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NEW Midjourney Remastering Option

NEW Midjourney Remastering Option


In this video, I’m going to explain to you what all the fuss is about the new Midjourney Remastering option.

That will allow you to go from this to this.

So let’s see what Midjourney has to say about this intriguing new tool.

New Midjourney Remastering Feature

midjourney remastering

In the announcements Discord channel, David H. said that the new remaster feature will let people remaster images from versions one, two, and three algorithms and it will use the coherence of their latest test algorithm, which we saw great results with.

You can remaster any previous upscale job you’ve made in the past.

So this is great.

It means that you can go back to anything that you’ve created before and remaster it with this new algorithm.

So you’ve got to bear in mind there is a limitation on this at the moment.

It’s only working up to an aspect ratio of two to three or three to two.

So anything that you created outside of that aspect ratio will not be able to be remastered at the moment.

And multi-prompts might work a little bit funny and there is no image prompt support yet.

But let’s not wait too long.

I imagine the teams are hard at work in creating that.

They say that this is a kind of crazy and experimental feature.

We don’t know if we will keep it around as is.

But from our testing so far we’re finding it really fun.

How to Use the Midjourney Remastering Option

So let me show you how to do this.

What you have to do is find an image that you created in the old algorithm that is less than three by two.

For instance this one.

You go into the image.

Press on open options which are the three dots here.

midjourney remastering


And you copy the job ID.

midjourney remastering


Next, we come into the Midjourney bot.

And we go with the command forward slash show.

So type in /slash show.

Press enter.

And now we paste in the job ID that we took from the original image.


Send that command into Midjourney and the original image pops up along with a new option to remaster.

So you can click on this and see what you get with the new algorithm applied I just remastered.

This image went from this to this.

So you can see it’s become more lifelike.

The textures of the skin have gone from painterly quality to a more airbrushed quality.

And that’s how you upscale.

And that’s how you remaster images from your past collections with the new algorithm.

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Remastered Images

Now I’ve been having a little play around with it myself and this is what I’ve come out with.

You can see this was the original upscaled image.

This Aztec warrior princess, and with the coherent algorithm applied, I’m noticing a few distinct changes.

Firstly, the eyes have immensely improved the coherence of the eyes is hugely lifelike.

They’ve managed to keep the whites of the eyes much more consistent, which was something that was failing often in the original algorithms.

We can see here that even the shape of the iris is slightly elliptical and not fully round.

Here it’s much more consistent even the lighting on the side of the retina of the eye is creating this enticing feel that’s drawing us into the imagery.

I would also like to draw your attention to how the textures have changed.

They have gone from a more painted aesthetic into something that’s resembling a much more smooth and clear texture of the skin.

For me, it resembles a very fine artwork rather than something a little bit more.

Should we say impressionist in style?

And even the details you can see here like you can almost identify individual strands of hair.

And the crispness of the focus of the elements is much more apparent.

You can see that it’s kept the colors largely similar, but overall the output is more realistic, less artistic, more detailed, and less impressionistic.

So I also did this on an abstract space galaxy scene.

As you can see here in this instance I would say that it has created a slightly more realistic scene, yet it’s lost a lot of the details, and for me some of the vibrancy.

Final Thoughts

So if you are creating something that is supposed to be abstract and slightly more surreal.

And if you want a painterly feel it is not the best option, but the results with character design are outstanding

So I’m really excited to see where this one goes and if they’ll stick it around. 

And what you might come up with.

Let me know how you find the new remaster tool in the comments.

And have a delightful day.

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