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Midjourney’s NEW Remix Mode is AMAZING!

Midjourney’s NEW Remix Mode is AMAZING!

This new Midjourney remix mode feature is amazing!

Midjourney has announced a new remixing feature.

Here’s an example.

midjourney remix mode

You can take your initial image and adjust it by changing the prompt.

And it will keep the general composition of the image, but fine-tune it with your new words.

How to Use Remix Mode in Midjourney

So let’s take a look at how this works.
You have to type in /settings.
midjourney remix mode
and turn on the remixing mode, which is down here on the bottom row at the end.
midjourney remix mode
Once that’s turned on, every time you go to press V and get variations, you’ll have the option to adjust the prompt which will regenerate a new image based on your adapted input.
midjourney remix mode
So you can either do that on the four images at the beginning that are generated.
midjourney remix mode
or you can do it on upscaled versions.
Tap on the V.
You’ll bring up the original prompt and you can change whatever you like.
You can also add additional parameters at the end.
For example, –video.
I might change arid into a jungle.
Here is my metallic dinosaur, now in a Botanical jungle-like universe.

Remix Old Prompts

Another cool feature is that you can take old prompts, and old works.
You can copy the job ID in your gallery by clicking on the three dots going to copy job ID.
Coming back into the Discord chat, going forward /show, and pasting the job ID.
And then you’ll be able to click on the V and adjust the prompt of your old work.
So you can go back through your entire portfolio remastering your best experiments.
In the announcements channel on Midourney, they explain that a remix job is like a variation job except you can change the prompt and settings to be anything you want
to change.
The prompt text nudges the scene towards a different style.
You can see in the remix Channel where people experimenting with this feature.
This person has gone from a woman with a VR headset all the way through to a golden retriever.

5 Things You Can Do in Midjourney Remix Mode

Midjourney’s new remix feature has unleashed a whole new realm of possibility inside of AI art.
I’m going to share with you five exciting ways to make the most of remix mode.
So if you want to follow along remember to turn remix on in settings inside of Midjourney and you can also watch this overview for all the basics.

1. Create Tiles from Old Jobs

Number one is you can take your old works and turn them into tiles.
This allows you to put them on Fabrics on beddings and on merchandise.
I’ve taken this old pug and I’ve turned him into a repeating tile where you get this beautiful guy endlessly seamlessly repeating.
I’ve also done the same with this poster that I created and turned it into this mesmeric repeating pattern.
And to do that come into your profile.
Find the job that you want.
Click on the three dots.
Go to copy job ID.
In the Discord Channel type /show and paste the job ID.
Then come to make variations and add –tile to the end.

2. Create Animations Showing Time Passing

The next thing you can do is show time passing so you can show scenes going from day to night or from the present moment to the future.
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And then what you can do is you can use a tool like a frame interpolation from to animate easily between these sequences.
Here you can see the scene going from a Utopia to a desolate Wasteland.

3. Change Genders

Another interesting thing to do is to change the genders of your portraits.
So you can go back and work on any piece and turn them from men into women or women into men.
And once again this is a good thing that works with the interpolation animation you can see the person forming morphing from one to another.

4. Create Recurring Characters

Now a feature that many people have been looking to use inside of Midjourney is creating stories for comic books and having recurring characters.
And that becomes a lot more possible with the advent of remixing.
You can see here that I’ve added a character to this coastal scene sitting in a corner.
And to do that all I did was added a woman sitting in the foreground to the beginning of the prompt.
And you can also add images as references inside of your remixed prompts.

5. Change Materials

Another fun thing to do is to change the materials inside of your architectural works.
So you can change things from glass and steel to wood.
And a big tip for using remixing is if you’re not happy with the results you have I encourage you to keep trying and working on the variations.
It took me eight or nine steps to go from this human to this goat.
This is a powerful new feature that gives you more control than ever before inside Midjourney.
You can really harness your own art direction to create specific scenes.

Final Thoughts

The new remix feature gives you greater control over your art and is a great step forward in Midourney’s capabilities.
If you’re interested in learning more about Midjourney, I’ve got a course on udemy where I go through every single feature.
And I’ll be adding a bonus lecture where I’ll go into how to get the best out of remixing inside of Midjourney.
Thanks for watching and remember to like, and subscribe to stay notified on all the latest AI art news.
I’m Samson Vowles and this is Delightful Design.
Want to Master Midjourney? My course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn this new technology. Get unlimited feedback and join the course community.

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