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lip gloss brushes procreate

10 Best Lip Gloss Brushes For Procreate (Free & Paid Options)

If you’re looking for lip gloss brushes Procreate, you’re in for a treat.

The lip gloss brush types are based on their shape so it could be a linear type or circular one.

It can also be categorized based on saturation of the lip gloss applied and it could be thickly or thinly applied.

This article will help an artist who wants to have a preset template of lip gloss brushes.

It is also for anyone to make their portraits even more creative for digital printing.

The lip gloss brushes for Procreate create a variety of templates.

Always put it in mind when choosing lip gloss brush styles that they should be aesthetically compatible to the wearer of the style.

It should look cool yet elegant to the eyes of the audience so that the lip gloss brush style can captivate them.

We listed 10 sets of different lip gloss brushes so you don’t have to search for lip gloss brushes Procreate anymore.

1. 19 Lip Gloss Procreate & Photoshop Brushes

lip gloss brushes procreate

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CuteCraftiez, an online selling platform, created the 19 Lip Gloss Photoshop Brushes.

This product is very elegant looking and very awe-inspiring.

The mixture of the colors shows that it is very harmonious and original yet it is a template that has been used by many. 

This product is best is for all ladies that need or want to have a memorable lip gloss experience.

It is perfect for ladies who do TikTok, a social media platform that saves short videos.

This consists of 19 lip gloss brush styles so that it can give you various styles making its applicability wide.

It has bonus features like 19 makeup photo brushes, Photoshop brush lip gloss, and lipstick Photoshop brush. 

It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and is available at Etsy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains 19 Lip Gloss Brushes
  • Has bonus features like 19 makeup photo brushes, Photoshop brush lip  gloss
  • Very elegant and awe-inspiring

2. Lipgloss Stamp Brushes For Procreate 

lip gloss brushes procreate
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A well-known graphics designer compan Sundrameda created the Lip Gloss Stamp Brushes on July 5, 2020.

The general look of the portrait is very lovely because the lips are very red and coupled with that kind of stroke of a lip gloss.

It is also looking friendly and calm because the presentation of colors is not so daunting.

This product is excellent for graphic designers because they’re usually using photo editor software.

It is also for other people who know how to take and edit pictures, especially professional photo editors and graphic designers.

The set contains 23 different lip gloss stroke styles.

It is very compatible with Apple iPad and the Procreate app. 

It has 58 likes with excellent feedbacks and can be found at Creative Market.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Very elegant and friendly-looking.
  • Contains 23 different sets of lip gloss brushes in the template
  • Compatible with iPad
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3. 18 Lipgloss Stamp Brushes Set For Procreate

lip gloss brushes procreate
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Liudmila Balotsina reated the 18 Lipgloss Stamp Brushes Set For Procreate.

The lip gloss brush style is very friendly and jolly that a person’s heart will go flying when they see this one.

The product is fit for portraits of teenagers because it looks very fluffy and jolly.

It is perfect for girls who want to use lip gloss. 

This contains 18 sets of lip gloss brush styles template and it works best in Procreate for iPad Pro. 

It has 253 sales rated with 5 stars on Etsy and.

18 Lipgloss Stamp Brushes Set For Procreate is available at Etsy.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Very friendly, fluffy, and enjoyable style
  • 253 product reviews
  • Compatible with the Procreate on iPad Pro
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4. Procreate Lip Gloss Stamp Brushes

lip gloss brushes procreate
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Anastacia created the product called Procreate Lip Gloss Stamp Brushes.

The product style shows modernism and it reflects the present time.

It has pop culture-themed brushes which are daring and very dauntless. 

The presets are favorable to younger generations who like to make content through vlogs or portrait pictures so that they could be viral. 

The product style can produce 225 variations of lip gloss brush styles using 30 stamp brushes.

You can combine them to make new and awesome features. 

