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midjourney interior design prompts

10 Best Midjourney Interior Design Prompts

Are you searching for the best Midjourney interior design prompts for inspiration?

Browse through the best collection of interior design prompts for offices, houses, villas, and even nightclubs.

And have your dream interior design become a reality with Midjourney!

Midjourney Interior Design Prompts

midjourney interior design prompts

Countryside Kitchen


interior design, kitchen, wridgery squivering joppular

This prompt has the feel of a serene western countryside lifestyle.

It offers the impression of a house covered with vast fields outside.

midjourney interior design prompts

Grand Ballroom Hall


Interior of an extremely large room with no furniture with a design inspired by multiple cultures from all around the world. Extremely detailed, hyper realistic, Christmas, hanukkah, diwali, Kwanzaa, environment concept design, trending on Art Station, Unreal Engine Render.

This appears to be a ballroom hall in a large estate.

It features a vintage setting with fine woodwork furnishings.

midjourney interior design prompts

Maximalist Tropical Bathroom


maximalist bathroom interior design style, Dusk Blue and Terracotta and Cantaloupe color scheme, ultra realistic, hyperrealism, insane detail, 8k, octane render, tone mapping, cinematic lighting, unreal engine, ray tracing, photorealistic, RAW,

This prompt is appropriate for the bathroom of a hotel room in a tropical country.

With its elaborate plant wall designs and color scheme, it gives off a tropical and exotic ambiance.

midjourney interior design prompts

The Modern Office


The coolest office design ever for the midjourney staff interiors that make you feel like your already working on things from the future

A large office design that allows employees to be more comfortable during working hours.

It has spacious desks, compartments, and dividers, resulting in a pleasant working atmosphere.

midjourney interior design prompts

Private Gaming Room


interior design of a private gaming corner

This interior would be ideal for a single person’s gaming and movie room.

It is a terrific spot for those who want to play games, watch TV, or read alone.

biophilic villa lounge

Bioliphic Villa Lounge


Biophilic design, biophilic interior design, set photography by annie liebovitz

This would create an excellent villa lounge, exuding a cozy and natural ambiance.

With woody furnishings and plant ornamentals, this space is a good place to rest and unwind.

luxurious nightclub

Luxurious Nightclub


Art deco style nightclub interior, dance floor, black and gold interior design, purple neon lights, dance club, high detail, high octane render, concept art, trending on artstation,

Surrounded by gold, dark and sophisticated motifs, it would make an excellent nightclub or bar.

This would also be an excellent high-end party reception for luxurious guests.

sashimi toddler playroom

Sashimi Toddler Playroom


ultra-futuristic sashimi toddler playroom, sashimi interior design, large sashimi scale, dappling sashimi sunlight, made of sashimi, sashimi decorative accents, open sashimi concept, organic, surreal, 8k, photorealistic, dramatic lighting, intricately detailed, sashimi hypermaximalism, Canon EOS-ID mark III, architecture by Zaha Hadid, Lisa Frank style, designed by Frida Kahlo and HR Giger

This design would be ideal for children that enjoy surreal and ocean-like themes.

Thus, it would make an excellent playroom for children.

white minimalist condominium

White Minimalist Condominium


minimal white interiors design, Corona render, daylight

This is an appropriate interior design for a bachelor’s residence or condominium.

It boasts a spacious and minimalist design that radiates an elegant and neat vibe.

steampunk studio room

Steampunk Studio Room


open studio room, interior design, steampunk, atompunk, cyberpunk, designboom, archdaily, hyper realistic, cinematic, volumetric lighting, highly detailed, ambient occlusion, 16k, UHD,

This would make an excellent studio or art room.

It offers an attractive and creative sense with hyperrealistic paintings on the walls.

Final Thoughts

You can try some of these prompts and create your own design.

And there are more terrific designs in Midjourney.

So make sure to check them out!

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