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midjourney architecture

10 Best Midjourney Architecture Prompts

Looking for the best Midjourney architecture prompts?

Take a look at these stunning AI-generated structures.

We’ve collected the best examples for your inspiration.

Midjourney Architecture Prompts

midjourney architecture promptsEco-Industrial Space


industrial park urban development, urban space, commercial space, shopping and economy, futuristic and high tech, trade, exhibition space, bustling streets, aggregation of wood building groups, integrate the surrounding park green landscape and urbanscape, mixed-used low rise office and shopping buildings, aerial photos, panoramic views, hyper details, 8K, designed by MVRDV, and Big architects, Vray, realistic, very detailed, photorealism, intricate

This building has a lot of open space and flora that help to improve the atmosphere of the place by reducing summertime heat.

It could be used as a mall where locals enjoy going.

midjourney architecture prompts

Energetic Vibrant Blocks


energetic architecture on the beach in miami, brightly painted building, neon colors, inspired by matisse, high resolution photograph, palm trees, dramatic lighting, vibrant colors, exciting

The image captures the vivid hues of the building or the beachfront hotel.

It can be used for those looking for a peaceful environment to unwind after a long day at work.

midjourney architecture prompts

Stacked Container House


stacked container house at night by Simon Stålenhag, volumetric light, 50s architecture, teal and pink curved metal surfaces

This design emphasizes the modular form of containers and is purposefully kept simple and maintains harmony.

I can definitely say that this container could be used as a house.

midjourney architecture prompts

Ice White Building


architectural building with white fabric facade, futuristic, render 8k,

A futuristic structure that is made with a white facade.

This could be a museum that is submerged in water, most likely a museum of fish-related artworks.

midjourney architecture prompts

Futuristic Exhibition Arena


future exhibition carshop, architecture mass concept, zaha hadid, modern architecture, mass, render 8k, norman foster, concept, deconstruction architecture, floated building

A futuristic exhibition arena.

It could be used as a venue for important national and international artistic and cultural events.

black glass building

Black Glass Building


biomorphic building, symmetrical rhombuses facade pattern, zaha hadid, Calatrava, glass windows, black concrete, black spider web, London house with rhombus facade, front street view,photo-realistic, intricate and complex details,hyper-realistic, parametric architecture,8k, ultra details,

An architectural wonder with a daring configuration and ground-breaking design.

This black structure could be a museum or a company building.

swatch paint building

Swatch Paint Building


exterior of a beautiful contemporary design building with colorful paint swatch dripping from it, hyperdetailed, photorealistic, 8k ultra HD

This image captures the building’s vibrant colors.

It could be a store or exhibit where people can go to examine paintings, books, and other items.

parametric lightning building

Parametric Lightning Building


A parametric architecture building, heavy lightning thunderstorm, electric, electricity, Tron, LEDs, night time, rain reflection, realistic visualization, octane render, unreal engine, curved, zaha hadid

Depicts the LED or 3D light in the area around the building that can be seen in the picture which effectively captures the entire nighttime.

Due to its size and height, this structure could be a house.

wes anderson building

Wes Anderson-like Building


wes anderson building facade highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, sharp focus, art by tokiolab and alphonse mucha, 8 k, ultra realistic, lens flare, glow, soft lighting, hyperrealistic, unreal engine

A structure that is based on Wes Anderson’s films.

Because of the building’s neutral and orange paint tone, this structure is similar to a restaurant with a gentle and welcoming atmosphere.

future art nouveau building

The Future Art Nouveau Building


photo of art nouveau building in the future, nature, forest

This prompt for a futuristic art nouveau building.

It is welcoming, embracing, and helpful in guiding guests around various levels of the interior, where it may also be used as a library.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have shown you some stunning designs using architecture and AI.

As you can see, there are countless possibilities for inventiveness.

It truly blows my mind that a robot created these graphics.

AI art generators could be a useful addition to our design process.

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