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Master Midjourney Blend Mode in 2 Minutes! 🔥💥 INSANE Results!

Master Midjourney Blend Mode in 2 Minutes! 🔥💥 INSANE Results!

The new Midjourney Blend Mode is here and it is amazing.

Welcome to the Blend Mode.

Blend Mode looks at the concepts and vibes of your images and merges them together.

midjourney blend mode

How to Use Blend Mode

All you need to do is type in /Blend.

midjourney blend mode

Then you have the option to upload images directly into the chat without having to go through the image prompt URL process.

So, simply click on the image boxes.

midjourney blend mode

And select whichever image you’d like to upload.

So once these are in, all you have to do is hit ENTER.

Sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

So, this process is very similar to image prompting but it speeds up the process.

It works for up to five images and you can check out what people have been making on the Blend Showcase channel.

gherkin-raccoon heads

Here are some people with raccoon heads blended with gherkins and they’ve become gherkin-raccoon heads.

And this is a perfect example of combining two diverse concepts and merging them into one.

So, here we have an androgynous version of myself.

image sample

Experiments You Should Try in Blend Mode

Here are creative experiments that you should try in Blend Mode.

1. Make Babies

Number one is make some babies.

make babies image

Well, these are the babies that I would have with Beyonce.

2. Pixify Yourself

Number two is to Pixify yourself.

pixified image

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were in a Pixar film?

Well, wonder no more.

A little tip here with Pixifying yourself is to use an existing Pixar character that has some resemblance to yourself.

So I’ve picked this champ here and myself and you can see the results are pretty good.

And this was another interpretation of a Pixified version.

So you can see here that I’ve really tried to pick a Pixar character that has some semblance of myself.

Pick photos with characters that already have some characterful interesting garments or features like the glasses or the expression or even the clothing.

3. Choose 3 or More Images

Number three is to choose three or more images.

You can use up to five images with a new blend mode.

And just by simply picking three very aesthetic images like these, you can combine them into a beautiful composition like this.

4. Turn Yourself Into a Fruit

Number four, turn yourself into a fruit.

Combining humans and fruit or any object and fruit together leads to interesting results.

fruitify image

Here is my rather 80’s inspired strawberry.

5. Make Yourself an Animal

Number five is to make yourself a dog or any other animal.

I certainly recommend choosing an animal that somehow represents or could work well with the character that you’re trying to use.

combined with an animal

I was a golden retriever in a past life because whenever I see a frisbee in the park I cannot help but chase it down and take that thing to the floor.

Try to choose an animal that’s some way it resonates with the vibration of the human that you are, combining it with.

Let me know what is your spirit animal in the comments.

6. Combine Celebrities

Next up why not combine crazy celebrities together?

combined celebrities

Here is Iggy Pop and the Pope to give you Iggy Pope.

Or why not try Putin tin or even Lady Gagarin?

And my favorite Yoko Bono.

7. Combine Diverse Genres

Another great thing to try is combining diverse genres together.

combined diverse genres

Here is a cyberpunk princess and a Viking babe and together you can see that the blending of these genres works excellently well.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to explore the possibilities of merging animals with humans, different celebrities together, and much more.

How will you use the new Blend Mode?

If you’d like to learn more about using Blend Mode, I’ve created an entire course on Midjourney.

And I’ve added an extra lecture going in-depth into different ways you can use Blend Mode.

It’s on sale now.

So, I’ll leave a coupon code for everyone in the description below.

Or you can watch this for tips & tricks on how to use your own sketches in Midjourney and turn them into masterpieces.

Thanks for watching.

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