 for your personal use.

The commercial and extended commercial use costs around $11 and $36, respectively.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works on every Lightroom available
  • Contains the color tone for both interior and product photo editing
  • Costs less compared to other presets

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6. Food Collection Presets by Be-Art Presetsfood-photography-lightroom-presets.jpg

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This preset will undoubtedly give you the variety and inspiration you need to produce the perfect photograph of food.

Despite Instagram and Twitter’s present generation, food photography is, and will still be, a unique art-form.

Food photography is usually done in tightly managed studios where anything from temperature to illumination is closely monitored.

It frequently demands excessive quantities of time, energy, and man-hours, not to mention a very professional photographer and food stylist.

The settings and features of Food Collection allow you to add dark and moody effects.

This includes:

  • Colder and warmer tones
  • Matte and HDR influence
  • Color and clarity boost
  • Access to some subdued tone choices

By using one of these Lightroom, Food presets, your picture will switch from dreary to electrifying with only a button press or a quick keystroke.

This preset contains 40 specific Lightroom presets for a variety of food tones and image editing. 

It also contains 40 presets for the mobile version of Lightroom.

This is amazing!

You’ll have another 40 presets for photoshop editing. 

Finally, another 40 presets for raw camera photo editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. 

You can buy this preset for $29 and have a fantastic food photo editing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You get lifetime free updates for this preset pack
  • Compatible for both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Works in Lightroom 4 and above
  • Works on Photoshop CS6 and above

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Lightroom presets for Interior design, architecture, real estate, industrial photography and restaurants industry

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Real Estate, interior, construction, industrial design, and restaurant industry all need stunning indoor or outdoor photos for attracting audiences.

Interior and Real Estate Photography’s most critical aspect is to keep whites clean, to make the room comfortable and welcoming.

Take a picture of your house and gentle lighting creates an aura that forges an emotional bond with prospective buyers.

The Interior and Architecture Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Acts, and ACR Presets series will enhance your indoor and outdoor photography.

Moreover, it will save you endless hours of frustration during editing.

The series contains Lightroom Presets, ACR Presets, Photoshop Behavior.

Both amateur and experienced photographers will find this series relevant to their work.

At the same time, interior designers, architects, and (among others) real estate brokers will be delighted with the outcome of their work.

Without losing consistency or investing hours, you can change:

  • Light and shadow
  • Color
  • Highlights
  • Contrast

You can do all those on one picture or several images at a time.

This preset contains 40 specific Lightroom presets for a variety of interior image editing.

This preset contains 40 specific Photoshop presets for a variety of interior image editing in your desired photoshop software.

Lastly, another 40 presets for raw camera photo editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. 

You can download this preset for $29 easily from the website.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You get lifetime free updates for this preset pack
  • Compatible for both Windows and Mac OS
  • Works in Lightroom 4 and above
  • Works on Photoshop CS6 and above

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8. Pro Product Photography Presets by Creative Creator

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These presents give you a new look for your pictures.

These presets can offer outstanding light and tone in your images without sacrificing quality.

This preset has been used to edit a wide variety of images.

You’ll be pleased with the outcome because the picture will look pleasant, exclusive, and professional.

These presets are designed especially for a photographer.

By using this effect, a professional photographer can save precious time.

Do you want to edit your photos with a fresh, trendy look?

You just need this preset.

This preset is tested in every Lightroom version and gives a classy and professional look to your photo in one glance.

You need no camera calibration profile to use this.

The after edit of this preset is powerful and can be used for both websites and media print.

You can download this preset for $9 for personal use.

The commercial and extended licenses will come around $15 and $32, respectively. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible for both Mac and Windows OS
  • Personal license is pocket friendly
  • Works on every Lightroom Version released

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9. Perfect Product Lightroom Presets by I&M Lightroom Presets

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Product picture editing has rendered Lightroom templates, quick and fast with these 30 great Lightroom Presets.

This set is your toolbox for optimizing and retouching any problems you may find in your product images.

Just a few clicks, you can make beautiful, clean product images.

This Lightroom software preset will remove any color casts in your pictures, and make your whites very white.

Designed to offer a bright, sharp, and eye-catching look to your Brand Photography.

Attract more shoppers by taking better photographs of the items.

You can download these presets for $12 for your personal use.

For commercial and extended commercial use, it would cost $15 and $48, respectively. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible for any Lightroom Version
  • Easy to use and effective
  • 30 Different presets for a wide range of editing

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10. 9 Product Photography Preset by PresetsForLife9 PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Presets HDR Product Presets for Mobile image 0

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These presets are Lightroom Presets for the white background that every seller needs for product photography.

It is designed for the mobile Lightroom to take your product shots to the next level.

Instagram filter sets BRIGHT HDR Package is tailored to fit all your photography needs.

It can sharpen your pictures and highlight specifics, brighten up your whites, turn up your shades, make your goods brighter and contrast.

For most situations, you’ll get the desired result with only one click on your frame.

So, of course, because of the wide variety of images and templates, you can do many things with your photos.

There is a special offer which is, buy one get one free for a limited time and it is available now. 

You can get this preset for $3.41. This is one the cheapest preset available in the market. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has three different tones for editing, which are Bright, Cool, and Warm
  • Compatible for all Lightroom versions available
  • Buy one get one offer, and the product is pocket friendly

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Final Thoughts

We are pretty sure these presets will surely enhance your product photos.

There are also many presets available for different kinds of categories, and we shall also get that list to you soon.

Until then, enjoy editing with the presets we curated for you and some of these 20 Free Lightroom for Presets .

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