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midjourney 3d prompts

10 Best Midjourney 3D Prompts

Curious what are the best Midjourney 3D prompts?

Midjourney can now design the most perfect 3d design.

This tool can help generate 3D models that can be applied to your next project.

We searched the 10 best Midjourney 3D prompts, so you do not have to.

Midjourney 3D Prompts

midjourney 3d prompts

Robot Eeve


Portrait of Eevee as a robot, Round, Mecanic, Brown, realistic, 3d, 4k

This prompted a mechanic animal-like wooden creature that would make an excellent talking or autonomous robot.

Looking classic, it would make an excellent mecha friend.

midjourney 3d prompts

Metaverse City Building


3D AI Architecture NFT Midjourney Metaverse City Building block]

This would be an excellent diorama reference for movies and exhibits.

It has elaborate and realistic architecture suitable for model dioramas.

midjourney 3d prompts

Plant Humanoid Body


A distorted and disfigured humanoid body that has been overgrown with large plant vines and features, clumsily stalking down the hallway of a top secret lab, ultra realistic, hdr, 3d render, unreal engine, hyperrealistic, cinematic, photo realistic, full body, dramatic, volumetric, cinematic lighting, 8k BOT Midjourney Bot A humanoid body that has been overgrown with large plant vines and features, disfigured and twisted, ultra realistic, hdr, 3d render, unreal engine, hyperrealistic, cinematic, photo realistic, full body, dramatic, volumetric, cinematic lighting, 8k

This humanoid figure would make a good human-sized figure used for films or for purely aesthetic displays.

It makes an entertaining and realistic display.

Futuristic Sneaker Design


sneaker design, modern style, no background, 3d max, by zaha

This prompt created a futuristic sneaker design.

It has a cyberpunk and modern design that is appropriate for cosplays.

midjourney 3d prompts

Isometric Diorama


3D, 32 bit, diorama, isometric

This three-dimensional figure would make an excellent diorama.

It could be used as a display figure or in films that reference a certain mystical place.

funko pop

Pop Samurai Bear


Funko pop cute bear samurai anime, Digital Art, Cinematic, 3D, Ultra-HD, Electricity, Ray Tracing Reflections, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, elegant, ornate, hyper realistic,

This prompted an adorable funko pop samurai panda figure that is a great collectible.

With its cute and intricate design, it may pass for a limited edition figure.

isometric deer

Isometric Deer


nice cute beautiful 3d Isometric deer, white pink colors

This adorable isometric deer would make a wonderful desk figure.

It is visually appealing, making it an excellent display.

printed diorama

A World Beyond


3D printed midjourney

This detailed and elegant 3d model could be a great diorama.

This can be used to model settings for films.

red lotus crystal

Red Crystal Lotus


flaming red lotus made of luminous crystal, burning red flame, super details, delicate symmetrical design, red, volume light, sparkling lake water, clear reflection, octane rendering, 3d,hd ar 9 16,ureal

This lovely prompt would look great as a floating red lamp.

This would make an excellent sight as if it were a flower on fire.

victorian samurai steampunk

Victorian Samurai Steampunk


Samurai influenced steampunk victorian statues on display in my imagination and latent spaces in the new and totally amazing Midjourney V4. My own handcrafted selection of words are enclosed to satisfy your creative desires as well, because wow!! “product shot of ornate modern templar knight with a dark veil and cloak as a statue on display in a medieval science fiction museum, action pose, dirty, reflections, weathered, ray tracing, octane, nikon d750, f/1.2, dramatic lighting, 3d model, blender, Ralph McQuarrie, concept art, hard surface modeling, 8k, artgerm, yoji shinkawa, joss nizzi, Shusei Nagaoka”

An excellent blueprint for future costumes could be found in this Victorian presentation of samurai garb.

It makes a decent outfit for use that is not only for show.

Final Thoughts

With Midjourney, creating incredibly realistic and detailed 3D designs has never been simpler.

You can see with simple prompts, Midjourney allows you to create different realities.

Now there is no excuse not to get out there and get creative.

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