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midjourney fashion prompts

10 Best Midjourney Fashion Prompts

Have you been searching for Midjourney fashion prompts to level up your designs and save time?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

These 10 best Midjourney fashion prompts will help you save time and be more productive.

midjourney fashion prompts

Dark Tarot Parka


sci-fi parka in the style of dark tarot fashion design concept art

This prompted a glow-in-the-dark sci-fi parka.

This outfit could be used in a sci-fi movie.

midjourney fashion prompts

Futuristic Hogwarts Fashion


Harry potter fashion collection, Milan runway show, very detailed face, open eyes, very detailed arms, very detailed shoes, full body portrait, Sony a7R IV camera, Meike 85mm F1.8 lens

A harry potter inspired outfit collection.

The outfit is suitable for a fantasy world that can be mixed with a medieval setting or a modern setting just like harry potter.

midjourney fashion prompts

Futuristic Chrome Outfit


gorgeous beautiful young french girl wearing a futuristic chrome outfit designed by Hussein Chalayan, Avant-garde, dynamic pose, futuristic, Avant-garde photoshoot, Haute Couture style, very detailed, highly creative, Magazine Cover, editorial style, future, fashion photoshoot, photorealistic, detailed, photo, real, ultra, rich, hyper realistic, ultra 8k, 4k, photography, high resolution, photorealistic, photo, realism, sharp photography, a photograph of, maximum detail, sharp focus, intricate detail, highly realistic, cinematic lighting, volumetric lighting, photography, artstation,

A silver dress in avant-garde fashion.

It is suitable for a sharp woman in a cybertronic setting.

midjourney fashion prompts

Fashion Week Outfit


photography, Fashion week, Louis Vuitton 2023 fall haute couture fashion collection, Nike clothes on fashion full body Asian male model with super smooth skin, dark pastel outfit, Fashion photography, highly detailed, photo real, cinematic mood, one-light studio photography, photo session, photo real,

An haute couture outfit fit for the fall season.

It would suit an intelligent and dependable supporting character in both a story and in real life.

midjourney fashion prompts

Grand Budapest Fashion


Grand Budapest Hotel fashion collection, very detailed face, open eyes, very detailed arms, very detailed shoes, full body portrait, Sony a7R IV camera, Meike 85mm F1.8 lens

A bubblegum-colored mixed fashion style of formal and casual suitable for a major character in a dystopian world.

The pose of the model and the clothes emit a sense of pride and of touch perspective.

Cyberpunk Retrowave Fashion


full body shot, cyberpunk, retrowave, realistic, photorealistic, high detailed, dramatic lighting, octane render, 8k, high resolution, trending on abstraction, female cyberpunk edgerunners character with detailed face, beautiful body, rack, fashion very short revealing dress, color splashes all over face, cyberpunk city in the background, by Kyu Yong Eom

A street-gothic fashion style suitable for both villains and anti-heroes.

The Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Fashion


The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fashion collection, Milan runway show, very detailed face, open eyes, very detailed arms, very detailed shoes, full body portrait, Sony a7R IV camera, Meike 85mm F1.8 lens

This prompted the charlie and the chocolate factory-inspired outfit.

This is suitable for a Halloween costume with a horror twist.

Sci-Fi Bodysuit


full length fashion photo of the woman in this image + wearing a sci-fi bodysuit on a pastel background

A sci-fi outfit suitable for a direct and brave protagonist in a cyberpunk world.

The pastels in different parts of the picture make it suitable for a neon city setting.

Beautiful Golden Dress


photography of a woman fashion model posing with a beautiful golden dress at the fashion week, no background, cinematic dynamic lighting, smooth particles, outrun style Unreal Engine, Artstation, by Weta Digital, by Wētā FX, by WLOP, Cinematic, Color Grading, Editorial Photography, Photography, Photoshoot, Shot on 70mm, Ultra-Wide Angle, Depth of Field, DOF, Tilt Blur, Shutter Speed 1/1000, F/22, Gamma, White Balance,High Contrast, 5D, 32k, Super-Resolution, Megapixel, ProPhoto RGB, VR, Spotlight, Frontlight, Halfrear Lighting, Backlight, Rim Lights, Rim Lighting, Artificial Lighting, Optical Fiber, Moody Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Studio Lighting, Beautiful Lighting, Accent Lighting, Global illumination, Lumen Global illumination, Screen Space Global illumination, Ray Tracing Global illumination, Optics, MaterialityFXAA, TXAA, RTX, SSAO, Shaders, OpenGL-Shaders, GLSL-Shaders, Post Processing, Post-Production, Cel Shading, Tone Mapping, CGI, VFX, SFX, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, elegant, ornate, hyper realistic, super detailed

The smooth and elegant texture of the dress is like that of gold.

It would suit a sophisticated and calculated villain, always aiming for the highest reward.

Birthday Cake Dress


[background = empty subway with graffiti train] beautiful black woman wearing a stunning paris fashion style in shape of birthday cake, haute couture, [marie antoinette 2006]

This discerning dress in haute couture style is suitable for an anti-hero protagonist in a dystopian setting of a sci-fi story.

Final Thoughts

You can use these Midjourney fashion prompts to guide you in making outstanding designs.

Let your creativity flow and bring your ideas to life.

You got this!

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