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Midjourney V4B UPDATE & More! It Just Gets Better

Midjourney has announced V4A and V4B and it now supports style and stylize.

All About Stylize

Stylize changes how artistic you want your art to be going from zero to a thousand.

midjourney style v4a and v4b

Stylize allows you to either give Midjourney complete default styling control which is great for outputting images that are always going to look aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

Whereas a lower stylize value gives you greater control to get more specific looks.

But you run the risk of messing it up and creating things that are completely hideous because we have no taste like Midjourney.

Having a higher number tells Midjourney to put its own spin on your work.

midjourney style v4a and v4b

You can see that it’s defaulted to a very highly detailed sophisticated stylized almost CG animated version.
Whereas with the zero stylization it’s given us greater control and more closeness to our original prompt.
The next exciting development is the style argument which allows you to pick style biases from their model.

Midjourney Style V4a and V4b

There are two options currently available.
4A and 4B.
midjourney style v4a and v4b
By just appending these parameters at the end of your prompt you’ll get slightly different results.
But it’s important to also include a C here to see the differences between these.
These images used the same prompt as Style A and Style B.
midjourney style v4a and v4b
Style A certainly gave a much more zoomed-out painterly feel whereas style B gave a more documentary film aesthetic.
Upscaling these Style A is more dreamlike while style B is more lifelike.
midjourney style v4a and v4b
However, in a second run round on this, you can see that the outputs are more nuanced.
style a and style b
A is giving a more refined color palette and B is giving higher contrasts.
I’ll be interested to hear what you notice about the difference between A and B.
People are commenting that although 4A might have slightly less coherence its saturation is down and it’s a little bit brighter.
People are noticing a lot of improvements in sharpness some backward steps in composition and an increase overall in aesthetics.
upscaled images
So you can certainly see in A there is a slightly sharper quality to the images, lower saturation and they are brighter.
With 4B they look to be more saturated, less sharp, and potentially a little bit more coherent than A.

Other Minor Updates

A  couple of other minor updates that have been included in Midjourney are model upgrades.
model upgrades
Both regular and upscaler have been updated.
They allow for sharper visuals and less undesired visual artifacts.
Both should do slightly better with small details like eyes and facial features.
And I have certainly noticed a distinct Improvement in fine facial features.
They’ve also included some bug fixes in this update where they fixed multi-prompts and –no arguments.
bug fixes
So they act more intelligently and allow you to define literally what you don’t want to include in images.
Once again Midjourney has taken a major step forward giving us greater control over the latest version of the algorithm.
Allowing us to use the important parameter.
Stylize gives us more control over how much influence Midourney is putting into our images.
I am astounded at the progress that is being made.

Final Thoughts

And if you want to learn more about Midjourney I have an entire course where we go through every single feature and we craft a number of projects together.
If you’re interested it’s on sale now.
I’ll leave a link in the description below.
I’m curious if there are any videos that you would like to see on AI art.
And if you haven’t subscribed why not jump on board to stay updated with the latest AI Arts news.
I’m Samson Vowles, this is Delightful Design.
Have a delightful day.
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