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midjourney interior design prompts

10 Best Midjourney Anime Prompts

Interested in Midjourney anime prompts to spice up your art?

Midjourney is quite good with anime styles.

Further below, you can read about the 10 Best Midjourney anime prompts for design inpiration.

midjourney anime prompts

Ghibli Slavoj Žižek


slavoj zizek portrait, by Miyazaki, Spirited Away Ghibli, anime style

A weary old man who’s confused and angry as if he is betrayed.

This is a good character portrait for a supporting character in a sci-fi storyline.

midjourney anime prompts

Animated Italian Man


1943, italy, man in bed sick, manga style, anime

A sick man lying down and contemplating.

This makes for good comic art for a horror-mystery story.

midjourney anime prompts

Little Elf Girl


cute anime elf girl, full body picture, high resolution, game character, forest on the back

An elf NPC wandering the forest whom you should guide safely through the forest.

midjourney anime prompts

The Ramen Girl


woman eating ramen in a japanese restaurant interior, wlop, hayao miyazaki, fullbody, dramatic, stunning anime art, beautiful, cinematic, 8k render, cycles, high quality, aesthetic

This prompt of a woman eating ramen on a rainy day to help ease her tiredness.

This would make a good album cover art for a lo-fi playlist.

midjourney anime prompts

E-Gamer Girl


detailed digital art by ugon, a cute dynamic Miku portrait , gorgeous anime eyes, in the style of ugon midjourney, Art, ugon, SL, station background phantasy star online, twin tails hairstyle, hey please make a simple forest background full of trees, snowy forest background behind miku, wearing snowflake headset neon lights

This illustration depicts Hatsune Miku in a shoujo-like scene of an anime in the winter season.

This could make for a cute fan-art poster.

ghost cat

The Ghost Cat


A ghost cat, anime style, cute

This shows an adorable ghost cat who has unfinished business in the mortal world but is guiding people to their needs.

the glass capsule

The Glass Capsule


[pixiv art] [watercolor] [Twitter icon] [full body] [Twitter icon] [sleeping 2 girls] [hyper detailed flowers and feathers] [epic, Matte , highly detailed, great wisdom, empty, silent, universe, spirit, oriental fantasy, multiverse, Baroque, lamp, plants, victorian, epic composition, ornaments] [crystal, clear, denoise, ultra realism, highly detailed, beautiful lighting, photographic, cinematic lighting] [final fantasy, league of legends, bloodborne, sekiro] [Trending on artstation, anime] [art by Krenz Cushart, Huang Guangjian, Chengwei Pan, Anthony Chong Jones, Hokusai, alphonse mucha]

The image shows two people encaged inside a glass capsule.

The illustration invokes a feeling of both warm hope and cold loss.

star trek mouse

Star Trek Mouse


sad mouse, Character Design+star trek Visions+Concept Art+Full Body Image, Anime Manga style, art of Kōhei Horikoshi+Character is weathered, dirty+Character has a Lightsaber+coruscant Background Environment+centered+symmetrical features+cinematic,

This prompt of a lost little mouse that looks in space.

This could make for a cyberspace character in a sci-fi film.

futuristic sailor moon

Futuristic Sailor Moon


realistic illustration, beautiful female, wearing heels, sailor moon outfit, wearing armour, ornate, sense of adventure, moonlight, light particles, octane render, style of krenz Cushart, style of demon slayer anime

This illustration shows a female warrior armored with an ornate design.

She suits a fantasy RPG game with swords and magic.

cyberpunk female android

Cyberpunk Female Android


wet crystal plate wings, hyper-detailed female android cyber-goddess glowing iridescent illuminated, lifelike female anime-doll, sharp-anime-doll-face : :8, bright-enhanced-symmetrical-anime-eyes : :7, shaved-punk-hairstyle-with-bangs : :7, Athletic-real-fit-body : :5, high-fashion-clothing, real-doll-style : :7, vibrant 80’s-style glamour shots, realistic photography, source lighting, rim lighting, radial lighting, intricate, gilded-ornate design, elegant, + noise

This illustration shows an edgy and gothic female cyborg.

She would be a perfect character for a cyberpunk action game or movie.

Final Thoughts

We really love the way Midjourney generates anime designs.

Use your creativity to make your dream manga or anime character with Midjourney.

And we hope that you found the best Midjourney prompts for you!

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