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10 Best Midjourney Landscape Prompts

10 Best Midjourney Landscape Prompts

Are you looking for the best Midjourney landscape prompts?

Here, we present to you the 10 best prompts for landscapes.

Scroll down to know more about them.

Midjourney Landscape Prompts

midjourney landscape prompts

Ancient China Lake


A ultra-realistic CG rendering of Ancient China,lake,serene landscape, cherry blossom forest,by Ivan Aivazovsky,in volumetric lighting, very high details,8K HD, unreal engine , octane render,Trending on artstation ar9:16– text

A nostalgic and serene landscape.

It would inspire the plot of a movie set in traditional Asia.

midjourney landscape prompts

The Ruined Castle


Fantasy Ruined castle landscape, overgrown, stone bridge, Volumetric lighting, strangler trees, dappling sunlight, shadows, water, small waterfall, dystopian, eerie, Chiaroscuro, luminism, intricate detail, detailed, digital art, concept art, moody, Epic composition, Style of Jordan Grimmer

The ruins in the prompt will make a good setting for a fantasy-thriller storyline.

The ruins provide a sense of uneasiness which is amplified by the only sound in the illustration—the waterfalls.

midjourney landscape prompts

Cyberpunk Night City


a landscape of Nightcity from Cyberpunk 2077 by Night

This neon city at sunset emits a sense of peace and tranquility.

This illustration would make for good concept art of a tranquil cyberpunk world.

midjourney landscape prompts

Magical Forest


magical Forrest atmospheric landscape at night, with green velvet grass and moss and colorful flowers, turquoise light and lanterns on small paths. 4k, 8k, fantasy, cinematic light, realistic, ultra set, ultra detailed, magical, high resolution

This landscape prompt would make a good design for a fantasy-adventure storyline.

It has both creepy trees and an atmosphere in the background and a soft but thrilling atmosphere in the foreground.

midjourney landscape prompts

Minimalist Mediterranean Scene 


high tech digital architecture by cellular automata emergence in Mediterranean landscape by Alvaro siza, sea, people, architectural photography

The clean and simple structures as well as the calm sea make it a great place to distress.

vast mythical landscape

Vast Mythical Landscape


waterfalls, magical, extremely high detail, 8k, high quality, droplets, incredible detail, mist, spray, colorful glowing lights, ultra realistic, vast mythical landscape, photorealistic

This majestic landscape can be used in a resolution part of a fantasy-themed story or film where the main character is finally close to their objective.

landscape design of a cemetery

The Forgotten Place


modern landscape architecture in the style of anselm kiefer

This landscape design can be used as a cemetery.

futuristic medellín

Futuristic Medellín


my deepest wishes ultrarealistic futuristic medellin, buildings, architecture, futuristic, science fiction, the best of zaha hadid created for midjourney, year 2200, ultra detail public space, landscapes and vegetation ultra detail, cinematic, cinematographic lights, unreal engine 5, pbr render, 16k.

A futuristic landscape design that can be used in concept art for a sci-fi adventure story.

The two tall buildings could be a base for a secret organization disguising itself as normal businesspeople.

blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon


This is surreal and complex CG rendering, octane rendering. Starry sky, moon, blue snow mountain, blue lake surrounded by snow mountain, Klein blue, twinkling stars. Fantasy, high detail, beauty, 8K, octane lamp and shadow, complex detail, super wide angle, panoramic shooting, 8K composition. High definition. Marc ADAMUS’s landscape photography, real photo volume light, 8Kv volume light HD, 8k, q 5-s 625

This beautiful landscape captures an overwhelming feeling like when the protagonists finally reach their destination just before a major plot twist between rivals.

green house

The Green House


hayao miyazaki s summer, super wide angle, night, starlight, moon, stars, fairy tale house trees, lights, cg rendering, green plants climbing on the house, 4k detail processing, shooting lights, grass, creek in front of the door, wild flowers, volume light 8k, octane rendering, super wide angle lens head, magnificent and magical john ho king, pink clouds, fairy tales, atmosphere, surreal, 8k, epic composition, film, octane rendering art station of carl clifton and karen lowell landscape perspective photography,anime

This captured the nostalgia coming from the soft lighting and warm colors.

This landscape could be used in a sad fantasy movie.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this list will be helpful for you.

You can use Midjourney to create breathtaking landscapes.

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