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10 Best Procreate Lip Color Palettes(Paid & Free)

Have you been looking for a more suitable Procreate lip color palette that you can get for an affordable price or even for free?

This article will present to you the best lip color palettes that you can use in your portraits.

Creating portraits is not an easy task, especially if it’s a commissioned one.

You need to be able to approximate the colors of your subject to get a realistic semblance of the features.

We did the research for you, so you can have the best Procreate lip color palette, both free and paid.

No matter what color are the lips of your subject, you’ll definitely find them in our curated list below.

1. 10 Best Procreate Lip Color Palettes

lip color palette procreate fre

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If I need to bring just one make-up product with me, it will be a tube of lipstick.

It will not only keep my lips from drying, but it’s the only product that adds instant color to my face.

I feel more confident and glowing with lipstick.

Without it, my face looks so washed out.

Therefore, ensure riveting portraits by using the right lip colors.

Delightful Design helps you with this task by giving you 300 hues of lip colors.

With this significant number of colors, you need not use, not to say, buy any other palette.

Moreover, Delightful Design gives these palettes out for FREE.

All you have to do is download the collection, then paint away!

Pros & Benefits:

  • A comprehensive set of color palettes
  • Instant download
  • Time-saving tool
  • FREE

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2. Lipstick 3 Procreate Palettes 90 Colors


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KarinNicoleDesigns, a fellow artist and Etsy vendor, designed this palette with her fellow artists in mind.

She has a variety of palettes to choose from, which includes another one of these similar palettes.

By providing three colors of each hue, she has made it handy for unique artists to include shading in their artwork.

She selected shades that have been inspired with the aid of her favorite Kylie Jenner and MAC lipstick shades.

This incredible palette is accessible for download as a digital file.

You should first open the file on your iPad to view the information.

If you’re looking out for more of a variety of lip colors for your artwork, this is an excellent place to start due to the fact she’s presenting an extraordinary deal.

If you are having trouble deciding between palettes, she’s introduced an excellent exact deal where you can get any six palettes for just $10.

They cost $6 for all 90 colors.

What a magnificent deal!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Inspired by Kylie Jenner and MAC
  • Seller is also an artist and uses her own palettes
  • Providing 3 of each color makes shading easy

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3. 4 Free Procreate Color Palettes

lip color palette procreate free

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This is by a long way the best one on the list.

No, seriously, this one is amazing.

You will receive a digital download of not just one lip palette but four complete palettes.

You also get other color palettes in this bundle.

I’m sure you can make use of them in different ways.

This is the place to go if you’re looking out for some free palettes.

The developer, Emily Underworld, is giving out four palettes for free on her website.

Vintage pastels, enchanted woods, an ice cream palette, and a lipstick palette are amongst the palettes included in this set.

All of them are exceptional palettes that you can use with Procreate.

Even if you do not intend to make use of all of them, having them delivered to your Procreate app isn’t a terrible idea either.

What do you have to lose if they’re all free?

Pros & Benefits: 

  • FREE!
  • Offers three other color palettes to go with the lipstick color palette
  • The best deal of them all because it’s free

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4. Lipstick Procreate 90 Color Palette


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KarinNicoleDesigns has created yet another lovely lip color palette.

This is the 2nd palette set that goes with the first one I referred to above in number 1.

But this palette is a touch brighter. 

However, it’s still lovely.

There are many one-of-a-kind lovely colors of pinks and reds.

Also, it appears like this palette has a few warmer, more neutral tones.

I love that this artist thinks about her consumers when it comes to developing palettes to sell.

She offers three colorings of each shade on the palette to help aid you when you shade your artwork.

I additionally have to mention. 

She makes use of these palettes as well, so you know she took a lot of time making them available to others for a small fee.

These colors had been additionally influenced by the usage of her preferred Kylie Jenner and MAC lipstick tones.

The palette consists of 90 distinct shades and costs $6.

The brilliant deal of buying any 6 for $10 applies to this palette as well.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 90 extra shades in a collection of six palettes
  • Good deal at $6
  • Buying more gives you a discount

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5. 210 Procreate Lip Color Palette

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This high-quality 210 lipstick color palette is truly what you’ve been searching for.

You get 210 one-of-a-kind colors from this color palette.

Consider how many unique shades there are to pick from.

Could you use all these colors?

I assume it would take a while to get through all of these stunning colors.

Eventually, though, you will be glad you bought it when you need a shade and do not want to use the eyedropper in Procreate to make it yourself.

It would be right at your fingertips.

This palette was produced by LiuBiArt and is only compatible with the Procreate software program on the iPad Pro or iPad 2018 when used with an Apple pencil or related stress-sensitive pens.

So, be sure you have the proper device and software program before buying this one because most merchants will not allow you to return products.

You can buy this 210-color lip palette at a modest price of $4 from the Etsy store.

It’s such a fantastic deal for all those colors.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • With 210 colors
  • Price is only $4 for a lot of colors
  • Bang for your buck

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6. Lipstick Color Palette

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This is the lip shade palette to go with if you’re looking for a more adventurous choice.

These colors are gorgeous for every season.

You could even use some of these colors mixed with an autumn palette to make some truly lovely shading.

DezignsbyKristen designed this special one with beautiful, vivid colors.

She developed this palette with the harmony of each hue in mind.

This 30-color palette has some of the most attractive colors.

The colors are bright, which presents its very own set of benefits.

If you do not understand how to download, there are links to directions in the listing’s description.

This is available on Etsy for $2.50.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Variety of colors for every season
  • Versified uses of this palette
  • Link on how to download in description

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7. Kiss My Lips Procreate Color Palette

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Look at all the stunning colors included in this palette?

This 30-color palette consists of 10 lipsticks, ten male-natural lip colors, and ten female-natural lip colors.

