line drawing pictures of flowers

10 Best Line Drawing Picture Packs of Flowers

Delight everyone with line drawing pictures of flowers!

With the current state of our world, where almost everyone is encouraged to stay at home, the time spent outside is few and far between.

Even when you can leave your home, stopping and smelling the flowers isn’t an option.

This prolonged time indoors can be both mentally and emotionally draining. 

Luckily, if you can’t enjoy nature as much as you want, you can bring a little touch of it into your life.

This is possible by getting these packs of line drawing pictures of flowers, each offering its style of artistry.

Use them to:

  • Decorate the walls of your home
  • Add a little more pizzazz to invitations and letters for your faraway friends
  • Spruce up your social media account

1. Botanical Line Drawings by Delightful Design 

line drawing pictures of flowers

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Are you looking for a multitude of images to display on the walls of your home?

Are you thinking of sprucing up the profile pictures or banners of your social media accounts?

Then, this Botanical Line Drawing pack by Delightful Design is perfect for you.

This pack features:

  • 32 Hand-drawn line illustrations
  • Easy to edit
  • Ready to use
  • Compatible with standard software such as Canva, Infinity, Photoshop, or Illustrator,
  • Budget friendly at 37 dollars

All the pieces in this pack were carefully and artfully drawn.

Moreover, they were made using one continuous line!

This technique gives each image a new look of elegance.

Additionally, having 32 options is the just the right number.

You have enough for variety, at the same time, it will not be frustrating to make a choice.

Decide between drawings of flowers, leaves, or a combination of both.

This pack gives you the freedom to let your inner artist shine and add a touch of nature in whatever projects you have to tackle.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • 32 pieces in one pack
  • Compatible with several software
  • Drawn-by-hand
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2. Flower Prints Set of 3 by VividPictures

line drawing pictures of flowers

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This flower pack set comes in a compact set of 3 by VividPictures.

It comes with only three pieces of distinct flowers, each one having a minimalist and modern style.

The simplicity of the drawings in this pack will ensure simple artistry at its best.

Moreover, these images will not clash with the other artistic elements should you choose to mix and match.

You can get this pack for around 11 dollars only.

The files in this pack are in JPG and come in three different sizes, 18×24, 16×20, and 11×14.

But if you have specific sizing needs, it is entirely possible to contact the artist for custom dimensions. 

 Pros & Benefits:

  • High resolution 300 DPI
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Customizable dimensions
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3. Line Drawing Delicate Flowers by Olya Creative Art

line drawing pictures of flowers

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If you prefer to stick to one kind of design and would instead not mix and match different types of flowers and leaves together, you should check out this set of line drawing delicate orchid flowers by Olya Creative Art.

This simple pack includes 11 elements of flowers, wreaths, and frames, all inspired by the beauty of orchids.

Because this pack’s design focuses on one specific flower, it’ll be much easier to make whatever you’re looking to spruce up, be it your wallpaper, cards, or even wedding invitations, more detailed while maintaining cohesion.

This pack comes in PNG, AI, and SVG vector files.

It let’s you have the option to edit the colors, so if you’re tired of black on a light background, you can add a little more variety to your designs.

 Not to mention, this entire pack is only 10 dollars!

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Fully editable colors
  • Infinitely resizable vector files
  • Multi-use design
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4. Modern One Line Floral Drawings by Emmy Kalia

line drawing pictures of flowers


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This Modern One Line Floral Drawing pack by Emmy Kalia caters to those who think simplicity is the best design.

 Included in this 20-dollar pack are two sets of 30 one line florals, one using a black outline, and the other gold. 

The added gold drawings give you the option to use more than just a white background and let the gold details pop.

This pack also comes with four silhouette florals, and four seamless patterns, all in PNG and Vector AI, EPS, meaning you can edit the files without any special software.

