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best mexican tattoo fonts

10 Best Mexican Tattoo Fonts (Expert Picks)

Tattoo is the art and your body is the canvas, and using the best Mexican tattoo fonts will help you achieve a masterpiece.

In Mexican culture, tattoos go back centuries, from both the Aztecs and the Mexicas.

Both used their tattoos in battles to show their ranks and to connect them to their tribes.

Mexicans have tattoos rooted deeply in their heritage.

The biggest genres of tattoos are probably about regional pride: where the people living in provinces like Sonora, Oaxaca, Chihuahua, and Michoacán are very proud of their heritage, unafraid of showing it.

Most Mexicans ( Mexicans born on American soil included) have for the Virgin Mary, called the Virgin of Guadalupe, a special place in their heart that’s why it is common to have her as a subject of their tattoos.

We will talk about Mexican’s most common fonts: Incognito, Black Ball Tattoo, Chicano, Bugheds, Angilla, Sequal, Starella, Inutattoo, and Tattoo Font.

To help you choose among them, I will take you through their origins and purpose.

Hang on!

You can be sure that you will find the right font for your dream tattoo, business, website, or blog!

1. Tattoo Font

best mexican tattoo fonts

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This specific tattoo font that you will find on Etsy come from a classic old school font that is usually very common between the old parlor.

You can find this font on the market, which is one of the most used in ink art (you will find many famous artists possessing this wonderful font on them).

With Old School, we refer to the American or Western-style presenting a limited black contour and a five colors palette ( yellow, red, purple, green, and black).

It frequently represents spiritual subjects and symbolism (for the latter is common in south-America and Mexico).

The story tells that this movement started when Capitan James Cook’s crew began to get tattoos as a memory of their trips through China, Japan, and the Pacific Island.

This art stayed with us for centuries running through countries and eras.

It can very well match in webpages, logos, and printed menus or fliers.

I would vividly suggest using this font with an old-style image for the tattoos, as pairing with another would result in a mess.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Popular among tattoo parlors 
  • Eye-catching 
  • Perfect for websites and logo design
  • Suitable to use for flyers

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2. Chicano

best mexican tattoo fonts

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The term Chicano or Chicana got coined for the Mexican people born in American territory.

The tattoo style was born in the Pachuco gang culture of the 1940s and Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California.

Another typical tattoo is the Payasa (always from the Chicano family), showing the struggles in the Mexican-American gangs, which drives through humor and personal tragedy. 

This art piece, stitched with a sewing needle, deepened inside the ink, representing themes like women, flowers, skulls, and religious images.

The symbol that drowned the most was the Pachuco cross, considered a mark of membership to the gang showing loyalty and respect.

Chicano font is handy for both man and women’s tattoos as the artistic design is purely gentle and still very strong.

This font is only available in cursive but can have different weights, upper or lower cases, and incorporates numbers.

The font will stand out on formal invitations and food menus for ceremonies, thanks to its fluidity and elegance.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for a more in-depth tattoo
  • Perfect for formal events 
  • Ey-catching font for formal events’ menus
  • Purely elegant in any tattoo color

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3. Bugheds

best mexican tattoo fonts

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Bugheds is a blackletter font created by, it is available in uppercase and lower cases, it supports numbers and symbols.

It is a very bold and yet elegant font with swirls that give a more complex texture.

Tattooing has always been a great tradition in Mexican culture.

When it comes to the design to choose, well, there are no limits to the multiple symbols and meanings surrounding the spiritual nature.

From gun and roses, skulls and roses, skeletons, and Santa Muerte representation, Mexican tattoos are always mesmerizing (mostly the colored ones).

The best way to connect to their bond with spirituality when you love their culture is to celebrate it with a tattoo.

Note that every symbol has a meaning.

You wouldn’t want to choose the wrong one.

This font would look amazing on any variety of apparel, headline, and if you’re thinking about a medieval-style tattoo, then this is the font for you!

