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microsoft designer review

Microsoft Reveals AI Designer

In this article, we’ll share with you our review of the new Microsoft Designer.

Microsoft has announced a new AI design platform that’s going to integrate some of the latest AI advancements in the Advent of AI art.

Many are claiming that the jobs of artists illustrators and photographers are in peril.

And now with Microsoft announcing an AI design platform, we can start to include graphic designers and web designers in that bucket.

But will this be a tool that replaces designers or will this be a tool that gives designers more creativity?

It’s called Microsoft Designer, which I have to say is a highly original name.

The New Microsoft Designer

microsoft designer review

So you can see that it asks you to fill in a few prompts for the text and the imagery.
And then it will generate designs based on this.
microsoft designer review
You can see this very slick 3D animation, which is really just a proof of concept at the moment.
It shows what they’re working on and or the potential of this technology could be.
You can see it’s got a layout very similar to Canva.
And it offers you a lot of AI tools to speed up the design process.
microsoft designer review
Like being able to search for videos or generate your own images.
So Microsoft is teaming up with Dalle here to integrate typography and design into the AI art from really taking these from just visual images to fully-fledged functional graphic design pieces that can be used for visual communication and a whole lot more.
They say there are going to be over 100 million images and videos for higher-quality visuals.


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You’ll be able to add Motion Graphics to make your designs more engaging.
And directly publish your socials for quick sharing.
It’s not available yet but you are able to join the waitlist on their website.

Final Thoughts

I think this could be a great tool because some of the limitations of Midjourney and Dalle is that the text appears absolutely awfully.
And now combining AI art with the design platform is the logical next step.
But whether this is going to eliminate designers in the future remains to be seen.
Emad Mostaque, the man behind Stable Diffusion said that Excel was invented and it didn’t get rid of accountants and he still pays his accountants.
But studies are showing the number of accountants globally is declining.
Whether this is going to eliminate the jobs of designers or give designers more tools to create better designs is something that’s up for debate.
One thing it will do for sure is radically changing the landscape of the visual industries.
And it’s important that everyone adapts to the forthcoming environment.
And to do that you should learn how to use AI art and I’ve created a full course explaining what it means to harness the power of Midjourney or Dalle.
I’ve left a link in the description below.
Thanks for watching remember to like, and subscribe to stay notified of the latest AI art news.
I’m Samson Vowles, this is Delightful Design.
Have a delightful day.
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