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midjourney copyright

Midjourney Copyright: What AI Artists Need to Know

Some of you have asked me to do a video on copyright and Midjourney and this is what I found out in the Midjourney Gitbook instruction manual.

There is a section on copyright and trademarks.
Now I need to give you a little caveat here that I am not a lawyer or a copyright expert and I will only give you my rudimentary interpretations of what it says on the website.
So what it says is that you need to know the rights you give to Midjourney.

Can I Sell Midjourney Art?

Yes, you can. Midjourney states that “you own all of your creations” read more here . 

So feel free to turn them into NFTs and more.

Rights You Give to Midjourney

midjourney copyright and trademark
So this, in my understanding,  means that Midjourney is allowed to do whatever it likes with your work.
That it is allowed to prepare derivative works, publicly display them, and do whatever it likes with your work.
However, your rights are outlined in the next section and this is a little bit more heartwarming.

Your Rights on Midjourney

midjourney copyright and trademarkSo the key thing here is that you own all the assets you create with the services.

This means that you can sell them commercially.

Non-Paid Members and Corporate Users

midjourney copyright and trademark
midjourney copyright and trademark
So this does not apply to non-paid members.
One thing to bear in mind also is that, if you are a corporate user but you are using the plan designed for single users, you also forfeit much of your rights.
Now one another thing to bear in mind when creating works in Midjourney, is that you may stray too close to existing trademarks and copyright.

Final Thoughts

So it is important to note that even if you created an original work, and if it does somehow resemble something that exists in somebody else’s copyright then you will be at fault.
Another thing to bear in mind is, that you need to make sure that you are allowed to use the images that you’re using as a prompt inside of Midjourney.
So if you’re taking images randomly from the internet, be very careful because it may come back to bite you.
I recommend using free resources like where you can get copyright-free images as your prompts.
For more helpful Midjourney videos, do check our list below.
You can find all the details on Midjourney copyright on their wiki here 

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