 The designs in this pack are ready-to-use and can add more modern air to any project.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes one line drawings, silhouettes, and patterns
  • Ready-to-use designs
  • Come in a variety of sizes.
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5. Botanical Print Set of 3 by ZuriCasa Decor

line drawing pictures of flowers


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Nature is filled with elaborate designs.

 If you’re looking for a set of drawings that is not-so-simple and more closely captures this complexity of nature’s artistry, this is the pack for you.

 This Botanical Print Set of 3 by ZuriCasaDecor only costs around 13 dollars and comes in seven sizes.

This pack comes in PDF format at 300 dpi.

It’s super easy to use that you can print them using your home printer!

And don’t feel limited to using these designs on paper, these designs are printable on fabrics, plastics, and ceramics as well.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Available in seven sizes
  • High resolution 
  • Print-ready
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6. 4 Pack Botanical Minimal Line Art by TheAngelinosArt

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If minimal, bold lines are more your style, then this pack of four minimal botanical line art flowers by theAngelinosArt is definitely for you.

The pack comes with four hand-drawn black-and-white flower designs, all in PDF format.

They’re so easy to use that you can simply print them using your home printer.

Print them, put them in frames, hang them on your walls, and your home is immediately more aesthetic, all for just 12 dollars.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • High resolution
  • Print-ready
  • Multiple use
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7. 100 Hand Drawn Flowers by NatalieArtShop

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If you’re still unable to find a design that fits your styling needs, look no further, this pack of 100 Hand-Drawn Flowers by NatalieArtShop will be perfect for you.

Following the principle of “the more, the merrier,” having one hundred options, all created with bold and crisp lines, you can rest assured that this pack will have the image that you’re looking for.

 Even better, having a hundred options, and the ability to use elements together, means you’ll have even more combinations to choose from and use. 

Plus, you can have this pack for less than 20 dollars, talk about a bargain! 

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • High resolution
  • Comes in a black and white version
  • Vector files compatible with editors such as Adobe Illustrator
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8. Botanical Line Illustrations (Vol.1) by Marsala Digital

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Struggling to find design elements that will work together?

If you are, it might help you choose from a pack that offers a little more uniformity in its design.

This Botanical Line Illustrations (Vol1) by Marsala Digital offers thirty drawings, each one featuring a different plant or flower, but all have the same general style using soft, delicate strokes.

The consistency in style will give your stationery, logos, cards, and social media posts the cohesion that your heart desires, for less than 15 dollars.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • High resolution
  • Transparent background
  • Comes in editable vector files
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9. Outlined Flowers by VictoriaKStudio

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Maybe you want a design that’s a little less cartoon-like and minimalist, a design that’s a touch more realistic. 

This pack of Outlined Flowers by VictoriaKStudio offers precisely that.

Containing only three high-quality designs in AI, EPS, PNG. And JPG formats, which this pack lacks in variety, make up for the complexity and realism of each of the three hand-drawn botanical elements.

All this for less than ten dollars!

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Hand-drawn
  • Realistic
  • High resolution
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10. Floral Stems: Botanical Illustration by Sarah Ann Design


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If you’re looking for something to design wedding invitations with, what better to use than a pack specifically designed with that in mind?

 This pack by Sarah Ann Design features 18 different flowers and leaves and includes bonus files of pre-made crest combinations and laurels. 

 The files are ready-to-use, and come in several formats, including Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and PNG files, making them compatible with several standard editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

 Don’t let what the pack was initially made for limit your, other than to beautify wedding invitations; you can use them for website graphics, your stationery the sky’s the limit!

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  • Bonus pre-made crest combinations and laurels
  • Scalable
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Final Thoughts

Whether it’s for wedding stationery, website graphics, t-shirts, wall art, or even stickers for your bullet journal, a little touch of nature is a good idea.

Fortunately, there are many packs of line drawing pictures of flowers to choose from, and the ten best options are listed.

All you have to do is look for the style and format that best fits your needs.

If you think we missed a pack, please feel free to comment down below.

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