So, if you would like to use more natural shades for your artwork, this palette would be an excellent alternative for you. 

The lipstick colors are daring and beautiful.

The natural lip colors are rather spot on with matching what someone’s natural lip color would be.

I like there is a variety to select from because not everyone’s lip shade is the same.

Kiss My Lips is a palette designed via Opal Yeagley, another popular Etsy vendor.

This is a digital download accessible without delay from the Etsy website.

A swatch of 30 shades is blanketed for use with the Procreate program.

When downloading this palette, make sure to do it by using the browser as an alternative to the app, or it will not download correctly for you to use.

You can get this palette from Etsy for a low price of only $2.15.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Price is very reasonable
  • Natural lip colors are provided in this palette
  • 10 of each lipstick, male and female lip colors

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8. 30 Procreate Lip Tones Palette

lip color palette procreate free

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I can’t get enough of this palette.

It includes light colors as well as dark colors.

It additionally features some colors that would go splendid for the fall.

RosenburgIllustrator, an Etsy star seller, created this 30 lip tone palette.

This bundle offers one swatch for use with the Procreate program, with a total of 30 colors.

Check that this file will function with your program. 

You would not want to be stuck with something you might not be able to use.

You will acquire a digital copy of this palette as quickly as your payment is confirmed.

Once downloaded, the palette will be on hand in your device’s downloads section.

When you locate your file, simply click on it, and it will transfer to the Procreate app for usage.

The charge of this palette is additionally great.

All of these colors are on hand for the modest price of $2.

You can’t pass over on a charge like that.

           Pros & Benefits:

  • 30 distinctive colors at one reasonable price
  • Created by a star Etsy seller
  • Additional links to different palettes on the seller’s web page

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9. Autumn Lipstick Procreate Color Palette

lip color palette procreate free

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Who doesn’t adore autumn’s brilliant colors?

Or how about the pleasant cold nighttime air?

Or possibly the many colorings of leaves that blow across the ground?

Some of these colors are for a more natural look to your artwork.

Autumn has to be my favorite season of all time, so why not grant every individual the opportunity to use these excellent fall hues to decorate their artwork?

Caresmatic, an Etsy seller, has curated an assortment of 18 hand-picked Autumn lipstick colors.

It might not have as many colorings as the others.

However, they are just as gorgeous.

On Etsy, you may additionally purchase this palette as a digital download for $2, which will be sent immediately to your iPad.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Brilliant shades available for the fall
  • 18 hand-picked Autumn colors for $2
  • More natural colors for fall

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10. Lip Swatches for Procreate

lip color palette procreate free

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Look at how that color shines on her lips.

Again, like above in number 7, this is a massive palette.

Not 30, not 90, not even 210, but 300!

How incredible?

The colors are lovely and shine in your artwork.

This is meant for individuals who desire to try something out of the ordinary.

These palettes will be accessible to you after payment as a digital download from Creative Market.

Glitter and metallic hues are additionally included in this monster of a palette.

I’m not positive there are a lot of us out there that would turn down glitter and metallic colors. 

However, I could be wrong.

I know I certainly would not want to skip out on this offer.

If you search for a variety like this, you’ll have to pay a top-class rate for it.

This unique palette will set you back $14, which is a great deal more than the others. 

Then again, who can beat 300 swatches for that price?

Pros & Benefits:

  • A broad range of colors
  • Compatible with Procreate 
  • Reasonable price for a variety of colors

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Runners-up:  Lip Color Palette Procreate Free

lip color palette procreate free

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Alright, so this Procreate lip palette is one that all of us need to know about.

I was interested in this one because you have some nice light pink colors and darker colors.

It evens itself out with having around the same amount of lighter colors as it does darker colors.

If you like playing around with shades, this one is top-notch because it’s so cheap it should be free.

All 30 of these colors are accessible for a one-time charge of $1.

Who can say no to such a fantastic deal?

Everyone who enjoys experimenting with extraordinary palettes on Procreate has to take advantage of this deal.

This one was once created with the aid of Sawanarod and can be bought at

It was designed as a dark-tone color palette for Procreate.

Basic tones, highlighting, and shading are all bundled into a single easy-to-use palette for artists.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Almost free for its price
  • 30 beautifully-created colors
  • With tones that are more natural and vibrant

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Portrait Hair, Lips, Eyes, Skin Tone Bundle

Download Now!

I want to add this one here because I know it could be a lifesaver to have this on hand.

I found this portrait bundle on Etsy, which TheSVGlab created.

The shades in these palettes are exceedingly spot on, in my opinion.

All colors are hand-picked by the seller.

There are a total of one hundred twenty colors.

Each palette has 30 colors to choose from.

You can get this portrait bundle on Etsy for a low price of only $4.20.

I genuinely think this is one bundle that absolutely everyone who likes to draw portraits ought to have handy.

It will be worth it to add this Procreate lip color palette to your list even if it’s not for free!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable price!
  • Variety of colors

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

What are your opinions on the Procreate lip color palette, for free and paid?

I have so many favorites that I can’t even pick out one.

While I love an excellent cheaper or accessible deal, I suppose all these lip shade palettes (and the few extras that aren’t lip color palettes) could be used in different methods than what I could ever imagine.

If I had to choose, then my preferred would have to be the autumn lip shade palette.

If you don’t have much money to spend on new palettes for Procreate, I suggest you start here.

Undoubtedly, it’s simply an excellent start in the proper direction for obtaining low-cost or even free lip color palettes.

While many luxurious ones are available, the web is also full of cheaper or accessible color palettes.

You get a significant bang for your cash for the same, if not better, quality.

In addition, you may also have to dig a bit to discover them. 

Then again, it is well really worth your time in the end.

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