It would be ideal for a pub’s signboard, a diner looking to go a bit retro, and a stand-alone tattoo; I bet you will find it often around the Netherlands.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect on Medieval tattoos
  • Amazing on apparel print
  • Stand-alone tattoo writing
  • Very distinguished and fashionable font

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4. Incognito

best mexican tattoo fonts

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Incognito is a typeface font designed by Twicolabs and is part of the Chicano fonts.

The Chicano (Mexican people born in America) fonts, take their name after the Mexican-American movement, started in the 1940s and never ended, is mainly used for graffiti, tattoos, and designs. 

This font gives a bold and dull appearance, the one you need, to show a fearless look-kick to enhance the text and make it even more memorable.

Incognito is perfect for tattoos and typography, where you can draw the attention of who is looking at it.

This font is available in different weights, lower and uppercases, numeral, and punctuation.

It is not a cursive font as its characteristic stand-alone letters have to have their own space.

Like any sans font, even this one contains little fringes toward the edges, giving a squarer look to the letters, making them well marked as if they were fires pressed.

Numerous tattoo parlor names, especially in London, mostly use Incognito as their font.

As the style of Incognito font recalls the city’s vintage and retro style, it seems like you are walking between the street of Portobello.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Popular among tattoo parlors 
  • Bold and eye-catching
  • Similar to Gothic vintage papers
  • Elegant but manly

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5. Angilla Tattoo

best mexican tattoo fonts

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Angilla Tattoo is a font created by Mans Greback, a sans script type with all uppercases and under cases, numbers, few symbols, and different weights.

It is usually a Chicano tattoo style in the Mexican culture, as in all criminal representing tattoos, they have symbolic meaning. 

Sometimes you could find the entire biography painted on the person, but not everyone could read it; it was a genius way of hiding secrets.

Today is almost impossible to tell the meaning of these exotic and erratic compositions of tattoos.

This font is in cursive and illustrates brush lettering attached; looks great on a board sign of an antique shop, a restaurant, or even a regular shop.

It is very likable on a back tattoo or a chest due to its fluidity and is perfect on black and white (commonly drowned in black).

The Angilla Tattoo is excellent for design as its swashy lines resemble a dush of water from a breaking wave.

It is likely to be used as a headline for an art product, a blog, or a website, irradiating refinement and distinction.

Used for graffitis and t-shirts printing with more colors of black and white elements.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cursive font excellent for Chicano tattoo
  • Excellent shop font
  • T-shirt printing 
  • Graffiti font

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6. Sequal

best mexican tattoo fonts

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Sequal is a typeface with multiple weights starting from the most used ones: bold and black to thin and light, finishing to regular, which resemble handwriting.

Created by Måns Grebäck, a Sweden designer in his mid-twenties, that started with his website around 2013, now he has his own company Aring Typeface AB. 

The category in which Sequal is part is in the Graffiti fonts due to its whole curvy body and essential round letters.

It is available in both uppercase and lowercases (no cursive available yet); the current one includes numbers and symbols. 

What interesting about this font is the uncommon revisitation of the letters.

The “i” is a vertical line with a circle starting from the middle and going out the top.

On the other hand, the “w” is like a devil trident but with no handle, and so on.

Sequal can be perfect for graffiti (look at the walls in your city!), for fliers that sponsor a casual/music event; it is ideal for blogs and website design.

The font has a price (like most of the other fonts).

If your audience is high-spirited and you want to make an impact, then get your crowd!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for graffiti art
  • Contemporary artistic
  • Brilliant for websites and blogs
  • The right font for flyers and posters

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7. Starella

best mexican tattoo fonts

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Starella Tattoo is a font by Måns Grebäck, the same Sweden designer that created Sequal font.

This font has different weights.

It’s created purely in cursive, which gives it an elegant and refined look.

Starella font includes uppercase, lower cases, numbers, symbols and supports all Latin and European languages.

It is a beautiful fluent typeface with attitude and an angle; there is another version of Stella Tattoo that includes diamond.

The design is entangled to give a unique and catching view for the reader.

I would suggest using it in a blog or on a home page to power up your logo or heading (not a long one ).

