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How to Upload Images To Midjourney (Use Image A Prompt & Inspiration)

Here is how you can upload images directly into the Discord chat with Midjourney which you can then use as a basis for a prompt for generating new images.
It’s very simple.

Click on the + Icon in the Message Bar

All you have to do is go into the Message bar and click on the + icon.

Click on Upload File

Then go to Upload File, and from here you can choose any image.
But make sure it’s less than eight megabytes.
Then you can send this message into your Discord chat.

Tap on the Image in the Discord Chat

And then from the Discord chat, you can tap on the image.
It will go to full screen.
And from there, you want to open the image in a new tab.

Copy the URL of the Image

From here, copy the URL of the image.

Put in the Imagine Command and the URL

So just copy that, go back to the Discord chat, and put in your standard Imagine command.
And paste in the URL.
Now based on this, Midjourney will create images with this as a base.
Thanks for watching.
I hope you enjoyed this video.
If you did why not stick around for more tips tricks and tutorials on everything to do with AI art.

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