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midjourney image prompts guide

Midjourney Image Prompts Guide: All You Need to Know


Here’s a quick video on Midjourney image prompts guide.
We’ll look at using URLs and also upload your images directly into the Discord chat.

Pick an Image

So the easiest way to use images inside Midjourney is to copy an existing URL off the internet.
So you can go to which is a free collection of open source images collected and shared by the photographic community.
All you need to do is select an interesting image.
Click on it.
Go to full screen.
The trick here is to right-click on the image and go to Open Image in New Tab.
midjourney image prompts guide
Go to the new tab and select the whole URL.
Copy it.
Go back to Midjourney.

Put in the Imagine Command

Input your Imagine command.
Then, after the word Prompt, all you need to do is paste in the image URL.
You can send that to Midjourney.
midjourney image prompts guide
Now it will take your image as a prompt.
So just to clarify.
You put in Imagine and then you paste in the URL of the image that you opened in a new tab.
You’ve got to make sure that the image is on its own,  inside a window that it is the direct URL of the image and not the URL of the web page.

Use Multiple Images as Prompts

Now another cool thing that you can do is, you can use multiple images as prompts.

Take Another Image

So, let’s take a second image.
Open that in a new tab.
Copy it.
midjourney image prompts guide
Go back to Midjourney.
After a space, you can add the URL of your second image.
midjourney image prompts guide

Upload Images Directly from Your Computer to Midjourney

Another way to use images in Midjourney is to upload them directly from your computer.
To do that, you need to send them into the chat.
So, go into the message box at the bottom.
Press the plus icon from there.
Go to Upload a File.
You may also double-click the plus icon in the message box.
Clicking Upload a File will take you to the browser window where you can select any image to upload.
Now once it’s in the message box you, send that to the chat.
So press Enter and the image will upload.
From here, we can click on the image.
It will go to full screen and again here’s the important part.
You need to open it in a new tab.
So we right-click on the image, then we go to Open Image in New Tab.
Then, we copy the URL of the image and go back to Midjourney.
We put in the command /Imagine and paste the URL of the image from the Midjourney chat.
So we’ll just wait for that to load.
I’ll show you what happened with the earlier images.
This was the first image with the prompt from the woman.
Here and you can see that it has included her, something very similar and evocative.
Here’s the prompt combining two images.
You can see that it has picked up some of the colors from both, but what it’s come up with is not particularly pleasing.
Finally, we have the image that I uploaded from the computer, then generated here.

Use Images as Prompts

Now another final little trick that you might want to know about in Midjourney is about using images as prompts.

Add Parameter at the End

You can add the parameter at the end, – – iw.
This command can change the weight of the image compared to your text prompt.
So if you’ve got an image and some words that you’re using as a prompt, you can increase or decrease the importance of the image in relation to the words.
Now the default factor is 0.25.
So you can increase or decrease it between 0 and 1, with 1 having more influence on the photo.
Just add 0.5 here.
And there we have it.
That’s how to use images inside Midjourney.
Let me know if you have any questions and suggestions for future videos in mid-journey.
I hope you’ll have a delightful day.

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