This font would look very classy, used as a logo for a shoe shop, American restaurant, or even for an ankle tattoo.

Even as a printed logo, the design would round up and center the name of your brand or client’s business.

It is very ladylike would flourish on a woman and give that aura of refined spirit.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for a classy tattoo
  • A match for a design logo
  • Very likable in printing
  • Functional font in various businesses

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8. Inutattoo

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Inutattoo is a font created by an Indonesian designer in 2014.

It has uppercases and lowercases, and it includes numbers and symbols.

A cursive typeface abundantly uses twirls around the letters, descenders that connect the message, and decorations around.

Its origins are very similar to the Indonesian and Tibetan fonts, where the letters connect without leaving space for the eye to rest.

It is a robust design suitable for chest tattoos and black and white ones; it is ideal for an empowering message for its aura of power.

As in the Mexican culture, every tattoo has a personal symbol.

Even the colors have a representation: red is for sacrifice, and white for faith.

When you decide to go into a parlor to get a Mexican tattoo, be clear on what you want to have represented on your body, so the artist can get it right.

This particular tattoo is perfect for chest and back tattoos (or a big arm why not!).

You could use it for a stylish design on your Assai project or a home decor design.

It would also look gracious on a bedroom wall.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Powerful and refined font 
  • Usable for ancient script representation
  • Applicable as bedroom wall design

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9. Black Ball Tattoo

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The Black Ball tattoo font created by Billy Argel is a sans typeface with lots of fringes that make it a peculiar and eccentric font.

It is only available in upper cases, but the weight can get regulated depending on the use.

For its grotesque look, you can find it in horror houses and creepy environments: like a horror movie, fliers for scary attractions, comics, or horror books.

Messages written on plane skin are common in tattoos due to their characteristic lines; the text may become blurry in time.

In connection to this, I would recommend a black and white tattoo to have it well defined.

If used for websites or blog, will be a great asset on specific subjects: like more dramatic or dark contents.

With its brilliant serpentine edges that can easily get misinterpreted, also on this occasion, I would suggest using it on a large scale to show to the reader candid and neat content (if this is your intention, of course!).

It is perfect as a fantasy font for covers and printed on shirts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect on a larger scale for tattoos 
  • Suitable for horror merchandise
  • Perfect for fantasy market
  • Beautiful on sleeves’ tattoo
  • Stand-alone tattoo writing

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10. Original Gangsta

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Original Gangsta is a serif font used and loved for its fluid and antagonistic design. 

It is a familiar Mexican style font that you can find in most of the movie representing south American gangs, and indeed it is recurrent in street crews.

Even though it can give a rough look, this font is one of the most used in the tattoo world, as it has a fluent and elegant flow that connects the letters giving away its flexibility.

To use its full potential in either thin or bold weight (available just in cursive), you need to use it on large surfaces.

The best place where this kind of font will look dazzling is on the chest and the back.

You can use it as part of a large tattoo in black and white, which would blend perfectly with the art.

It is one of the best fonts that roar its statement.

For this reason, I suggest using it on a large scale, or the lines will fade together make it unreadable.

It can be used for artistic works, as it appears as human handwriting, like wedding invitations and other formal celebrations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for large tattoos
  • Perfect on wedding invitations and formal events
  • Resembling elegant handwriting
  • Suitable for theatre brochures

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Final Thoughts 

My two favorite Mexican tattoo fonts are the Starella Tattoo for web design and the Old school font for my tattoos.

The first is so elegant and fancy that I often use it to create logos and stamps for my clients.

The second is because I am fascinated by the old school symbols and colors, that even if I’m a modern gal, I respect my history.

I have traveled around Mexico a couple of times.

The colors, vibrancy, and passion with which the people live their lives, connects me to the Mexicans.

Show your love for beautiful Mexico!

Get one of the best Mexican tattoo fonts on the Mexican soil which is even better.

It is important to remember what we talked about: do your research as there is always a meaning behind their designs.

Hopefully, these ten best Mexican tattoo fonts will help you create a masterpiece.

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