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10 Best Midjourney DnD Character Prompts

10 Best Midjourney DnD Character Prompts

Are you looking for the best Midjourney DnD character prompts?

Creating DnD characters can be tricky.

Here are the 10 best Midjourney DnD character prompts you can use for easy inspiration.

midjourney dnd character prompts

Royal Guard Leonin


[Leonin, Lionfolk Sentinel] [Portrait] [DND] [realistic, full body, many details, highly detailed, natural light] [Savanna] [by Andreas Rocha] + text, text box

The role of a royal guard in a vast desert is appropriate for a humanoid with a lion’s head.

Wearing a heavy warrior, its weapon is its sharp fangs and claws.

midjourney dnd character prompts

Art Nouveau Russian Troll


russian troll, annoying, photorealist, art nouveau

This rude-looking troll would be befitting of a role of an elder or merchant.

With unique intellect from other trolls, this old man rose to wealth.

midjourney dnd character prompts

Dark Mystical Witch


character, full body, mystical forest, witch, hag, ethereal plane, reaching out, yellow eyes, intense gaze, fantasy, cinematic fog, Hayao Miyazaki style, very detailed, volumetric lighting

This prompt of a creature of the dark forest is definitely deserving of the name “undead”.

Driven by the magical force, they are able to rise from the dead and wander around.

midjourney dnd character prompts

Punk Rock Pixie


beautiful pixie with punk rock chic hair, wearing poor medieval clothing, beautiful detailed symmetrical face, symmetrical eyes, hyperdetailed, 3D, octane render, 4k

This prompted a pixie that meets the description of a rebellious and thief pixie who is wandering alone.

Likely, a pixie was expelled from its own village and cursed by its own species.

midjourney dnd character prompts

Blue Arcane Dragon


arcane dragon with a magic book in a library, magic symbols, glowing text from the book, magic, mystic, fantasy

This magical creature has the characteristics of a wise and powerful dragon.

It is appropriate for the position of magic tower master.

dark cyberpunk fairy

Dark Cyberpunk Fairy


a dark cyberpunk fairy, full body length

This fairy has a cyberpunk style with a gothic aura.

Thus, she would be appropriate for a contemporary yet menacing keeper of a forbidden woodland.

northern viking woman

Northern Viking Woman


Viking woman, fur clothing, northern cold, white skin, white hair, Aasimar, Dungeon and Dragons, D&D Character, portrait, blue fur, centered, unreal engine, HD

This woman, dressed in thick white fur apparel, looks well-suited to be a dragon tamer.

She may make a convincing celestial being due to her strong and unique allure.

humanoid aarakocra

Humanoid Aarakocra


Aarakocra bird-faced humanoid with wings and human-like arms investigator of the lost ones, fishing with a net,adventurer, redjay aesthetic, gambeson, kings courtyard, attacking pose, by LeSean Thomas, dark fantasy, shiny, dnd character art, medium shot portrait, detailed clothing and face, sharp focus

This prompted Aarakocra as an eagle-like avian humanoid.

They are the kind of species that may excel in the role of a powerful warrior or king of the skies.

female anthropomorphic tortoise

Female Anthropomorphic Tortoise


elderly female anthropomorphic tortoise shaman, dungeons and dragons turtle race

This elderly man with a beard appears to be an expert alchemist famed for his healing concoctions.

He appears to be a mysterious alchemist with a big passion for potion experiments.

red cimson hobgoblin

Red Crimson Hobgoblin


red crimson-skinned hobgoblin with black undercut man-bun hair, close-up profile, regal leonine face with pointed ears

This individual fits the description of a hobgoblin leader because of his renegade appearance.

They appear to be crooks who make their living by robbing travelers.

Crafting Engaging Backstories: Unleash the Power of Your DnD Characters

Building a captivating backstory is a crucial element in bringing your DnD characters to life and creating on-point prompts for them.

Tips and Tricks to Create Rich and Engaging Narratives

  1. Start with a Hook: Grab your readers’ attention with a compelling opening line that sets the tone and sparks curiosity.
  2. Uncover Motivations: Delve into your character’s motivations, desires, and aspirations to establish a strong foundation for their story.
  3. Establish Personal History: Develop a detailed personal history that includes family, upbringing, and significant life events that shaped your character.
  4. Incorporate Conflict: Introduce conflict, whether internal or external, to add depth and create opportunities for character growth.
  5. Add Depth with Relationships: Weave meaningful relationships with NPCs or other player characters, fostering emotional connections and dynamic interactions.
  6. Develop Flaws and Vulnerabilities: Infuse your character with flaws and vulnerabilities, making them relatable and providing opportunities for growth.
  7. Embrace Growth and Change: Allow your character to evolve and change over time, responding to the challenges and experiences encountered in the game.
  8. Utilize the Setting: Consider the game’s setting and integrate elements that make your character’s backstory relevant and intertwined with the world.
  9. Consider the Campaign: Tailor your character’s backstory to align with the overarching theme and plot of the campaign.
  10. Leave Room for Mystery: Don’t reveal everything upfront; leave some gaps and unanswered questions to pique curiosity and invite exploration.

Crafting a rich and engaging backstory for your DnD character is an art that can greatly enhance your role-playing experience.

By following these tips and tricks, you can create compelling narratives that immerse both yourself and your fellow players in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Furthermore, creating compelling narratives for your DnD characters is crucial to effectively work with Midjourney AI.

It helps provide the necessary context and background for you to create effective prompts to generate relevant and on-point images.

By creating well-developed prompts, you can unlock the full potential of Midjourney AI.

So, unleash the power of storytelling and embark on unforgettable adventures!

Final Thoughts

Midjourney AI is incredible at making artwork for DnD characters.

Why not try experimenting with it?

Create interesting characters you can use in your games, films, tv shows, etc.

If this article piqued your interest, check out our Youtube channel and our other reads below.

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