The item is rated with 5 stars and is available in Etsy.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Includes many brush stamp styles that can produce an estimated around 225 variations
  • Perfect for young adults or millennials who do social media content especially video and portrait image content.
  • Rated with 5 stars and has the highest volume of sales so far at 6,263
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5. 12 Lipgloss Brushes

lip gloss brushes procreate
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The infamous Karina created the 12 Lipgloss Brushes which is fit for Procreate. 

Its modern style could easily blend the enemy yet goes more into conservatism and makes it look simple but valuable. 

This benefits everyone from the younger teenagers who want to find fame and glory.

This is also perfect for younger generations because most of them usually use social media to showcase their talents

The spin-off of these products is available at Etsy and is very economical because of its many features.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The preset is very millennial and is a perfect match for younger generations
  • Has so many applications and features
  • Economical and reasonably at a low cost
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6. 22 Lip Gloss Brushes For Procreate

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Eugenia produced 22 Lip Gloss Brushes For Procreate.

The set is composed of complex styles that complement professionalism and carefree life.

It also implies a satisfactory work-life balance. 

This is best for middle adult women who are in their career growth with a promising career path and with the status of a cheerful living. 

The art design is composed of 22 lip gloss brush templates that can easily overlay and be used in selfie portraits.

It is available in Etsy and has a 5-star rating given by consumers.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The set is a match for middle-aged career women
  • Made of complex styles of lip gloss brushes yet showing harmony and a feel of carefree life
  • Very economically and does work with customers who are on a limited budget
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7. Lipgloss Procreate Stamps

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This is fabulous set of templates, courtesy of Seth Nation.

The application of the template looks simple but harmonious in style or application.

It speaks the name of its company: I’m Something Else Co because it is so. 

This type of presets is perfectly applicable to self-portraits who want to showcase that they are unique and original yet humble and volatile. 

The template has 18 Procreate brush styles or presets ready at your fingertips upon purchase.

It is also a licensed package so that no one can easily reproduce your purchases. 

This Etsy product has a large volume of sales amounting to 4,697 and has a whopping 5-star rating. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Very unique and original
  • Has 18 Procreate brushes which are authentic and licensed
  • It is economically cheap and priced at a low cost
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8. Realistic Lip Gloss Brushes for Procreate

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MilianArt created this product called 24 Lip Gloss Brushes for Procreate. 

The product shows a wide variety of styles that captivates natural beauty.

Its styles are very elegant in design and structure.

The types of lip gloss found in these products are best for female models getting shots for clothing advertisements and fashion models.

This includes 24 brush styles with 6 glitter and 4 gloss effects. 

This wonderful Etsy product comes with a 5-star rating and has sold around 460+ sets so far.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Contains 24 lip gloss brush styles and other stuff so it makes a wholesome package
  • Product samples show beautifully crafted styles and elegantly shaped that are perfect for fashion models
  • Cheaper compared to the other products
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9. FREE 5 Makeup Brushes For Procreate

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Oliabrushes created one of the many kinds of lip gloss brush that is free and easy to download. 

This brush goes with other makeup brushes like highlight, contour, eyeshadow, etc. 

This five piece make up set will cost you nothing. 

This is free and can be used by everyone who is an advocate of creativity.

Follow your passion and share it with others. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Free 
  • Comes with other make-up brush styles
  • Best for beginners who don’t want to spend unnecessarily
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10. Procreate 10 Lip Gloss Stamps

lip gloss
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Arthayley produced 10 free lip gloss stamp brushes.

The set is special and very creative especially when you observe the different gloss effects. 

It can be shared with friends since this set is free.

It has 86% 5-star ratings. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Free and can be shared with others
  • Value for money
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Final Thoughts 

Lip gloss brush presets is not only for the hobby but it can be used as a design booster.

It can be applied to almost all occasions since we are now in the modern age era. 

Always bear in mind that when choosing what preset products to use, they should be in accordance to the applicability or complement of the portrait.

We hope that this list have helped you search no more for “lip gloss brushes procreate”.

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