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Make abstract liquify art

How To Make Abstract Liquify Art

Watch our tutorial on how to make abstract liquify art and learn a new art style!

Make Abstract Liquify Art by Watching Our Step-By-Step Tutorial!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to draw an abstract liquified fruit portrait in Procreate!

1. Find Yourself a Beautiful Fruit & Make a New Canvas

Make abstract liquify art

First step, find yourself a fruit!

Now, come back to Procreate and start a new canvas.

Make abstract liquify art

Make it the same size of your screen for ease, and insert a photo.

Go and put in your lovely beautiful fruit.

2. Go to Selection Tool and Tap on Your Fruit

Make abstract liquify art

And now, the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to isolate the fruit.

So, we will come to the selection tool which is the third tab along, and we’ll start tapping on our fruit.

Procreate is very clever, it will try to recognize what you’re selecting.

Make abstract liquify art

Once you’re happy with the selection, you can adjust your background color to something befitting your beautiful, beautiful fruit and come into the adjustments panel.

3. Come Down to Adjustment Panel & Select Liquify

Come right down to liquefy and start to play around with some of the other effects.

I like the twirl.

Now, we’re gonna play around the pinch which brings things in closer.

Final Thoughts

There you have it!

A new art style that elevates your artworks!

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